The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


16. Part 2 Chapter 10

When Rose brought Thalia with her to the library the next time the group had arranged to meet, the rest of the group were shocked. Albus immediately rose from his chair and walked over to her smiling gently. Scorpius looked at Rose with a grateful look. While Sienna rolled her eyes and glared at the pair of them.

“Thalia! You came?” Albus tentatively asked. Thalia took a deep breath and smiled.

“Of course. Just because you guys left me out, doesn’t mean I should put everyone in danger by not helping you. I’m still not sure how much help I can be, but I’ll give it my best shot.” Thalia smiled.

“Oh goody!” Sienna sarcastically rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest and leaned back on her chair with her legs resting on the table. Albus looked at her desperately.

“Sienna don’t….” Albus began.

“No it’s alright Albus” Thalia interrupted “Look Sienna, we got off on the wrong foot and you don’t like me, that much is clear. But this isn’t about us. If that mist woman is back it affects everyone, and if we can find out more about it we have a duty to. Can’t we just set our feelings about each other aside and work together to help find out about this mist woman?” Thalia pleaded. Sienna looked at her sincerely for a moment before masking it with annoyance.

“Fine whatever. If you can help, you’re in.” Sienna said. Thalia smiled and her and Rose took their seats as Albus returned to his.

“Okay, so can you translate what’s on the paper?” Scorpius asked pushing the paper towards her. Thalia took a look and her eyebrows knitted together as she studied it.

“I can translate, but it doesn’t form a complete sentence, they are just words…” Thalia said confused.

“That’s because we nearly got caught so we had to run before I could take in anymore, these are just the symbols I remember.” Rose recounted.

“Hey! Speak for yourself I DID get caught!” Sienna said irritated.

“Okay, well that symbol there I always thought meant magic, and that one there is means death, but that one means life, and there overlapping which I guess means between life and death.” Thalia began writing the translations below the symbols she was pointing too. “This one means trapped I think, but I don’t know how I know that, I’ve never used it before.” Thalia looked at the page in confusion. “I haven’t seen a lot of these before, but I know what they mean somehow.” Albus put a hand on her shoulder in solidarity which caused a bitter glare from Sienna.

“What about the one I saw on your bookmark? That one you know for sure?” Albus asked.

“Oh I definitely know that one …. Because it means Delvine...” Thalia said tentatively. Everyone in the room felt a chill go down their spine.

“So your saying…. Your surname….is in the rocks that could unlock the mist woman’s tomb?” Scorpius slowly asked. Thalia nervously nodded.

“Wait, but aren’t you a mudblood?” Sienna asked. Causing everyone to snap their heads towards her.

“Don’t you dare call Thalia that!” Scorpius warned. Sienna shrugged.

“But that’s what she is!” Sienna protested.

“Sienna you know as well as I do, that that is an awful word to use to muggleborns!” Rose angrily argued.

“Whatever, mudblood, muggleborn. What does it matter?” Sienna rhetorically asked.

“It was used to imply that muggleborns had dirty blood instead of pureblood, it was used to make muggleborns feel like less. Don’t call her that every again.” Albus argued staring Sienna straight in the eyes. Sienna looked down and remained silent in agreement.

“Anyway she’s right, There’s never been any magic in my family, I’m the first.” Thalia said trying to ignore Sienna’s comments.

“So how is your family name on a rock at a magic school?” Scorpius asked. Thalia shrugged.

“I don’t know. It’s impossible to know unless I could translate all the writing, and since we don’t have it…” Thalia trailed of.

“But…” Rose began

“Don’t say it!” Scorpius interrupted reading her thoughts.

“We could…” Rose continued

“I just said don’t say it! I know what you’re thinking, and no!” Scorpius insisted.

“We could sneak out again.” Rose finished.

“NO! It was risky enough the first time, we barely made it out without getting punished!”

“Speak for yourself!” Sienna reminded them.

“It’s the only way for Thalia to see the whole thing, and we need to know. We have to other points of action!” Rose reminded him. Albus sighed

“I hate to say it Scorp but she’s right, it’s our only way of translating the whole thing!” Albus agreed.

“Hate to burst your bubble but there’s no way! Ever since the caretaker caught me he’s had the school on total lockdown, there’s no getting in or out at night-time!” Sienna pointed out.

“So we don’t do it at night time, we do it at dawn before class when the caretakers gone to bed. That’s how we snuck out the first time!” Rose reminded them.

“Fine. I guess were going back out there!” Scorpius sighed.

“So when are we doing this?” Albus questioned.

“Tomorrow, we shouldn’t waste any more time!”  Rose insisted.

“Alright, you Goody Goody Gryffindor’s have no idea how to sneak out and that’s where I come in.” Sienna leaned forward producing a map she had drawn of the school. “Right. If we get caught together it will look far too suspicious, were going to have to go in groups of two and one of us can take the invisibility cloak, that way if we get caught we can play dumb and pretend we were going for food.” Sienna began.

“Okay, so who goes with who?” Thalia asked.

“Well Albus and Scorpius share a room, it would make sense for them to go get food together if one woke the other up, so I guess they should be together.” Rose logically suggested. “And Thalia and I share too so that would mean….”

“One flaw with that plan freckles. I’m the best liar and the best at sneaking around. It would make a lot more sense for me to be in a two.” Sienna pointed out. Rose nodded in agreement.

“Okay so I’ll use the cloak and you can…” before the sentence finished everyone realised the flaw in this plan.

“Or I could take the cloak, Rose could go with Sienna and….” Sienna’s glare at the next suggestion prevented Scorpius from continuing.

“Okay how about I go with Sienna, Rose goes with Scorpius and Thalia takes the cloak?” Thalia’s eyes widened at Albus’ suggestion.

“But if you get caught with Sienna won’t it arouse suspicion…” Thalia quickly thought.

“But if Sienna gets caught with Thalia, they could pretend they were up early to work on the runes assignment they’ve just been partnered in!” Rose remembered. Much to both girls discomfort they had been partnered together for a rune assignment to use the library to translate 5 pages of runes.

“That’s true. She’s the only one that wouldn’t arouse suspicion if I was caught.” Sienna reluctantly agreed.

“So then who gets the invisibility cloak?” Rose asked the boys.

“I should do it, I’ll get it back off James this afternoon. This is gunna cost me like 2 years’ worth of allowance!” Albus sighed.

“Okay, so Thalia and Sienna go together and say they’re going to the library. Scorpius and I will go together and pretend we’re going for food. And Albus uses the cloak agreed?” Rose asked. Everyone nodded and they moved onto planning their routes on Sienna’s map.



By 5am the plan was in motion. Albus took the cloak and headed through the transfiguration courtyard, Rose and Scorpius snuck out the grand entrance and Thalia made her way to the entrance of the slytherin common room and her and Sienna went around the library to the quidditch grounds.

Thalia and Sienna were remaining awkwardly silent as they walked in there dressing gowns until Sienna finally broke the silence

“Look I don’t say this often, and please don’t tell anyone I said it but, I’m sorry for what I called you yesterday.” Sienna awkwardly said. Thalia turned to her in confusion.

“Thank you for apologising. Why are you apologising to me though? I thought you hated me.” Sienna rolled her eyes at Thalia’s question and took a deep breath.

“I don’t hate you.”

“Could have fooled me, you act like you hate everyone.” Thalia looked at her shoes while Sienna looked at the sky.

“It’s just the front I put up, you have to seam tough if you want to survive in my world. Truth is… and again if you tell anyone I’ll hex you into next year… I’m kind of jealous of you.” Sienna mumbled embarrassed.

“Me? What could you possibly be jealous of? I’m a mudblood, I’m the school weirdo who does freaky things!” Thalia said in astonishment.

“You have a family who loves you and no pressure to be anybody but yourself. You may be weird but at least you’re you. And you may be muggleborn, but at least you have a loving family.” Sienna confessed. Thalia decided not to pry into Sienna’s family as her hunched stance and crossed arms indicated she did NOT want to talk about it.

“You have him.” Thalia nervously said broaching the topic neither of them had wanted to discuss.

“What do you mean?” Sienna said pretending not to understand.

“I know you like Albus, and I know you know that I do too. But he likes you. He choose you.” Thalia sadly admitted.

“He hasn’t chosen anyone.”

“We both know that’s not true. He definitely likes one of us more than the other. He likes you and you like him.” Thalia said knowingly.

“Yeah for now, but after you make your move…” Sienna said a small trace of nervousness.

“I’m not gunna make a move.” Thalia stated. Sienna looked at her bewildered.

“Why not? You like him too, why wouldn’t you tell him that?” Sienna asked.

“Because it’s not about whether I like him, it’s about who he likes, and he likes you. He picked you and I’ll respect that, not that he’d change his mind anyway, because I want him to be happy and he’s happy with you, so I’ll step aside and leave you two be.” Thalia said. Sienna smiled a rare genuine grateful smile.

“Thank you.”

“It’s okay, and I promise I won’t tell anybody you actually have a heart”



Meanwhile Rose and Scorpius were moving down the grand staircase when Rose started talking.

“Thank you for believing in me, I don’t know if I said that before, but thank you. You believed me about the mist woman before anybody else. Thank you for not thinking I’m crazy.” Scorpius smiled.

“We had our downs and…. well mostly just downs when we met, but I think you’re the smartest and most sensible person I know. I knew if you had a feeling that something was wrong, it would be crazy not to listen to you.” Rose smiled kindly at him.

“God you are too nice! I was awful to you when we met! How could you have forgiven me?” Rose asked incredulously.

“Because I could tell that even though you are incredibly stubborn, and so fierce and independent and just down right hard headed at times, and god knows you have a temper, I could tell that in spite of all that you’re also brave and smart and kind, and when you’re not angry you can be kind of sweet. You’re a hurricane of a person Rose, and I knew when you apologised to me that I’d be stupid not to let you into my life.” Rose stared at him in shock.



By 5.15am the group had arrived at the entrance to the forest. After Scorpius did the retracing spell and the group had found the clearing, Sienna quickly found a seat on top of a nearby log to watch the action. Rose Scorpius and Albus then took to their rocks and with a nod at each other they all placed their hands on the same rocks that had light up for them before. When the symbols began to appear Thalia’s eyes widened.

“So can you translate it?” Sienna asked. Thalia studied the symbols for a moment before nodding.

“In English, Rose’s stone says ‘The magic of Delvine bounds this tomb of life and death’ Albus’ stone says ‘To keep this body trapped the blood of Weasley, Potter and Malfoy bound this tomb.’ And Scorpius’ line is ‘Together we protect the world we use this spell and our blood to trap the evil within.’” Thalia nervously translated. The words took a moment to sink in with everyone.

“Wait, you said that it’s a spell, ‘We use this spell’ so why hasn’t it done anything?” Rose asked impatiently. Thalia shrugged

“I don’t know, you said I’d just have to say the words and I did…” Thalia nervously said. Suddenly Albus realised something.

“It’s because you’re not supposed to say in in English. It’s a different language so you have to say it in that language for it to work!” Albus realised. Rose looked at him with a mix of jealousy that he’d figured it out first and pride.

“But… it’s not a language. I’ve never spoke it out loud, just written it!”

“But you know what they mean, even when you haven’t read them! And remember last year when you gave that prophecy? You didn’t give it in English, first you gave it in another language one I’d never heard of!” Albus excitedly suggested. Thalia looked apprehensive.

“But… I don’t know how I said that I was being possessed or something, it wasn’t me!”

“Thalia I don’t know how but somehow there is a language that only you know. A language no one else in the whole world knows and somehow you DO know it. I don’t know how it’s possible for you to know a language you’ve never learnt but I know you do! You have to try. Stop thinking about it and just trust your instincts, because as impossible as it sounds you know how to speak this language!” Albus begged looking into her eyes. Thalia nodded gently took a deep breath and stood up straight. She closed her eyes for a moment and when she opened them her eyes were glowing gold and she started speaking another language. everyone stared at her astonished as they felt the earth move beneath them. When Thalia had finished speaking the stone platform in the middle crumbled away revealing a hole. Sienna jumped off her log, Rose, Albus and Scorpius left their rocks and the whole group edged closer to the hole. As they peered down they saw a ladder but it was so far down they could not see the bottom.

“I KNEW IT WAS A TOMB!” Rose sighed in relief. “We need to see what’s down there, there might be more clues!” Rose excited began walking closer.

“NO!” Scorpius held his arm out to stop her. “We can’t it’s 6.30 breakfast is in half an hour we’ll get in trouble it’s far too risky we’ll have to come back to explore.” Rose begrudgingly nodded her agreement.

“Okay one problem… How do we close this thing up?” Sienna asked.

“Well in all the books I’ve read about ancient tombs, saying the spell in reverse can close it why don’t we try that?” Everyone turned to Thalia who nodded and her eyes began glowing again as she spoke her language backwards. Once the stone platform reformed everyone made their way out of the clearing and agreed. Even if they risked getting caught they had to find a way to sneak out tonight to explore.

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