What happens when your bestfriend, of before you were even born, leaves? Will you ever meet again, or will you never see each other again??


1. Prologue


"HARREH!!" "Yes, Diana, dearest?" he said very poshly. "Give me a piggy back ride to our house, pretty please?" "yes m'lady!!" stated Harry. 

-at the tree house-

"umm Diana.." Harry said nervously. 

"Yea Harry??"

"I-I....  In a w-w-week.. I'm......I'm auditioning for x-x-factor..." he said every word getting quieter. 

"HARRY!! That's great!!" I said half happy, half sad. 

"Di. Promise me something??"


"Never forget about me?"

"Promise. As long as you don't forget about me." I said, sticking my pinky out. 

"deal" we said together.


*end of flashback*[

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