The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


5. Chapter 5

Christmas with the Weasley/Potter’s was far from calm and peaceful. James, Fred and Louis pulled prank after prank on unsuspecting family members who should really know better by now, using whatever Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes products that George had given them against the families protests. Dominique and Roxanne were usually play fighting around the burrows testing out whatever new quidditch equipment they had been given that they could not wait to test out on the real quidditch pitch. Lily would be running around the house playing pretend using whatever magical items she had received as props, usually dragging Hugo (who would have preferred to be reading the muggle book his mother had brought him) around by the hand to play with her. Victoire and Teddy would be sat in whatever quite corner they could find exchanging gifts and more recently kissing each other until someone found them. Albus and Rose would be showing off there presents to each other and unsuccessfully attempting to avoid the pranks his brother would be playing on them. And Molly and Lucy would be in the kitchen helping their gran and mum make Christmas dinner without letting go of each other’s hands.

However this Christmas was different, instead of helping Rose avoid his brother’s pranks, Albus spent his Christmas hanging around with his uncle George.

“Are you sure you haven’t….”

“As I told you the first time Al, I’ve never seen a mirror like that before! Why is this so important to you anyway?” George demanded instead of being downstairs where Christmas dinner was about to be served any minute he’d been dragged into his old bedroom by his nephew and questioned for a good 20 minutes about a mirror he’d never seen before.

“It’s not I just thought you might have sold it at the store” Albus started at the mirror thoughtfully twirling its handle in his hands trying to imagine the woman he’d seen appear.

“Why would we sell a mirror?” George looked at his nephew concerned. Albus considered telling him the truth about what he’d seen but despite some of the crazy inventions he’d come up with for the store, Albus knew that if he told him he’d seen another person in a mirror his uncle would think he was truly insane.

“I…. I don’t know I just thought I recognised it is all” Albus stuttered. George studied him for a moment any other time George would have completely called him out for lying but it was Christmas and George was hungry.

“Well I’ve never seen it before; you might want to ask the Veela’s there house is full of mirrors!” George suggested already half way out of the room.  It’s worth a shot Albus thought as he followed his uncle down for Christmas dinner.



Normally for Christmas dinner Albus would sit between Rose, Lily and Hugo, but this Christmas he was trying to avoid Rose, who he had already caught trying to steal the mirror, and he needed to talk to his cousins.  His aunt Fleur had already taken he seat next to her husband and Victoire was already sat holding hands with his practically brother Teddy,  Dominique hadn’t inherited much of the Veela gene and he doubted she would recognise any mirror. Which left Louis, he was sat with Fred and James but luckily Fred was in the middle so Albus could sit next to Louis without his brother overhearing the conversation.  Albus took a seat and thanked his grandma Molly as she gave him his dinner.

“Lou I was wondering…..” Albus began but Louis had already started shovelling his dinner down.

“Yesh?”  Louis asked while chewing a big mouthful. Albus wondered how even while eating Louis looked so graceful and elegant.  Sometimes he wished he was a Veela but he’s spent enough time with Victoire and Louis to know that there were a lot of downsides too, like the time he’d gone shopping with Louis and a massive crowd of girls started following them so they had to run for miles until they eventually managed to escape them in an alleyway. And the time he’d gone to the Beach with Victoire last year and a group of guys would not leave her alone and kept shouting obscene gestures at her until Teddy eventually came back and helped her get away before threatening them.

“I was wondering if you’d seen this mirror anywhere, I found it and I think I recognise it” Louis laughed before Albus even had a chance to finish his sentence.

“Because I’m a Veela you think I’d recognise any mirror in the world?” Louis joked; Albus smiled and handed the mirror to Louis who studied it for a moment , Albus liked Louis he was a lot easier to talk to than most of his cousins, he would have guessed it ran in the family  as it felt the same with Victoire but Dominique was the hardest member of his family to talk too! She was temperamental and obsessed with quiditch which often meant she wasn’t interested if it wasn’t about quiditch. But Louis and Victoire were so calm and easy to talk to, even though Louis always got himself mixed up with James and Fred’s pranks.

“I’ve seen the pattern on the back before but not on a mirror…” Louis continued examining the mirror while Albus’ eyes lit up

“Where!?” Albus said so loud the whole table stopped to look at him for a moment. Albus turned red as everyone turned back to their previous conversations and food.

“I don’t know, I think I might have seen it in a book somewhere I can’t really remember it just looks kind of familiar” Louis said thoughtfully.  Albus’ face dropped. It was the last lead he had in finding out about the mirror. Albus didn’t have much time to contemplate it though because Rose had spotted the mirror, the fear returned to her eyes much to Albus’ confusion. Albus didn’t have much time so he took the mirror back off Louis and carried on eating glancing over occasionally to check on Rose whose face had turned 10 shades paler. 



Albus and Rose pushed through the busy train trying desperately to find a carriage until they finally came across Scorpius’ Albus slid open the door as Rose rolled her eyes and reluctantly followed.

“Hey” Scorpius said smiling as he noticed Albus, but when he noticed Rose following behind he sighed and looked away. Albus frowned.

“How was your Christmas?” Albus asked smiling as he took a seat opposite his friend.

“About as well as could be expected  I didn’t get any presents, my dad ignored me, my mum kept looking at me with this horrible disappointed stare and I had to lie to my grandparents about what house I’m in so I don’t get completely disowned.  What about you?” Scorpius sighed. Albus frowned as he noticed Rose’s slight smile at Scorpius’ misfortune

“Same as every year really, we didn’t have enough room to move around the house because it was so packed and you can’t get a word in edgewise” Albus smiled sympathetically, Rose smiled too but her smile was far more sinister.

“Don’t downplay it Al, we had the most terrific Christmas ever, we had tons of presents, a lovely Christmas dinner and a family that cares about us and doesn’t wish we were dead!”  Rose crossed her arms in triumph as Scorpius just stared at her in shock and then quickly focused his attention on the window.

“ROSE!” Albus stared at her in shock as she stared back at him in confused at his outburst. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Rose finally regained her composure and got up and stormed out. Albus turned quickly to Scorpius

“I am so sorry about her, that was way out of line and completely inexcusable, of course your family don’t….”

“No, she’s right they do. But if you ever tell her I said she was right I’ll curse you!” Scorpius joked wiping a tear from his eye.

“Anyway, what happened with the mirror? Was it your uncles?”

“No he’d never seen it before, but I did ask my Veela cousin and he said he knew it but he couldn’t remember where from, he thinks maybe a textbook but there are tons of third year text books we’d never be able to find it!” Albus sighed deflated.

“Well I checked every book in my father’s library that I could find about faces in mirrors and I found nothing. But I now know how to cast a disorientation spell on a mirror to make a person’s face look disfigured”

“I guess whatever jinx it was has worn off now because the face hasn’t come back.”

“Well what about Thalia’s words, have you figured out any more about them?”

“I haven’t stopped thinking about them!” Albus sighed “The dreams are constant, every single night I hear them in some way or another and I can’t figure out what they mean or why Thalia knows them!”

“Me too, I searched through my father’s…..”

“Library” Albus finished. Scorpius stared at Albus confused

“It’s what Rose would do. You know for two people who can’t stand the sight of each other, you are remarkably similar”

“I know she’s your cousin but that girl is positively vile and I would rather eat a dungbomb then be anything like her!” Scorpius scowled bitterly.

“She’s really not that bad once you get past the judgemental know-it-all side! But anyway did you find anything in your father’s library?”

“Nothing!  It would help if I really knew what to look for but I searched for anything relevant, I looked up crystal balls, dreams, prophecies, histories of black outs, and none of it was useful!”

“Well what amazing Christmas’ we had searching for mirrors and dreams.” Albus frowned as he and Scorpius turned to look out of the window.


Rose hadn’t been back to school for more than a few hours and she was already in the library. The library was always able to help distract Rose but this was too strong to ignore, that woman, the woman in the mirror with the golden offer, was now in her cousins’ hands! She couldn’t tell if Albus knew what the mirror really was or not but it was too much to risk, all Christmas she had been trying to get the mirror off Albus but he hung onto it so tightly it terrified Rose. If the lady had been talking to Albus maybe she’s told him about the offer she’d given her. But surely Albus wouldn’t judge her if he knew she’d tried to break the mirror by throwing it at the wall? But if he really knew how much she’d been contemplating it still he might think she was sinister! However Albus would never get rid of the mirror unless he knew and if he didn’t get rid of it she might offer even worse offers to him, and Rose was way over her head with the mirror anyway, maybe Albus could help but her mind at rest if he knew. Yes. It was decided; she had to tell him the truth.  Just as she decided Albus stormed in looking around the library until his eyes finally found Rose.  Rose got up and ran over to meet him.

“Al, thank god there’s something have to…”

“No! It’s my time to talk and your time to listen!” Albus said slamming his school bag down on the table next to them.

“But Al…”

“SHUT UP ROSE! You’re so selfish! What you said on the train to Scorpius was rude, cruel, stuck up and downright unforgiveable!”


“That’s all you’ve done all year is just make it your life’s mission to make him miserable and degrade him constantly! And why? What EXACTLY did Scorpius Malfoy EVER do to you except having a dad that your dad hates!? He was so right about you you know! You are a daddy’s girl! But you’re also judgemental and rude and I’m not going to tolerate it anymore just because your my family! You need to learn to stop judging people before you get to know them and treat people with the respect they deserve! Are you even going to apologise to him?” Rose looked as if she’d just been slapped in the face; she had gone completely pupils were huge. After a few moments she meekly answered him.

“No. I can’t apologise to him he…” Rose couldn’t finish her sentence

“See. He didn’t do anything, you’re just too proud to admit that you were wrong about him.” Albus stared at her for a moment waiting for her to reply but as tears filled up in her eyes it became clear she wasn’t going to so Albus just gave her one last disappointed look before leaving.

For a while Rose stood there, tears falling down her cheeks as she stared at the empty space where Albus had been.  Then her tears turned angry as she grabbed the bag that Albus had forgotten on the Library bench and took out one single gold object.

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