The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


6. Chapter 6

Albus headed back through the Gryffindor common room after retrieving his bag and was thankful when he found that the mirror was still in there and intact. As he walked into his dorm room Scorpius turned away from the clothes he was finishing packing and towards Albus.

“Hey what’s up?” Scorpius asked seeing the sad smile on Albus’ face

“I talked to Rose about what she said to you on the train and she still won’t apologise! I can’t believe she’s being so stubborn about this!” Albus feel back on his bed sighing.

“By talk do you mean rational and civilised conversation or do you mean that you shouted at her?” Scorpius asked sitting next down next to him.

“The second one, but she deserved it after what she said, she went too far that time and she needed to realise what she’s been doing is wrong!”

“Thank you for sticking up for me and I truly appreciate the support but I’m not worth fighting with your family over! I know Rose hates me and there’s nothing you or I can do to change her mind, I just don’t let what she says get to me.  But regardless of how I feel about her and how annoying she can be, you don’t pick your family and she’s yours like it or not, so don’t start a feud just because of me!”

Albus stared at Scorpius unable to believe that the guy who had been raised by former deatheaters could have a better sense of family than him, the guy who had been raised in a massive family and was raised by the chosen one!  Eventually Albus groaned and sat up.

“I know I love her really, just not the way she’s been acting. Plus keeping her away from this mirror is getting so stressful!” Albus took the golden mirror out of his bag to examine it again.

“Do you think maybe we did imagine it?” Albus suggested again. Scorpius rolled his eyes impatiently

“We imagined the same thing Albus that doesn’t just happen with a spell or a potion or something!”

“Maybe….” But Albus didn’t get a chance to finish his sentence because just then Thalia Delvine came in quickly and without knocking.

“Albus have you seen Rose? I saw her on the train and then she just…..”  Thalia noticed the mirror in Albus’ hand and went stiff and her eyes went wide. Albus turned to Scorpius who looked just as confused as he was.

“Thalia? Thalia what is it? What’s wrong?”  Albus said racing over to her but she backed away from him. Suddenly it clicked with Albus and Scorpius what she had been staring at.

“Do you recognise this?”  Scorpius snatched the mirror of Albus and held it forward for Thalia to take but she just back up against the wall.

“No….it’s just….it’s dark. Everything about it is just dark!” Thalia said dryly.

“Dark?” Scorpius studied the mirror “I think it looks pretty light coloured…”

“NO! It feels dark, like an aura or something, I don’t know!” Albus and Scorpius turned to each other and then to Thalia.

“Like dark magic?” Albus asked tentatively


“But that’s impossible you can’t SENSE dark magic!” Scorpius insisted. Suddenly Thalia jerked forward so quickly Albus and Scorpius jumped.



Before Albus and Scorpius knew it Thalia was running out of the room, they gave each other quick confused glances before running after her. They got so caught up in running after her that they nearly ran up the staircase to the girls dormitory but Scorpius grabbed Albus’ shirt before they could take another step and pulled him back from the stairs

“We can’t follow her up there, there’s a jinx, and it turns into a slide if any boy tries to go up there.”

“Why don’t they have that on the boys’ staircase then?” Scorpius shrugged as Thalia ran down the staircase so fasts eh almost ran into them. In her hand was a necklace with a small silver amulet with a red gemstone in the middle.

“What is….”

“A person can’t sense dark magic but my necklace can!” Thalia held out the necklace to give the boys a better look

“How did you get…”

“It’s a family heirloom my family are all muggles though but Professor Tamsworth the charms professor asked if he could look at it then he did a spell and told me it moves if dark magic is near, my family must have found it when a wizard or witch lost it, now pass me that mirror”

Scorpius held out the mirror and Thalia took a deep breath and reluctantly took it and paused, which Albus figured was just to make sure she didn’t black out again. She took the necklace from her other hand and held it over the mirror and it started moving in circles.

“Professor Tamsworth said if it swings in a straight line there’s dark magic in the object and if it stays still there isn’t.”

“But what about circles?”

“That mean there was dark magic in there but it’s been transferred somewhere else, somewhere close.”

“Close? Like how close?” Scorpius’ face paled, he and Albus had been carrying that mirror around since the beginning of December with dark magic in it.

“Probably within the castle!”

“Rose…” Albus faintly whispered then turned to Thalia and Scorpius with tears in his eyes

“She knew the mirror, she was probably trying to warn me about it and now she could get hurt if we don’t find it!” Albus cried

“We’ll find it…”Thalia began

“How!?” Albus panicked

“We’ll use a magic tracker spell on the remains of magic inside the mirror” Scorpius calmly suggested. Thalia stared at him with a ‘are you mad?’ look.

“We don’t learn that spell until 3rd year…”

“I can do it. I studied that spell since I was 7!” Thalia and Albus glanced at each other nervously

“…Well it can’t do that much harm.” Albus meekly suggested. Scorpius smiled.



Scorpius took a deep breath and pointed his wand at the mirror that was currently lying face down on Scorpius bed in the empty dorm room except for him, Albus and Thalia. Albus and Thalia had decided to watch the spell from the other side of the dorm room just incase. Scorpius closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them, waved his wand gently and recited the spell.  Albus and Thalia quickly covered their heads and turned away but to their surprise nothing happened

“I’m sorry I guess research just wasn’t enough for this spell” Thalia frowned

“No there’s a trail but only I can see it, it won’t last long so follow me!” Scorpius said already running towards the door. The followed Scorpius all the way up to the 7th floor corridor when he finally stopped and looked around confussed.

“This is where we found the mirror! Do you think the dark magic left when we took it?” Albus inquired.

“The trail’s not pointing there it’s pointing in that wall.”

“In a wall? Is that even possible?”  Thalia asked.

“Urgh! I wish we could just find this stupid mirror spirit!” Albus cried sinking to the floor, but as he did a door began to appear in front of them.  They all stood staring at it for a moment before Scorpius finally took a step forward.  Albus grabbed Scorpius’ wrist

“You can’t just walk in there you don’t know what it is!” Albus exclaimed, Thalia nodded in agreement

“What if Rose is in there with it do you really want your cousin to die!?” Scorpius said freeing his wrist and carrying on walking towards the door. Albus glanced at Thalia who looked conflicted and finally joined Scorpius. Scorpius tentatively pushed open the door and saw Rose standing in the centre of a dark sinister living room, the only light in the room was the light from the fireplace the illuminated the blood dripping from her hand and the trail of blood dripping from the long floor length mirror in the centre of the room.



Albus cried out when he saw Rose’s blood stained hands

“ROSE!” Rose suddenly turned to them as if just noticing their presence she smiled at them wickedly, it was Albus who first noticed her eyes glowing red instead of their usual blue. Albus’ mouth hung open.

“Rose has gone away for a little while, actually soon enough she will be gone forever, I’m so sorry you missed him”  ‘Rose’ said in a voice that gave Scorpius, Albus and Thalia chills. The person in Rose’s body pointed Rose’s wand steadily at them.

“You’re going to kill her so you can keep her body!” Scorpius breathed shakily. Thalia and grabbed onto Albus’ arm and was holding it so tight it was staring to bruise, but Albus was so shaken he didn’t notice. ‘Rose’ scowled and glared at Scorpius, her scowl almost reminded him of the real Rose, he guessed he was just more used to her scowling than smiling.

“No you stupid boy! You really think I’d live in the body of a STUPID, SELFISH little girl!? I am simply using this body until I can restore mine to its former glory! And then I’ll kill her for being such an annoying whiney little brat and knowing far too much!” the woman shouted as she glided closer to the trio who backed up against the wall.

“Who are you? What do you want with Rose she didn’t do anything to you! She wouldn’t….”

This made the fake Rose smirk again.

“Oh she did plenty, she reawakened my spirit, allowing me to be free, and she is the reason for my triumphant return!”

“The mirror! You’re the woman trapped in the mirror” Scorpius exclaimed as the fake Rose focused her wand on him and rolled her eyes. “But who are you? Why do you need to return?”

“I need to return because my battle is far from over, I have been imprisoned in that awful mirror for millions of years and now I am free and can complete my life’s destiny, to destroy ALL magic!” the fake Rose gestured wildly with her free arm, a wildness that matched the wild look in her glowing red eyes. “Starting with your precious little friend and you” fake Rose laughed a sinister laugh.

“NO!” Albus screamed and lurched forward towards fake Rose who cast a glowing green spell form Rose’s wand in retaliation.

They all ducked, Thalia crouching down, Albus diving to the side and Scorpius jumping down to lie on the floor. Before fake Rose could cast another spell Albus shot a spell back in retaliation, Thalia crawled behind the chair, Thalia screamed and crawled behind the chair and Scorpius got half way to the sofa when he realised Albus wasn’t following him and jumped back to grab him back. Albus quickly shrugged him off and shot another spell with fake Rose blocked expertly and hit another killing curse as Albus who narrowly avoided it. Scorpius ducked behind the sofa calling out to Albus was fighting angry tears and as the manic Rose laughed at his attempts. Scorpius crawled behind fake Rose, who was so busy fighting Albus he barely noticed her and made his way to Thalia behind the chair. He embraced her quickly as a flash of light scraped past Thalia’s shoulder cutting her arm wide open.

Albus fired back in retaliation. Scorpius quickly grabbed Thalia’s necklace and threw it over her head and into his palm. A shocked Thalia just grabbed hold of her arm and kept her back firmly to the chair and Scorpius ran around the back of the chair just as another flash of light hit Albus’ leg and sent him to his knees the fake Rose grinned and stood towering over a crying Albus

“Avada…” just then Scorpius who had managed to get close to fake Rose without her noticing, threw the necklace over her neck causing her to scream in pain as a terrifying red mist oozed from her body, she crumpled to the floor as the mist surrounded her. The red mist began to take the shape of the woman in the mirror screaming in pain and suddenly the mist dispersed.

Barely a second past before Albus had crawled over to Rose’s body and began shaking it furiously

“ROSE!?” Albus cried as Thalia appeared from behind the chair and Scorpius knee’s buckled under him from exhaustion. 

Rose spluttered and her eyes fluttered open and she gasped fiercely for air. Albus was so relieved his tears got bigger and fatter.

“Albus! I’m so sorry I didn’t think…. I thought….she told me…. I’m so sorry” Rose burst into thick heavy tears and Albus grabbed her in his arms and hugged her tight as they cried into each other’s shoulders.



When the infirmary asked then what had happened to their bruised and beaten bodies, all four of them just stood there confused with blank expressions, before Rose finally stepped forward.

“It’s my fault madam Lakehurst I was trying to perform a spell I’d heard about and it went wrong, I’m sorry” Rose looked up at madam Lakehurst guiltily while Albus, Thalia and Scorpius looked at Rose in shock. 

“Very well I’ll inform your head of house immediately and punish will be taken when you’re recovered, now all 4 of you take a seat over on the beds”

As Madam Lakehurst gave them a final disapproving glare she walked out and the 4 of them headed for the bed.

“Why would you do that? Why would you cover for me?” Scorpius inquired as he tentatively sat down next to Rose making sure not to lean on the knee that had been injured when he’d dived behind the sofa. Rose looked at him for the first time without a scowl but an honest and sincere look.

“Because you saved my life twice even after I said such horrible things and treated you so terribly, you still saved me” Rose blinked back tears. Albus and Thalia look briefly at each other before looking away and giving Rose and Scorpius a moment of privacy.

“Just because you’ve been rude doesn’t mean you deserve to die, nobody deserves to die, but is this your way of apologising to me?”

“No, you deserve better than that!  … I’m sorry! I’m sorry I judged before I knew you, I’m sorry I treated you so rudely, I’m sorry I said your parents wished you were dead and I’m sorry that I never thanked you for saving my life” Rose’s tears were falling heavier now.

“You’re welcome, and I’m sorry for the way I’ve treated you as well” Scorpius smiled and held out his hand.

“Truce?” Rose looked and it for a moment then smiled and shook his hand


“Uh… sorry to interrupt this lovely moment but who was that woman who took over your body and tried to kill us!?” Albus exclaimed, Rose’s face turned serious

“I don’t know….she wouldn’t tell me who she was, she just kept telling me she could make me happy if I set her free and I felt compelled by her…. I don’t know” Rose sighed shaking her head

“Well look, there’s no need to worry now, she’s dead I killed her!” Scorpius reassured.

“How did you do that?” Thalia inquired

“Your necklace, I know about the spell it has on it, it’s extremely powerful, it doesn’t just sense dark magic it repels it, when I placed it on her it repelled her out of Rose’s body” Scorpius confirmed

“No.” Rose said shaking her head “I don’t think she’s dead, she’s too powerful to be destroyed by a  charmed necklace I think the  most we did was set her back” Rose stared into the distance. Albus put his hand on her shoulder, snapping her out of her train of thought.

“Have some faith! You’re probably just scared but there’s not need to be, I’m telling you now that woman will not be back!” Albus patted Rode on the back, she smiled at the gesture.

“Maybe now we can have a quite term!”  Thalia sighed. Albus laughed

“I’m Harry Potter’s son, something tells me our time at Hogwarts will never be quite!”

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