The Next Generation

The story of Albus Potter, Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy, and the countless adventure’s they get into in there years at Hogwarts.


2. Chapter 2

After a meeting with the headmaster professor Harlow, he and professor Longbottom, who was head of Gryffindor, had decided that 20 points off Gryffindor and a serious warning were appropriate punishments, Plus a months’ worth of detention with professor Longbottom. Rose was more smug than ever which put Albus is a difficult position, but he had a plan. Every time they got into an argument Albus silently left without either of them noticing. But it was becoming increasingly more difficult as Rose and Scorpius had almost every class together and every time they so much as looked at each other an argument would break out. In herbology the partners they had been assigned in their first lesson became partners for the rest of the year making things very uncomfortable for everyone in the class, but professor Longbottom would not give in and insisted it would help them work together. They always competed, they competed to see who could do their part of the assignment best In herbology, who could answer the most questions in history of magic, who could perform the spell first in charms and who could make the best potion in potions class. And it’s fair to say each of them had their strengths, Rose was good at history of magic and charms and Scorpius exceeded at herbology and potions. The continued to compete at every subject they had together and they were both exceptional at all of them. However quiditch was the only subject that the first years hadn’t tried yet, and when the actual day to learn quiditch came Rose was still determined as ever to beat Scorpius at every subject.

“Wow!” was all Albus Potter could say when he stepped out onto the wide quiditch pitch made up of freshly mown grass. You could almost taste the fear and anticipation that had been held in the pitch, and you could almost hear the roar of the fans as their house team caught the snitch.

“It’s amazing” Scorpius gasped.

“Right now class” Professor Stone announced as he turned from the front of the crowd to face them.

“Line up next to the brooms I’ve  set out on the ground, quickly now” everyone scrambled to find a good broom. Al and Scorpius picked two in the centre and Rose went opposite Albus.

“Okay class what I would like you to do is put your right hand over your broom and say up, this will summon your broom to you”  within a second the pitch was filled with people shouting ‘Up!’ as loud as they could. Only Albus and Scorpius got it first time, Rose stared at Scorpius with a look of pure disbelief, then hate and anger. Soon the whole class had summoned there brooms except Rose who was still frantically shouting at her broom, Scorpius sniggered.

“Um… Miss Weasley maybe you should practice summoning your broom over there while the rest of us get to flying, I’ll come and check on you in a moment” Rose furiously grabbed her broom and stormed into the corner of the stands. By the end of the lesson both Scorpius and Albus got praised for their flying while Rose still hadn’t been able to summon her broom.

“Better luck next time eh Freckles?” Scorpius smiled smugly as he walked past her to leave the pitch and return to the Gryffindor common room.



The rest of the evening was pretty uneventful, Albus and Scorpius played wizard chess while Rose sulked In her bedroom. Eventually it got pretty late and Al and Scorpius had to go to bed before curfew. Pretty soon Al and the rest of the Gryffindor boys were asleep except Scorpius who couldn’t sleep so he decided to read as he found reading at night often made him sleepy. So Scorpius took his current book out and snuck downstairs to the common room as there was too much snoring in the boys bedroom too notice. The sneaking out was easier than he imagined with all the boys asleep, so he sat down on the arm chair by the fire and continued reading. He was a few pages in when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs, panicking he hugged his knee’s too his chest in an effort to hide on the armchair he was sitting on. He took a peak to see if it was a prefect or not and he saw a peculiar sight, long, bushy red hair sweeping out of the portrait hole. Rose Weasley? What’s she doing out after curfew? Scorpius wondered, he often found himself curious about Rose Weasley. His curiosity got the better of him and before he knew it he found himself following her down the staircases, past the hall, out through the school grounds and over the broom storage cupboard. That girl can’t stand being imperfect! Scorpius thought. After a few dozen ‘Ups’ she finally summoned her broom to her. She then mounted it and kick-started it. She began practicing turns and raising and lowering her broom. But suddenly her broom started getting out of control and before she knew it Rose’s broom was heading at full speed towards the stand Scorpius was hiding in. With a terrifying crash Scorpius watched as Rose fell quickly to the ground. Scorpius ran over to an unconscious Rose, and picked her up. He quickly ran with her to the infirmary.

“What happened?” The healer asked rushing towards them. This was his chance he could finally get back at Rose, get her in trouble for sneaking out, surely Scorpius wouldn’t get in trouble for trying to protect her?

“She was sleepwalking and then she fell down the stairs, I was the only one awake so I was the only one who heard anything.”

“Right well I’ll take her from here” the healer said lifting Rose from Scorpius’ hands. “Get back to your dorm” Scorpius did but took a small detour through the quiditch pitch to but the broom back so there would be no suspicion in the morning.



He really didn’t know. Scorpius Malfoy was very smart yet for the life in him he just couldn’t figure it out. He really didn’t have a clue why he saved Rose Weasley, why he didn’t just tell on her when he had the chance. He knew he wouldn’t get in trouble if he explained that he was only out of bed to protect Rose. So it couldn’t have been fear of getting in trouble, what really confused him is that the thought of Rose’s face as professor Harlow expelled her made him feel protective of her, he would rather take the fall himself that see her in trouble. Maybe he just didn’t like the thought of people being upset? But he couldn’t imagine taking the fall for someone else. What made Rose Weasley so special? Why did he save her? Why didn’t he dob her in? These questions always seemed to run through his mind and he just couldn’t come up with any answers. The next morning he woke up extra early, he’d barely slept anyway he was so worried about her. He went straight to the infirmary

“How is she?” Scorpius asked the healer while watching Rose sleep in her bed.

“She’ll make a full recovery but I still have to fix her broken her arm and dislocated her shoulder but I have fixed her cuts.”

“um… could you possibly do me a favour? Could you not tell her I brought her in?” Scorpius asked faintly

“Of course I can Mr Malfoy, don’t you worry Miss Weasley will be better in no time”.



Scorpius returned to the common room to inform Albus of his cousin misfortune.

“Al! Rose had an accident” Scorpius rushed over to him in the common room.

“What!?” Albus said in a panic. Suddenly 4 other Gryffindors from the common room rushed over.

“What happened? Is she okay?” a tall boy who looked just like Albus said.

“She’s fine, she was sleep walking in the night and fell down the stairs apparently but I didn’t hear” Scorpius said. Albus and his brother and cousins then piled out of the common room and of to the infirmary. For the next week Albus spent most of his time there after his classes. Scorpius went to see her too but only at night when she was asleep so the healers could inform him of how she was doing. He kept finding himself constantly worried out her.



Rose was released from the infirmary after about 2 weeks. The healer informed Scorpius of her release date on one of his visiting nights. Scorpius had subconsciously been counting down the days ever since he’d found out, just so he could stop worrying about her. Over the 2 weeks she had been kept in because of her concussion Scorpius had considered telling her it was him who had found her. After all why was he so afraid of telling her the truth? He had nothing to hide! Did he?

November 5th, the day Scorpius had been waiting for had arrived. Rose was getting out of the infirmary. For some absurd reason he woke up excited and ready to tell her the truth,, who knew maybe they could develop a friendship? Scorpius rushed downstairs but stopped 5 steps from the bottom when he saw her. She was surrounded by a crowd of Gryffindors including her cousins.
“Oh my gosh Rose who saved you?” one of Rose’s friends Thalia Delvine asked

“I don’t know the healers told me he’d chosen to remain a secret but they accidently mentioned it was a boy. He must really care about me to follow me to see if I was okay! The healers even said if he hadn’t have been there to save me I might have lost so much blood from my cuts that I could have died!” Rose exaggerated. “If I ever find out who saved me I’m going to love him forever!” She sighed.

Scorpius froze then ran back upstairs, maybe it was best not to tell her.


You would have thought that after 4 weeks everyone would have found something more interesting than Rose Weasley getting a few cuts and a broken arm falling down the stairs to talk about. They did, but she didn’t. It was all she could talk about was how dangerous it was and how bad it could have been! And her saviour, she went on and on and on about her savour and how perfect he was. Truthfully Scorpius knew she’d just be disappointed if she found out it was him so he felt like he was doing her a kindness by leaving her to her fantasy’s. But the trouble with Rose Weasley is that you can’t do her a kindness without regretting it. And Scorpius sorely regretted it, by not telling her the truth her fantasy’s had run completely wild and EVERYONE was getting sick of hearing them, to the point that people fled if they saw her just so they wouldn’t have to hear her stories.

Scorpius and Albus were studying in the library for a potions essay that was due tomorrow, they had intended to do it in the common room but when Rose had entered and begun repeating another theory about her saviour to her friend Thalia, who was the only one who wasn’t bored to death with theories yet, they had decided the library was a better place to go. They had both managed to get  three quarters of the way through their essays when Scorpius heard her voice filling him with dread.

“Albus, I was thinking that boy in your dormitory Callum Hanson, do you know if he was sleeping the night of my accident?” Rose asked. Scorpius and Albus sighed in synchronicity.

“As I’ve told you every other time you’ve asked about every other boy in my dorm, I don’t know I was asleep” Albus said irritated

“I know, I know but when you woke up was he still there?”
“I don’t remember Rose it was 4 weeks ago, maybe it’s time you let it go and accept that you won’t find him” Albus said hopefully wondering when this would finally end

“I can’t give up he’s out there somewhere and when I find him….”

“OH FOR GOD SAKE IT WAS ME!” Scorpius finally shouted in frustration. The room went silent as Rose ran the idea through her head.

“THERE! Know you’ve found him and he’s not what you want and he does NOT love you either so you can SHUT UP  about it because god knows everyone so tired of hearing you go on and on and on about it and your giving me a headache!” Albus awkwardly put his book up to face pretending to be completely fascinated by it. It was annoying when they fought but this… this was just plain awkward!

“that’s impossible, you’re lying you have to be!”  Rose said quietly with tears in her eyes

“I’m  not,  and you know how why? Because you didn’t fall down the stairs, you fell on the quiditch pitch after trying AGAIN to fly because you can’t stand to be bad at something!” Rose gasped the tears in her eyes filling up so much she had to blink them away.

“Rose! That was stupid and extremely dangerous, why would you do that!?” Albus exclaimed. Rose ignored him her eyes transfixed on Scorpius

“Why did you tell them I feel down the stairs then? This was your chance to get me back, why didn’t you take it?”

“I still can’t figure that out because god knows you deserve it, but guess what princess you don’t have a knight in shining armour you just have a Malfoy who you hate, so congrats on your theories none of them are true” Scorpius grabbed his books and walked out. Rose looked around and finally noticed that the whole library had heard her they were all whispering and giggling. She knew it was only a matter of minutes before the whole school knew that nobody loved Rose Weasley and she’d just made the whole thing up. She had never been more embarrassed in her life, she ran out in tears and ran all the way up to the 7th floor corridor which was usually pretty quiet this time of day because no lessons were going on. She tried to sit down but she was so hurt and angry she just couldn’t help but pace.

“Urgh! The nerve of him acting as if I OWE him something! I just need to get back at him that’s what I need! I mean embarrassing me like that and letting me believe there was someone who loved me! It’s cruel is what it is! If I could get back at him he’d still play the victim oh I WISH I could get back at him! Let everyone see what a pig he really is, a vile evil little pig! He NEEDS  a taste of his own medicine and I need to give it to him!”

Suddenly a door started to appear, Rose had studied every map of Hogwarts in existence and she’d never found this room before! She started at it for a few seconds before her curiosity got the better of her and she opened the door inside the door was a room, a simple little room with an arm chair next to the fire It looked like a cosy little living room and it reminded Rose of the burrows, her grandparents’ house that her and her cousins visited every summer. Rose was about to sit on the arm chair when she saw it. It was just sitting on the arm chair a beautiful gold hand mirror with wavy patterns engraved on the back. She picked it up and studied it, it really was the most magnificent object Rose had ever seen.

“Hello” a slithery voice from inside the mirror said.

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