The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


4. Chapter 4

“Albus, Albus!” Scorpius ran straight though the portal almost stumbling in the carpet in his hurry to find his best friend. Albus put down his book and turned to Scorpius quickly, he thought Scorpius had already gone over to breakfast but apparently not, the last time he’d been in this kind of a hurry to find him his cousin had endangered her own life.

“What? What is it?” Albus said getting off the arm chair he was sitting on by the fireplace.

“She’s out, Thalia’s out of the hospital! We can talk to her about your dre….”

“Shh!” Albus cut him off. “Don’t’ say it out loud, people might hear you!” Scorpius sighed

“I still don’t see why it’s a secret. Especially from Professor Hart, she’s an expert at divination she could help.”

“My dad had dreams too… and prophecies about him, I don’t want people to find another reason to compare me to him!” Scorpius smiled sadly at him.

“I get that, but….”

“I’m not going to! Can we just drop it now? Where is she anyway?”

“I saw her heading to the library, come on” Albus and Scorpius headed out of the portrait hole.



The last thing Thalia Delvine wanted after her totally humiliating mental breakdown in class was to talk about it, but that’s what everyone wanted to do. All her teachers kept asking her if she knew anything about the things they’d told her she said. Her friends kept checking on her every two minutes asking her if she was okay and what she thought had happened. And her classmates kept asking if she thought she’d gone completely mental. Honestly, she wasn’t completely sure if she was sane, she had completely blacked out and no one could tell her why. But the most terrifying part was not knowing when she was going to black out again, for the last few days she’d spent all day worried that she would black out again. So when she finally got out of the infirmary she couldn’t have been more happy to go and study to get her mind of the worry. So she headed out of the infirmary early and went straight to the library to study before breakfast.

“Thalia!” Albus exclaimed loudly slamming her book shut, making her jump. Scorpius sat by Albus’ side opposite Thalia. When Thalia noticed Albus she blushed hard.

“We have to talk about what you said in divination” Thalia sighed

“Not you two! EVERYONE wants to talk about it! I’ll save you to time, no I don’t remember what happened, yes I’m fine, no I don’t know what those words mean and I don’t care if you think I’m crazy!” Thalia grabbed her book and stood up ready to leave

“No!” Albus grabbed her hand to stop her from leaving. “I mean…. I don’t think you’re crazy” Thalia noticed Albus’ hand still there and her face turned red as a beetroot, Thalia’s face reminded Albus he was still holding her hand and he quickly let go.

“Please, those words have been in my dreams before, and now you blacked out and recited them, I don’t think you’re crazy, I think something weird is going on.”

Thalia stared at Albus for a moment, he was the first person to really believe she was sane and what happened wasn’t her fault. It was a nice change.

“I wish I could help you Albus but I really don’t remember what happened and I really have no idea what those words mean” Thalia frowned. Albus sighed.

“Thanks anyway, and don’t let them convince you you’re crazy, only you can know that.” Thalia smiled and left the library blushing so hard she was sure Albus must have noticed.

“So what now Al?” Scorpius asked.

“It must have just been a coincidence. Anyway it’s Christmas soon, may as well enjoy it instead of worrying about a stupid prophecy that might not even be true!”

Scorpius sighed. Albus realised bringing up there impending trip home was maybe not the best idea.

“I don’t think this Christmas will be all that enjoyable.” Scorpius frowned.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean…”

“No, no it’s okay, it’s just my dad… anyway you’re right no use worrying in a prophecy that’s properly fake anyway.” Scorpius side-tracked “Hey, why don’t you ask Rose what she thinks it means, she’s an insufferable know-it-all she’ll know the answer, and if she doesn’t well then I get to see the look on her face when she’s clueless, everybody wins!” Scorpius suggested

“I tried, she’s busy…. Come to think of it she’s always busy and I never know what with, I hardly see her anymore, I’m getting quite worried…”

“I’m sure she’s fine, probably just studying to make sure she keep the crown of most annoying, judgemental know it all in the school. And you’ll probably see each other over Christmas.” Scorpius offered his suggestion.

“Yeah I guess, our whole family always spend Christmas with our grandparents, it’s so crazy!”

“Sounds like fun, even if it does involve Rose. We don’t do much for Christmas, my grandparents just come to visit, believe it or not there worse than my dad!”

“Come on, I’m sure there not THAT bad….”

“They were death eaters” Scorpius said, he was staring of into the distance now trying not to focus too much on what he was saying. Albus stared at him for a moment. “I only just found out last year, I kind of knew before but I guess I just couldn’t accept it”

“Some people change…. And there mistakes don’t define you” Albus put a hand on Scorpius shoulder in hopes of consoling him. It seemed to snap Scorpius out of his train of thought and he smiled kindly.

“Look let’s just get back to the common room before potions starts” Scorpius said, Albus followed him out.



Rose woke up late again, it was taking her so long lately because of the nightmares. Every night she saw the woman in the mirror telling her to unleash her. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t thought about the woman’s offer but there was something so spine tingling and terrifying about having to use her blood to do it. She’d decided to throw the mirror away to make sure it didn’t tempt her, but ever since then the mirror woman had been plaguing her dreams she kept telling herself it was just her imagination taking over and there was no way for her to get out of the mirror, but it rarely calmed her nerves.

Rose woke up with a jump again and checked the room to make sure it had been a dream. She sighed with relief to find she was alone as everyone else had properly already woken up and gone to breakfast. She got up and changed into her uniform and headed to the bathroom to brush her hair and teeth when she got there she rubbed her eyes and looking in the mirror and screamed when instead of her own reflection she saw the reflection of the woman in the hand mirror she had found. She backed up from the mirror so fast she fell over just as her cousin Roxanne ran in.

“Rose!? What is it? What’s wrong? What happened?” Roxy panicked as she helped Rose up from the floor. As Roxy helped her up Rose noticed the woman had gone and was replaced with her own reflection. Rose ignored Roxy’s panicking and slowly walked towards the mirror to examine it. She gently placed her hand on the mirror but nothing happened.

“ROSE! WHAT is going on!?” Roxy demanded. Rose drew her attention away from the mirror and faced her cousin

“Oh…I thought I saw a spider, I was wrong, sorry about the screaming…wait why aren’t you at breakfast?” Rose questioned regaining her composure.

“I’ve already had breakfast, Dom and I have to be at the quiditch pitch early to get ready for practice”

“Why do you two have to go so early?”

“Dom is the captain and I’m the vice-captain” Roxy rolled her eyes she knew her little cousin and she wasn’t the least bit interested in quiditch

“Alright, well run along then” Rose demanded. Normally Roxy would have taken her beaters bat and smashed her face in for telling her what to do but she’d grown up with Rose and she’d learnt there was no point trying to avoid Rose’s demands, you WILL end up doing as she says. So instead she just sighed and walked out.

Part of Rose was insistent that she had just imagined it but she knew deep down that it reminded her of the reflection in the hand mirror far too much to be a coincidence.



After their first lesson of the day potions, Albus and Scorpius headed up to the seventh floor for Arithmancy, however because Albus had forgotten to bring his Arithmancy book to his potions class he and Scorpius had to go back up to the Gryffindor common room to get it which made them late.  Up until the seventh floor they had been getting by the teachers who would give them detention for being late well. However as they walked out across the last corridor too there classroom which they had been planning to sneak in too, Scorpius spotted peeves. Before Albus had even had a chance to get around the corner Scorpius pushed him back.

“Shh Peeves” Scorpius whispered.

“Whose there!” Peeves demanded. Before Peeves had even finished the boys were racing off down to the next corridor. Scorpius and Albus stayed silent with their back flat against the wall waiting until they were sure Peeves had gone.

“That was so close! Why couldn’t you have just remembered your book!?” Scorpius asked trying to catch his breath. He turned to Albus and noticed he was walking off down the corridor.

“Albus! I come with you to get your stupid text book, risking detention may I add and you aren’t even listening to me!” Scorpius chased after him.

“Look!” Albus said picking up the golden object that had caught his eye. “Whose mirror is this?”

Suddenly a woman’s face appeared in it instead of their reflections.

“I knew you’d be back” The mirror said in a slithery voice. Suddenly she seemed to notice Albus and Scorpius’ shocked faces and disappeared.

“…..Did that mirror just…..” Scorpius stuttered

“….Yeah….” Albus said stunned.



Albus had put the mirror in his satchel and both boys had quickly snuck into class surprisingly without being noticed by anyone other than Rose who rolled her eyes and glared furiously at Scorpius as if he was the only one sneaking in. But Scorpius was so freaked out he didn’t even notice her glares. Neither Scorpius or Albus could concentrate all day at lunch time they had decided to take another look at the mirror in the dormitory after classes and before dinner.

When classes had finally ended Albus and Scorpius practically ran up to the dormitory. Albus took the mirror out of his satchel with caution but to his and Scorpius’ surprise nothing happened. It appeared to be just a regular mirror. Albus and Scorpius tried numerous spells on it to try and get the face to come back but nothing happened.

“Maybe we imagined it maybe it is just a normal mirror” Albus suggested

“Both of us? We both heard the same thing we couldn’t have imagined the same thing!” Scorpius said confused.

“Well maybe it was just a stupid prank my brother and cousins pull them all the time it’s probably from Weasley’s Wizard Wheeze’s or something designed to freak you out. I can ask my uncle George over Christmas about it”  Scorpius considered the suggestion but he was still sceptical

“Okay maybe but I still think it was weird…” just then there was a knock on the boys dormitory which seemed strange considering all the boys in their room never bothered to knock. Rose walked in looking pale and ill but as soon as she saw Scorpius she turned fierce again.

“Rose? Are you okay?” Rose broke her glare from Scorpius and looked at Albus then noticed the mirror he was holding.

“Where did you get that mirror!?” Rose demanded. Backing away from it but keeping her eyes completely trained on it as if it was a bomb about to go off at nay second.

“Oh it’s just a stupid mirror I found on the 7th floor corridor I’m trying to find the owner, it’s nothing to concern yourself with.” Albus twirled the handle in his hands but it just seemed to scare Rose more.

“It’s mine, can I have it….” Rose started but Albus quickly pulled it in closer.

“I don’t think it is Rose, you got a hand mirror from aunt Fleur from Christmas last year and it was silver” Albus stared at her confused

“I mean….I know whose it is so I should probably just take it …” Albus pulled it in even closer

“It’s okay Rose just tell us who it is and we’ll give it to them” Rose stared at him with a look of terror in her eyes

“I…Never mind I thought it looked like Thalia’s but looking at it closer I don’t think it does actually” Rose stuttered slightly “You’d better get down to dinner” Scorpius held the door open as Albus stared at Rose for a moment before putting the mirror in his back pocket as he and Rose left. Rose got on ahead leaving Albus and Scorpius to discuss

“What was that all about?” Scorpius asked confused

“didn’t you see the way Rose looked at the mirror? She recognized it and if she really did recognized it as Thalia’s then she wouldn’t have claimed it was hers, I don’t know how she knows the mirror or even what this mirror is but I know that whatever this mirror is scared Rose which means it could be dangerous and I don’t want her involved if it’s dangerous.”

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