The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


3. Chapter 3

Staying out of Rose and Scorpius’ fights was beginning to become almost a specialty of Albus’ but this was different. He didn’t know what to do with this, on the one hand he was grateful to Scorpius for saving her life but on the other hand the public display in the library had everybody gossiping about Rose to the point that she was always hiding and he never got to see her except for classes, so he should be angry at Scorpius for embarrassing his cousin like that. It would just be so much easier for him if they could just agree to be civil for his sake, but that wasn’t happening anytime soon.

He tried to talk to Rose, to comfort her, but she just insisted she was busy and left. Albus just hoped this would all calm down soon, and in the meantime just had to try and continue staying in the middle of Scorpius and Rose.

“Thank you” Albus said suddenly while walking down the stairs to Divination with Scorpius a week after the incident.

“For what, the herbology homework? I told you it was fine it beats working with….”

“No, for saving my cousin. I know you hate her but … thanks anyways. She’s too proud to ever say it but I’m sure she’s thankful to you too” Albus quickened his pace trying to keep up with Scorpius who had lost interest in the conversation.

“No she’s not,  I’m sure she’d rather still be unconscious on that quiditch pitch than be saved by me. She’s just so obnoxious and the way she acts like she’s better than anybody else it’s just so frustrating!”

“Look I know you don’t like her but there’s more to her really. Maybe if you got to know her you’d see that and stop fighting, at least for my sake, being in between your fights is exhausting.” Albus pleaded. Scorpius sighed and rolled his eyes.

“I know she’s your cousin and your required to stand up for her and she’s your friend as well so you probably believe she is all lovely and wonderful, but I’m not and I’m telling you I’ll never see anything good about her. Besides I don’t have a problem with her really, she has a problem with me!”

“But can’t you just try to get along for my…”

“Al!” Scorpius sighed cutting Albus off. “Even if I did forgive her for judging me and being so rude to me, there isn’t a spell in the world to get her to give me a chance. I’m sorry mate but Rose Weasley and I will never get along!”

Albus sighed and took his seat in the last seat left free in class next to Thalia, knowing that this was the end of his argument with Scorpius. He did have a point, nothing could convince Rose to go against her father’s opinion.



“Alright class, settle down today we will be looking at crystal balls and the prophecies they can process”  Professor Hart said, placing two crystal balls on each table, one for each student.

“Malfoy, Potter, Reese, Thomas, Vane…..Where’s miss Weasley?” Professor Hart asked while counting her students.

“She was sick last period, so she went to the infirmary” Thalia Delvine, Rose’s best friend answered.

“Very well, today we will be attempting to see if any of us can see a prophecy about their partner. We’ll start with you Mr Potter. Miss Delvine you grab the crystal ball, allow it to consume you, allow it to see into your sole, your past, your present and most importantly your future, open up to its powers.”

Everyone giggled but Professor Hart didn’t seem to notice.  Thalia held on tight to the crystal ball and closed her eyes concentrating hard on it.

“She can’t seriously think it’s going to work can she?” Scorpius heard Sienna Vane whisper to Danielle Lawson.

“I don’t know she is a total freak, it wouldn’t surprise me if she was that crazy” Danielle and Sienna giggled.

“Alright now, do you feel you have opened yourself to its powers?” Professor Hart asked Thalia eagerly

“Um…I think so” Thalia stuttered.

“Right Albus, take the crystal ball off her and open your eyes to the future it holds!” Professor Hart exclaimed

“Um… Miss, How exactly do I do that?” Everyone continued to giggle but this time Professor Hart seemed to notice

“Now, there’s no need to laugh some people need a little more help than others!” Albus stared at her in frustration, they weren’t giggling at him until then. Now they were all laughing at him.

“Mr Potter, close your eyes and tell me what you see from the crystal ball”

Albus sceptically closed his eyes and waited for a while

“I don’t see anything miss…” Professor Hart sighed.

“Well we can’t all posse the gifts the crystal ball has to offer, let’s see about you miss Delvine. Mr Potter if you take this crystal ball and open your mind to it.”

Albus took the crystal ball and half-heartedly focused on the crystal ball, as he did he felt the crystal ball get heavier in his hands. Until he felt the tips on Thalia’s fingers on his taking the crystal ball off him. The second the ball fell into the palms of her hands she screamed the most ear splitting scream any of the students had ever heard. Her eyes started to glow and she kept screaming like she was in pain

“What’s wrong with her?”

“What’s happened?”

“Get it out of her hands!”

The whole class was panicked now, but just as Professor Hart went to take the crystal ball she started speaking. It was a language none of them had ever heard before In a voice that defiantly wasn’t Thalia’s, but she spoke as if the words were hurting her, as if she was in pain. Then she started to speak in English but it was the same voice that was possessing her and she still spoke as if she was in pain, screaming the words.

Pride will consume the girl with greed, to the reflection of power the girl will heed, the saviours will fail to stop evil’s regain, and unleash the world to endless pain”

Thalia let out one last scream before collapsing to the ground and letting the crystal ball roll away. Professor Hart ran over and cradled Thalia in her arms. Her eyes fluttered open and she grabbed her head as if it was still in pain.

“How did you know those word?” Albus, who had gone a sickly pale colour, demanded. He looked at Thalia as if she wasn’t human. Every student there was scared but Albus looked down right terrified.

“What words?” Thalia muttered trying to sit up.

“You can’t know that! There’s no way you could have known them!”

“Have you heard that before?” Professor Hart asked Albus.

“I….” Albus looked around at everyone staring at him expectedly and ran out.

“Um…very well class your dismissed while I take Miss Delvine to the infirmary.”

Scorpius ran out after Albus.



“Al, what was that?” Scorpius demanded when he’d finally caught up to him in the Gryffindor common room.

“Do I talk in my sleep?” Albus asked, his hands visible shaking.

“No just snore, what’s going on?”

“Maybe it was just …”

“ALBUS POTTER TELL ME WHAT IS GOING ON RIGHT NOW!” Scorpius demanded leading Albus to his bed to sit down.

“Those words, I’ve heard them before, I’ve heard them all my life! Every night there in my dreams, I’ve never really thought about them before, I mean there just words. But she recited them word for word. How could she possibly have known them?”

“I don’t know, I mean it was divination…” Scorpius tried to suggest gently

“Scorpius this is serious, she knows my dreams!” Albus groaned

“I am! It’s divination and were wizards, I mean I know everyone thinks that class in looney but there has to be some kind of seriousness to it right?”

“…..So you think it might actually be a prophecy?”

“I don’t know, maybe.”

“…. But it says ‘girl’ that can’t be me.”

“Okay that part can’t be about you but maybe your one of the ‘saviours’.”  Scorpius suggested.

“I have had just about enough of saviours!” Albus scowled



“Well I’m glad you’re feeling better miss Weasley, it’s a shame we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with you”

“Oh that’s okay madam Lakehurst, I’m just glad I’m feeling better” Rose smiled politely as she left the infirmary and headed up to the Gryffindor common room. As soon as she was out of sight of the healers she smirked.

Once she made it up her dorm room and made sure she was alone she opened her bag and brought it out.

The gold mirror.

“It worked perfectly, how did you even know how to make that potion?”

“I know a lot of old things, see Rose I told you that class was insane. Wasn’t it better without it?” a woman’s voice came from the mirror

“Yeah, it was much more pleasant taking that potion and pretending to be sick then sitting around it that stupid class getting laughed at.”

“Don’t worry, they used to laugh at me too. But it’s okay now I’m your friend. I’m the only one you can trust. And to prove it to you I’ll show myself to you!” The woman’s slithery voice said

“What do you mean?...” Rose dropped the mirror in shock when her own reflection was replaced by that of a red woman,  her image was misty and the edges faded.

“What’s the matter Rose? I’m your friend aren’t I?” the face in the mirror said.

“Yes of course I just didn’t know you could do that… how did you?....”

“Never mind that’s not important, what’s important to me is helping my friend, and getting back at them all for laughing at us.” The hissing voice said.

“How are we going to do that?” Rose asked examining the mirror more closely

“Trust me I always have a plan. But first Rose you have to stop pretending, you keep telling me about your ‘friends’ Albus and Thalia but from what I’ve heard they need revenge just as much as everybody else does, they keep pretending to be your friends, but Thalia laughs at you and calls you things behind your back just like the rest of them and Albus is supposed to be your cousin as well as your best friend but he keeps taking Scorpius’ side, he betrays you. I am your friend, not them.”

Rose looked away from the mirror for a second then looked the woman dead in the eyes.

“You are my only friend, I’m sorry I didn’t see that right away”

“Don’t worry, we’ll get them back. I promise.” The woman hissed.

“How?” Rose asked

“A long time ago I was unfairly looked away, some nasty people, much like that Scorpius They cursed me to spend all eternity locked away but I managed to free my soul and bring it to my mirror. If you unleash my soul I can help you get your revenge” Rose stared at the mirror confused

“How do I do that?”

“I just need one thing… your blood” The woman in the mirror smiled. 

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