The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


17. Part 2 Chapter 11

Knowing what they were going to do that night made classes drag on for what felt like hours for the quintet. Even Rose who was normally the most attentive person in the class was having trouble keeping her mind in class. Luckily for Albus and Scorpius Dominique had called a quidditch practice after class to discuss tactics for their final game of the season against Hufflepuff. Both boys were thrilled to have something to completely take their minds off what could be lurking in the tunnel, Even if it meant having to put up with Dominique’s strict practice regime.

“MALFOY! It took you ten whole minutes to catch the snitch! You’re not leaving tonight until you get it down to 5!” Dominique shouted pointedly at Scorpius who could do nothing but nod in fear.

“Ally if you can’t get the ball off of Fred how do you expect to steal it from Melody Finnegan?! She’s twice Fred’s speed, Speed drills around the corners now! And practice your hard turns while you’re at it!” Dominique turned her attention to Albus, who didn’t dare meet her glare.

“Fred you need to be twice as fast, or Melody’s going to smoke you out there! Are you trying to make us lose!? Stay lower to your broom, 20 laps around the pitch in 20 minutes!” Dominique demanded to Fred who rolled his eyes the second she looked away

“What on earth do you think you’re doing Potter!? You were showboating out there! That’s gunna cost us points! Practice your aim and you’re not leaving till you’ve made 30 goals in a row!” James was the only member who dared to match Dominique’s glare.

“Yes sir!” James sarcastically saluted. Much to Dominique’s annoyance.

“Roxy, your aim needs improving I want you to practice hitting bludgers to Tamika she needs to practice blocking them. Neither of you are leaving until Tamika blocks 30 hits.” Dominique demanded. “GO!” Dominique instructed. The team scrambled to get to their tasks before she shouted more. As Scorpius and Albus mounted their brooms Scorpius looked over to make sure Dominique wasn’t looking and whispered to Albus.

“Is she always this terrifying?”

“She’s wasn’t this bad before she became captain! I mean she was always driven but since getting the captaincy she’s become so…” Albus failed to finish his sentence.

“insanely bossy!?” Scorpius suggested Albus nodded and they took off from the ground. As scary as Dominique was, Scorpius had to admit, she was a good distraction.



After quidditch practice, Albus and Scorpius met up with Thalia, Sienna and Rose in the library before curfew to discuss their plans for sneaking out.  After much deliberation the group agreed that Thalia and Rose should use the invisibility cloak, Albus and Scorpius should sneak out past the bridge as it was the least risky route and Sienna was going to the take the route the caretaker usually went as she was the least likely to get caught. As the evening continued, nerves brewed within the quintet as they prepared to see what they would find at the bottom of the tunnel. That night the gang barely slept while they waited until 1am to sneak out. As soon as Rose noticed it was 1 o’clock she sat upright and met Thalia’s eyes, who looked just as scared. Rose got the cloak out of her trunk silently, with a nod at Thalia to indicate it was time to go both girls walked down to the common room where they encountered the boys. The four of them opened the portrait hole and slowly left and separated, Rose and Thalia getting under the cloak and heading down the stairs, while Albus and Scorpius snuck across the corridor. When the 4 met again it was outside the forest entrance they nervously look at each other.

“Do you think she made it?” Rose nervously asked noticing the absence of Sienna.

“Sienna’s smart she’ll have figured out a way.” Thalia tried to reassure them but Albus had paled. 10 long minutes’ past before Albus finally saw a blonde-haired girl running towards them. Albus let out a relieved sigh as she got closer.

“Thank god you’re okay!” Albus said as he wrapped his arm around Sienna when she finally got to them. Sienna looked startled for a split second before regaining her composure and pushing Albus off her.

“Of course I’m okay, I’m just late because the stupid caretaker wouldn’t move along fast enough!” Sienna rolled her eyes.

“Are we ready for this?” Scorpius asked meeting everyone’s eyes, no one responded for a moment.

“Whatever we find down there is better than not knowing, right?” Rose asked reluctantly everyone nodded.

“Do it.” Albus requested of Scorpius, who took a step forward and performed the spell he’d been slowly perfecting after their trips.



When they finally arrived at the clearing Albus, Scorpius and Rose took their places by their rocks and Thalia took her place in the middle while Sienna waited just outside the triangle. Thalia’s eyes glowed gold as she spoke the words on the rocks in the language they didn’t understand. The ground began to open in front of them to reveal the hole they had opened earlier. Everyone gathered around the hole and peered down.

“Right, let’s go see what’s down here.” Scorpius nervously said as he took the first step down the rickety old rope ladder.

“Urgh fine if you wimps won’t go next I will, and you call yourself Gryffindor’s!” Sienna sarcastically remarked when no one offered to go next. Sienna made her way down after Scorpius trying to seem confident. Thalia offered to go next realising if she didn’t go soon she’d be last. Albus and Rose looked at each other.

“You wanna go next?” Albus offered

“Honestly Albus!” Rose said irritated as she descended after Thalia with Albus tentatively following her. The ladder continued for what felt like miles until finally they heard Scorpius

“Guys I’m at the bottom!” One by one everyone took their final step to the bottom.

Lumos” Everyone cast as light illuminated their wands one by one.

On first sight, there was nothing extraordinary about this tunnel at all it appeared to just be a plain underground tunnel. It wasn’t until Rose noticed a small pathway leading further into the tunnels that the gang even realised anything was different. The pathway was so small that Scorpius and Albus had to crouch, Sienna had to keep her head down and Rose had to duck from low rocks, Thalia was luckily small enough to not be effected. The gang silently walked through the path fearing making a sound until finally they reached an opening. And one by one they all came to the same astonishment.

“Oh my god” was all Rose could muster as they laid eyes of the solid gold room. Crystals of all different colours illuminated the ceiling, even the floor which was just mud looked neater than the rest of the caves. But all five eyes landed on the middle of the room at a golden coffin with a black diamond in the middle.

“Well what do you know, freckles was right. It is a tomb!” Sienna said walking over to the coffin. With Albus trailing behind her. It was Albus who first noticed the plaque underneath the black diamond.

“Thalia look, is it in your language what does it say?” Albus asked pointing to the markings on the plaque. Thalia studied them for a moment before her eyes widened and she swallowed

“It says: Do not attempt to open. If you do you will unleash a powerful evil.” Everyone looked at each other nervous.

“I say we listen to it!” Scorpius suggested everyone nodded.

“Look there has to be something in here that will give us some clue who she is and how to stop her, let’s just split up and search the room” Rose suggested. Everyone dispersed into different corners of the room; Scorpius began examining the crystals on the wall and the ceiling, Sienna studied a small body of illumined water near the entrance, Rose was observing and trying to see if there was any correlation in the scratches on the wall furthest from the coffin, Albus had decided to examine the coffin itself to see if anything was hidden against it. Thalia however had noticed a small hole on one of the walls and was feeling inside when she felt something solid and cold, so cold she shuddered away when she first touched it. With some effort, she eventually managed to pull the solid item from the hole only to discover a solid gold trunk. The trunk was not very heavy to Thalia rested in on her lap as she looked for an opening. To her surprise, she found markings in her language instead of a lock. Thalia couldn’t help but feel that trying to read the markings were her best option towards opening the trunk, so she closed her eyes to gather her thoughts for a minute, before opening them and reciting a word she didn’t know that she knew. The chest creaked open, and Thalia peered inside to see only a tattered book, filled with pictures, drawings and other clippings that were all being held together by a leather string.

“Guys!... I found something.” Thalia excitedly stated. Immediately everyone dropped what they were doing to flock to her. Thalia held up the book.

“I found this trunk in this hole and it opened with my language and this was inside!” Thalia exclaimed gesticulating wildly to the hole and the trunk. Rose took the book and examined it.

“It looks like a journal of some kind…” Rose mused as she noticed the clippings sticking out.

“Whatever’s inside will help us I’m sure of it!” Thalia excitedly stood up and pointed to the book.

“Maybe it was written by the mist woman? Or the people who trapped her? This is gunna help us so much, good work Thalia!” The gang began to disperse again slowly looking around for anything more they could find. Albus resumed examining the wall by the coffin but as he traced the wall his hand met a sharp rock causing the palm of his hand to split open and start bleeding. Albus quickly jumped back and examined his hand, seeing the small cut, Albus did his best not to curse and to push through the pain. Albus lent on the coffin with his cut hand to steady himself, and at that moment the entire cave began to rumble. The Crystals began to shake, the water rippled, and the trunk fell from the ledge they’d placed it on.

“W…What’s happened!?” Rose stuttered trying to regain her balance.

“Look the coffin!” Scorpius exclaimed. Everyone’s attention diverted to the coffin which was now glowing. Albus quickly ran away from the coffin and to the centre of the room to join his friends.

“What did you do!?” Sienna asked Albus as they watched the coffin begin to shake.

“I touched it that’s all!” Albus desperately tried to exclaim. The room quickly began to fill with red mist and before any of them could move the shape of a woman began to form.

“Albus you summoned the mist woman! We have to go!” Thalia insisted. However, before they could execute Thalia’s plan an ear-splitting cackle filled the room as the mist woman’s red glowing eyes formed.

“Run!” Albus instructed and no one wasted anytime diving through the small pathway.

“YOU STUPID CHILDREN. YOU THINK YOU CAN ESCAPE ME! You have summoned my spirit and I WILL get my revenge for your treachery! YOU NAIVE CHILDREN, THINKING YOU CAN STOP ME I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!” They heard as a red mist followed them through the path. By the time they reached the clearing, the mist woman was close on their tail, and their lungs were burning from running so fast.

“We…We can’t get up there in time, she’s coming!” Albus stammered. Without thinking Rose shoved Scorpius’ arm around her right shoulder and Albus’ around her left and placed Thalia and Sienna’s hands on her left arm and with her right aimed her want at the sky and shouted

AUTEM!” The five of them where thrust into the sky took off so fast, Thalia thought she might throw up. The small hole of light at the top of the tunnel rocketed towards them so fast their eyes had no time to adjust to the brightness as they all landed with a thud and in a heap on the clearing floor.

But they had no time to rest as Sienna was the first to notice the red mist slowly forming out of the tunnel entrance.

“What do we do she’s coming!?” Sienna gesticulated to the tunnel entrance. It seemed hopeless to run, as she was twice as fast yet they knew she would reach them any second. The red mist formed into a hand that grabbed hold of Sienna’s leg who promptly screamed, as she felt herself being pulled down. Instinctively, Albus grabbed hold of Sienna’s arms to try to pull her back but the force pulling her was too strong. It was at that moment that Scorpius noticed across the other side of the clearing was a spot clear of red mist, the edges on the mist seemed to be trying to advance but a small stream on sunlight made it impassable. Scorpius lowered his wand to the ground and screamed.

LUMOS SOLEM” Scorpius’ wand erupted in bright sunlight spreading throughout the clearing and as it did the red mist recoiled back to the tunnel.

“THALIA CLOSE IT NOW!” Rose shoved Thalia forward who without missing a beat said the spell backwards and closed the ground up. Albus held Sienna who had collapsed to the floor in his arms while Scorpius doubled over trying to catch his breath and Rose leaned her back in relief. Thalia didn’t move for a while she just stared at the ground.

“Guys we have to go. She may not be able to come out in the sunlight but if she finds a way out of the tomb….” Thalia began. Albus nodded helping Sienna to her feet as the all returned to the castle.



The next morning the five of them were so exhausted from not sleeping that when they met up in the library the next morning they were all struggling to stay awake.

“So I was right, she is still alive.” Rose started. Scorpius rolled his eyes. “Not that I wanted to be right this time!”

“Do you think she’ll be able to get out of the tomb?” Thalia nervously asked.

“Chances are she’s probably already disapperated away.” Scorpius concluded. “We know she can do that, I mean that’s what she did when we expelled her from Rose’s body right?” 

“How did she even get here in the first place?” Sienna asked.

“Albus accidently summoned her by placing his blood on her coffin. I did the same when I placed my blood on her mirror.” Rose suggested. Albus had been quietly contemplating in the corner and finally decided to voice his thoughts.

“If she’s so angry with us why didn’t she come before? I mean she knows where we are.” Albus wondered. For one Rose and Scorpius were silent neither to them fully understanding the answer.

“Because she can’t…. She’s too week without a full body. I mean she couldn’t even touch sunlight. I think she’s getting stronger. Getting ready. She’s planning something, and we need to figure out what she’s planning and why she’d convinced were a part of it.” Sienna theorised.

“It’s too bad we don’t have that journal, I bet that would have helped us understand!” Rose sighed annoyed. Thalia smiled.

“But we do!” Thalia reached into her bag pulling out the journal they’d found last night.

“Thalia! How did you…?” Scorpius began to astounded to finish his sentence.

“I was holding it when she appeared and I slipped it into my bag when we started running.” Thalia explained.

“Your amazing!” Albus complemented. Thalia blushed avoiding Albus’ eyes.

“Nice job Thalia!” Sienna smiled. Everyone turned to stare at her in disbelief. Her eyes darted between everybody.

“What!? I can be nice!” Sienna complained. Thalia’s astonishment disappeared when she remembered the journal in her hands.

“Guys I’ve had a quick look at this thing and its written half in English half in my language, but there are parts even I can’t understand. This thing is gunna take a while to translate.” Thalia explained. Rose nodded.

“Well then it’s settled. You take it home over the summer and translate it or all of us to read next term.” Thalia nodded in agreement and put the journal back in her bag.

“Summer is a month away, what do we do until then?” Albus curiously asked.

“If the mist woman really is weakened, she won’t be coming after us. I saw we just continue with school as usual, try and find out anything else we can this summer and regroup next term, it’s not like there’s anything else we can do!” Rose suggested. Sienna looked down in disappointment.

“What even is normal for us anymore!” Albus mused as they all got up to exit the library and continue with school for the month. A silent thought raced through everyone’s mind as the left the library.

Whatever was coming next year. They weren’t ready.


Authors note: So there we go guys. Part 2 is complete!!! Don’t worry though Part 3 is coming sooner than you think. Since I now have a lot of free time I’ve decided to do nanowrimo with this story which means you all gunna be bombarded with updates! Part 3 will come either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow depending on how well my writing goes. Thank you for all your continued support – Littlemissnack.

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