The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


7. Part 2 Chapter 1

Rose screamed as Albus chased her through the halls off Hogwarts that had been swallowed whole by flames. As Rose ran as fast as she could down the great hall a large piece of debris fell from the ceiling narrowly missing her but blocking her escape route. Rose turned around and faced her cousin whose eyes were glowing red, as Albus moved toward her Rose back up as far as she could to the huge pile of wood from the ceiling.

“Y…Y….You can’t be here….h…he…killed you.” Rose stuttered trying desperately to move the debris but it didn’t move an inch. Rose gulped as Albus cackled.

“You always were a naive little girl! You of all people have seen what I can do! Do you really think I could be beaten by a NECKLACE!?” Albus spat in the hissing voice Rose was all too familiar with.

“Don’t you get it you stupid girl!? I am UNBEATABLE!” The mist woman screamed and fired a green spell directly at Rose who just managed to duck in time to allow the spell to hit the annoying obstacle behind her and shatter it to pieces allowing Rose to run again.

As Rose ran for the stairs Albus grabbed her tightly by the wrist at first Rose struggled but as soon as he started speaking all she could so was stare at him. He spoke in the same hissing voice as the mist woman but Rose could tell that it wasn’t her the vacant expression in her eyes assured her of that.

A search will begin for the tomb of mist, but when three go searching the entrance dismissed, the girl with the ancient powers holds the key, when the tomb is opened the answers and body shall be free.”

As soon as she’d finished talking she bought a knife out from behind her back and forced her to the ground. As the knife began closing down on her Rose heard Scorpius’ voice calling her name. It confused the mist woman too who loosened her grip on Rose’s wrist then slowly faded away as did the rest of the castle.



Rose jumped as she woke her breathing was fast and she was uncontrollably shaking, she blinked and noticed that instead of a burning Hogwarts she was actually on the Hogwarts express and Albus, Scorpius and Thalia were all looking at her concerned. Suddenly her memory of boarding the Hogwarts express and saying goodbye to her parents and little brother came back to her, even though she knew it was a dream it had felt so really that she was still shaking. Scorpius who was sat next to her and closest to the window placed his hand on her shoulder gently.

“Rose it’s okay it was just a nightmare, nothing’s going to hurt you.” Rose looked at him, swallowed and nodded but she was still shaking.

“It was her again wasn’t it! Look Rose she’s gone, Scorpius killed her, you have to move past this it’s been 8 months and she hasn’t done anything because she’s dead!” Albus insisted putting his hand on her knee. Suddenly the details of the dream came back to her and she reached into her satchel and bought out a pad of paper and a pen.

“You bought a pen and paper onto the train? I just bought snacks and exploding snap!” Thalia asked confused. When she was done she stared at the paper to make sure it was right then handed it to Albus.

“Why did she say this then!? Stop pretending that this is nothing Al! She’s just spouted a prophecy at us! Clearly she’s still alive” Albus stared at the piece of paper and Rose could see his expression change to pure disbelief and panic for just a second before he shoved it back in her hand.

“Rose it was a dream! And taking words I say in my sleep and pretending there some kind of prophecy isn’t funny!” Scorpius did a double take at Albus before grabbed the notepad from Rose.

“You and Rose are hearing the same words in your dreams and you think it’s a coincidence!? You’re a Potter and she’s a Weasley! Since when have your family had coincidences!? Do you even remember who your parents are!?” Scorpius exclaimed as he read Rose’s prophecy

“Never allowed to forget actually! And she didn’t have that dream she must have overheard me sleep talking when we were at the burrows this summer.”

“I didn’t I swear! I’ve never heard those words before! she just started saying them but it wasn’t her saying them it was like she was being possessed.” Rose frantically tried to explain

“So your telling me that the woman in the mist possessed ….whoever it was this time…”

“It was you” Rose quickly interrupted

“Okay so this mist woman possessed me then get possessed herself by some unknown spirit trying to give you a prophecy!?” Albus said sceptically

“How can you not at least here her out after what happened to you last year!?” Scorpius stared in disbelief. “In case you forgot your dreams magically predicted a manic mist spirit trying to escape!”

“He’s right, even I managed to hear the prophecy when you opened up your mind to me….” Thalia said gently, trying to help get Scorpius and Rose’s points across without getting Albus mad like he had done every time they’d tried to talk about it before. Albus sighed

“LISTEN to yourselves! You sound CRAZY! No one even takes divination seriously anyway! And besides the prophecy didn’t even completely come true anyway!”

“ ‘Pride will consume the girl with greed’ …. No offense Rose but I’m pretty sure your pride consumed you last year! ‘To the reflection the girl will head’ …. Again no offense Rose but you were under her spell…”

“OKAY! So some parts were true but we DID stop evil’s regain and last time I checked no one was in endless pain! Can we just stop talking about it! We’ll be here soon anyway” Albus sighed as the carriage went silent.  

Suddenly the sliding door getting pushed open broke the silence. Jasper Zabini and Sienna Vane appeared at the door with a few other first years following.

“And over here we have the goody goody Gryffindor’s and the famous Harry Potter’s son, but don’t be fooled his offspring’s biggest accomplishment is managing to do the levitation spell on the 43rd time!” Jasper Zabini spitefully told the first years

“And over there we have another Weasley girl, you’ve proberbly heard of them they reproduce like rabbits and all look the same! Across from here we have the freak show, careful kids don’t get to close she might start screamed and shouting and having a fit! And next to the Weasley girl we have the wannabe Gryffindor who was supposed to be a Slytherin but couldn’t even do that right because he’s such a disappointment!” Sienna Vane interjected. The first years behind her started to giggle as Rose and Albus glared at them while Thalia looked away and Scorpius clenched his fist. Albus get up and walked over to the door and stared Jasper right in the face.

“Get lost Jasper!” Albus said through clenched fists. Jasper glared at him while Sienna and the first years chuckled.

“Come on, we don’t want to give the first years weirdo germs before they even start!” Jasper and the rest of the group moved onto the next carriage while Albus shut the door.

“God I hate them!” Rose scowled.

“Loathe isn’t a strong enough word for them!” Scorpius growled

“Yeah he’s just such an idiot!” Albus sighed

“You mean there idiots? Sienna’s just as horrible!” Thalia said

“Yeah of course I meant them both!” Albus said quickly.

“I’d better go get changed I’ve got dribble all down my shoulder!” Scorpius sighed as he grabbed his uniform ready to go get changed.

“Dribble?.... Oh my gosh I fell asleep on you didn’t i! I’m so sorry about that i….” Rose had turned as red as her hair.

“It’s okay! I was going to move you but you were so deep in sleep I thought I’d startle you. But I never do get tired of those apologies” Scorpius joked as he winked at Rose and left the room.



After the feast Albus and Scorpius watched James and Fred try to convince the new Gryffindor’s that if they didn’t do at least one brave act by the end of the year they would be disowned and the sorting hat would have to resort them. Rose and Thalia joined the festivities for a while before Rose decided to go to bed early and Thalia decided to join a game of exploding snap some of the older Gryffindor girls had started to make the younger ones feel more comfortable.

That night Rose dreamt she was being chased by Thalia who was possessed by the mist woman around the burrows as she killed all the rest of her family. Just before Rose woke up Thalia said the exact same prophecy she’d said in Rose’s last dream. Rose woke up screaming and got 6 different pillows shoved at her from her roommates intended to indicate that she should stop screaming. Except Thalia who ran to Rose’s side and sat next to her on the bed holding her shoulders as she was shaking again.

“Mist again?....i don’t know why I’m even asking of course it was!” Thalia sighed “Look you heard Albus, she’s dead I saw it happen!”

“I can’t shake it though Thal… the feeling that she’s not” Rose whispered. Thalia stared at her in contemplation for a moment.

“Maybe I should get Albus and Scorpius and we can go for a walk before breakfast, you know to get your mind of it?” Thalia suggested. Rose looked over at her alarm clock it was 5.45, light enough to go for a walk yet late enough that she wouldn’t have to think about going back to sleep. She nodded and grabbed her dressing gown.



It didn’t feel like sneaking out of the castle because the caretaker was asleep and it was light outside so no one so they doubted anyone would be bothered.

“Rose you have to stop this!” Albus sighed.

“Don’t you think I would if I could!? You think I LIKE dreaming that she’s killing me and everyone I care about? I don’t! But I can’t stop thinking it means something”

“Look Rose no one is saying you do like it, I mean what happened to you last year was terrifying! Nightmares and paranoia are completely natural given what you went through…”

“Not for 9 months though!” Albus mumbled as Scorpius glared at him.

“Were just trying to help you Rose, we know she’s dead and gone and were concerned you might be hanging onto your fears and the feeling you can’t shake is fear not …her” Thalia tried to reassure her but Rose turned away to wipe the tears from her eyes.

“You think I’m just some stupid girl who let out this murdering spirit and is now just being annoying because she’s scared” Rose said certainly

“NO! No one is saying that! Nobody thinks you’re stupid! She had you under her spell Rose anyone would have fallen for it!” Scorpius exclaimed

“You wouldn’t have, none of you would have. That’s why your ‘The saviours’ and I’m just….the girl who fell to her pride and needed to be saved” Rose had tears in her eyes.

“That was just these stupid words! They didn’t mean anything!” Albus sighed softly looking over at his cousin. Rose turned away from Scorpius who was wiping the tears from her eyes and towards Albus.

“I may be making something up out of fear but you’re so far in denial that she could be back that your ignoring the signs! We both heard the prophecy Al! That means something I’m sure of it!”

“It does not! Scorpius back me up on this!” Scorpius glanced at Albus apologetically

“Sorry Al but maybe she’s right about it meaning something… She’s defiantly right about you being in denial though!” Albus rolled his eyes at him.

“I liked It better when you hated each other! You’ll back me up won’t you Thalia?” Albus asked. When there was no reply everyone turned around quickly to find that Thalia had not been following them as they’d thought.

“Thalia!?” Rose called out. Suddenly Scorpius took around and realised that without them realising they’d somehow wondered into the dark forest.

“Um…guys….i think were in the forest…. You know the forbidden dangerous one!” Scorpius gulped.

“Come on we have to go find Thalia!” Albus said already running, the only problem with this plan was that no one could remember which way they had gone! After running in what they thought was the right direction for a few minutes Albus pulled back a tree branch and came across some completely startling, Scorpius and Rose followed and stared speechlessly. They had come across a clearing with three tall boulders in a triangle and a stone platform in the middle

“What is this place?” Albus asked stunned.

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