The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


8. Part 2 Chapter 2

The trio stood frozen for a moment staring at the unknown section of the forest.  They had been told that there were many strange and dangerous things in the forbidden forest but they’d assumed that meant creatures not clearings. Rose took a step forward but Scorpius grabbed her arm quick as a flash and griped her wrist tight. She looked down at it then up at him.

“Rose, don’t! We don’t know what this is, it could be dangerous!” Scorpius warned. Rose stared at him.

“It’s 3 boulders… what harm could they do!?” Rose asked confused.

“I’m sure you said the same thing about a simple mirror that tried to kill us! Besides they have marks on see? They might be enchanted!” Scorpius pointed over to the farthest rock. Rose’s eyes widened. Rose tried to break free of Scorpius and take another step but Albus took a step forward too.

“No Rose! Scorpius is right it’s too dangerous! Besides we’ve lost Thalia in a dangerous forest! Shouldn’t we be focused on finding her right now!?” Albus panicked.  Rose looked from the clearing to the forest and back again, she sighed and pulled her wrist away from Scorpius.

“Come on then” She sighed.



It was 7 o clock when they finally gave up searching the forest for Thalia and decided to turn back and tell the headmaster instead. Just as they came out of the forest Rose stopped.

“It’s all my fault! We never would have lost it her if I hadn’t have been having these stupid nightmares!” Rose had tears forming in her eyes again.

“Don’t say that! Thalia’s going to be okay and it is NOT your fault!” Scorpius insisted. Rose gave him a half smile.

“It’s a little bit her fault….” Albus thought out loud. Rose looked away while Scorpius glared at Albus.

“Dude! She’s your family! Besides it’s no one’s fault and can we all stop thinking the worst! Thalia’s going to be……right there?” Scorpius noticed Thalia running towards them at full speed from behind Albus’ shoulder.  Rose and Albus turned to see her and beamed.  As Thalia reached them Albus tackled her into a huge hug before she could do anything.  Her eyes widened and her face turned red so quickly that she mentally cursed herself as she prayed the red might disappear before Albus let her go. After a few seconds Thalia expected Albus to let go but he didn’t. It was Rose’s cough that finally split them apart. Luckily Thalia didn’t have to worry about her face as Albus was also blushing hard at Rose giggling slightly behind them.

“I…I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to….i….I’m just…really glad you okay” Albus stammered. Thalia smiled then realised what he’d said and she got snapped back from her dream world.

“I’M okay!? You guys are the one that wondered into the forest! I thought we were heading to the owlery… I thought you were following me!”

“I thought we were too but we got into the forest, then we found this clearing with these boulders and they had marks on them and…” Rose frantically tried to explain.

“We’ve found her it’s okay now. We can forget about the clearing” Albus said firmly.

“But…” Rose stared open mouthed.

“I said forget about it Rose!” Albus warned. Rose sighed and started walking away.

“Where are you going!?” Scorpius asked exasperated.

“To breakfast…. Don’t worry I’ll summon the killed demon ladies after tea if it’ll please you!” Rose snapped not even looking back. Albus sighed as they started to follow her.



Scorpius was beginning to understand what he and Rose had put Albus through by arguing last year! Rose’s dreams had started back in January after they had destroyed the mist woman and since then Albus had been in such firm denial that she was anything other than dead. It usually caused a lot of arguments as Rose firmly believed she wasn’t dead. Therefore Scorpius had spent a lot of time this year staying in the middle of arguments, as Albus had done last year.  Albus was Scorpius’ best friend and the first person to know his last name and treat him with no presumptions anyway, not many people were that kind to him! But even thought they’d spent half their first year ready to curse each other at any given point he couldn’t deny that he connected with Rose, he also couldn’t deny that she did have a point about the dreams, they were far to frequent and detailed to be coincidences!

As the three of them and Thalia were heading to 3rd period Herbology Albus and Rose were in a heated argument about the dreams. Scorpius had the misfortune of walking inbetween them.

“Look guys can we just….put the argument on hold or something!?” Scorpius sighed exasperated. Albus and Rose looked each other then looked away.

“Thank you” Scorpius smiled and Thalia giggled.

“God I hate Herbology” Albus sighed “Having to see Amile once a year was bad enough now I have to work with her too! Neville must have put us together on purpose because he knows were related! We’re not even proper cousins, she’s my dad’s cousin’s daughter! And she’s so rude and mean!” Albus scowled.

“Professor Longbottom not ‘Neville’ and come on! It’s only Herbology, the rest of the time you hardly ever see her! Just work nicely with her for a little while then you can leave” Rose rolled her eyes.

“Didn’t I used to have to tell you the same thing about your partner!?” Albus asked sarcastically.

“Yeah but now that the two smartest people in our year are working together instead of competing, we get the highest marks in the year! And it’s much more fun now” Rose commented.

“She’s right! Give Amile a chance and you might find out she’s a lot more fun than her stick in the mud appearance makes her look!” Scorpius joked. Rose playfully shoved him.

“I did give Amile a chance! She’s just mean!”

“My partner’s not mean, he’s just lazy! Jack Boot never does ANYTHING!” Thalia sighed as they entered the classroom. Just before they were about to go to their allotted tables Albus stopped Scorpius.

“Wait dude were still on for quiditch try outs this afternoon right?” Albus asked excitedly

“You’re trying out for quiditch?” Rose asked confused

“Why didn’t you guys tell us before?”  Thalia asked.

“I thought we weren’t going to tell them at all!” Scorpius directed at Albus, and then turned to the girls “We didn’t want to tell you Couse the chances of us even getting on the team are so small! We didn’t want you guys to come and watch us fail. Second years never make the team!”

“If I recall the quiditch plaques in the hallways correctly, wasn’t your dad in the team on his second year? And your dad was in it on his first year!”  Rose asked sarcastically.

“Well yeah….but were not our fathers….look just please don’t come!” Albus asked. The girls looked each other and snorted.

“Like Merlin we’re not coming! And you can’t stop us” Thalia grinned.

“Fine but don’t get your hopes up!” Albus sighed as he took his place next to Amile. When Rose and Scorpius were at their table (which happened to be the furthest one away from Albus and Amile’s and Thalia and Jack’s table) Rose turned to Scorpius and her expression when from joking to worried.

“You need to meet me on the 7th floor corridor after the quiditch try outs and before dinner!” Rose urgently pushed.

“Wait why? Why can’t we just talk now? And why not Albus and Thalia?” Scorpius’ cheeks turned slightly red.

“Because you’re the only one who’ll listen! Please just do this….for me?” Rose asked tentatively but still panicked. Scorpius stared at her for a moment in disbelief then saw the panic and fear in her eyes and realised she was asking him for help! Even thought he’d only known Rose Weasley for a year he knew her well enough to know she rarely needed or asked for help and whatever she needed it for must be pretty urgent.  Scorpius sighed.

“Alright I’ll meet you there”



Albus and Scorpius nervously walked onto the pitch in there new quiditch robes. They had barely got half way before Albus got a huge pat on the back that made him leap forward.

“Hey Ally! I didn’t know you were interested in the quiditch team!?”

“It’s Albus. Scorpius these are my cousins, Dominique and Roxanne. There the captains of the Gryffindor team. Me and Scorpius thought we’d try out.” Albus nervously smiled art his cousins whose favourite past time was quiditch and teasing, and Albus had now given them the chance to do both at the same time! Scorpius nervously smiled at the two most terrifying girls he’d ever seen in his life! Dominique’s frizzy orange hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head which revealed a faint scar on her cheek. She also wore a chilling smirk and carried a beaters bat that looked old and run down but still looked like one hit would crack his head wide open!

Roxanne on the other hand was smaller and had a slimmer frame but the wicked glare in her eyes and matching beaters bat at her side promised she was stronger than she looked. Her curly hair was tied up in a ponytail ready for action. The intimidation that radiated from these girls was enough for Scorpius to start wondering what the Weasley girls drank! He had met 3 Weasley girls and Scorpius had no doubts that each one could probably hex him into oblivion if he got on their bad side.

“Don’t think that just because all the Weasley-Potter’s have been on the quiditch team it means I’ll automatically let you on Ally!” Dominique warned.

“But your sister wasn’t…”

“Yeah but…”

“Or your brother…”


“Or Molly….”

“All the GRYFFINDOR Weasley’s!” Dominique shouted pushing Albus to get her point across. Albus nodded then he and Scorpius made their way over to the other people trying out.

“Dude I have to ask why are all the girls in your family so terrifying!?” Scorpius asked. Albus burst out laughing.

“Remind me to introduce to Victoire, Molly, Lucy and my sister one day! There terrifying too, but only when you get them mad! Most of the time there less terrifying than Dom and Roxy.”  Suddenly James and Fred popped up behind them.

“Alright baby brother! I see your joining in the family business!” James Potter grinned and Fred chuckled, then they noticed Scorpius next to him. “Oh so THIS is the Malfoy you’ve been hanging out with!”

“Scorpius….my brother and Roxy’s Brother Fred. Guys lay off him!” Albus scowled.

“Relax little Potter!” Fred put a hand on Albus’ chest.

“Look Malfoy your FRIENDS with my brother right? You’re not just using him, or pranking him, or pretending for some stupid Slytherin scheme right? You’re actually his friend? And you wouldn’t turn on him?” James asked suddenly serious.

“Of course I wouldn’t! He’s my best friend!” Scorpius confidently stated. Albus stared at James in amazement, then James’ serious expression cracked and a smile came through.

“Then we’re cool Malfoy! See you in the air!” James joked as he and Fred walked off to Dom and Roxy.

“I think that might have been the nicest thing he’s ever done for me! He’s never that protective!” Albus stared in amazement but he was interrupted by the start of Dominique’s opening speech.



As they watched from the stands Rose and Thalia cheered there friends on and jumped out of their seats when Albus scored a goal and Scorpius pushed his competitor out of his way. Although Rose had never really gotten the appeal of quiditch and she rarely went to her cousins’ quiditch games, she felt she had to go to the try outs. Since the whole mirror incident Rose had been trying so hard to be a better person, last year she had completely judged Scorpius based on his surname and isolated herself from her cousin and best friend because her pride had completely gotten control of her! And with all the arguing her and Albus had been doing lately she felt supporting him at his try outs was the least she could do.

Just as Albus scored another goal Sienna Vane took a seat next to Rose. Rose looked over at her with annoyance.

“What are you doing here? This is the GRYFFINDOR try outs!” Rose exclaimed. Sienna rolled her eyes. She was incredibly beautiful with her blonde curls and bottle green eyes and tall, skinny figure but there was an evilness about her beautiful. She looked like the type of person whose smile both set you on edge and completely enticed you at the same time, like her beauty could kill you. Thalia hated it more than most people did, not because she couldn’t see Sienna’s appeal but because she could. She was jealous of Sienna’s looks, she wished her dull black hair fell in beautiful ringlets, she wished her eyes got darker in the light, and she wished she got the attention Sienna got.

“Don’t freak out freckles! I’m just here to watch, which I’m perfectly allowed to do!” Sienna smiled.

“Why would you want to watch the try-outs? Won’t your boyfriend Jasper curse you for just being this close to this many Gryffindor’s!?” Thalia asked sarcastically.

“Jasper’s not my boyfriend!” Sienna hastily added “Besides he doesn’t control me, I have my reasons for being here!” Sienna rolled her eyes again. Rose turned back to the match and tried to ignore Sienna but Thalia watched her for a moment and followed her eye line, her heart sank when she realised what Sienna was watching.

It was another half an hour before the try-outs finally ended.  As Dominique stated her closing speech about how not everyone could be on the team Rose grabbed her bag and hastily left Thalia with Sienna as she rushed up to the seventh floor to meet Scorpius. 

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