What happens when your bestfriend, of before you were even born, leaves? Will you ever meet again, or will you never see each other again??


9. Chapter7:

Harry's POV

She kissed me. Diana Elizebeth Williams, my best friend for basically before I was born, kissed me. It was the greatest feeling in the world. I started kissing back and about 1minute after I did, we both pulled away. 

Pix been thinking about this a lot: should I ask her out?? We were both staring at each other, when I broke the silence. I got down on one knee and said "Diana Elizebeth Williams, My BESTFRIEND who knows everything about me, be my girlfriend?" she looked at me shocked for a second, then jumped into my arms and whispered in my ear, "yes Harry, I will be your girlfriend. 


Dianas POV

FIANLLY!!! I mentally did a happy dance and kissed my boyfriend, Harry Edward sStyles. That was my first real kiss. I mean, with my old boyfriends, they would kiss my neck and only want me for sex. But i know Harry is different. I can trust him with everything. "I have to go to the bathroom I'll be right back." I told my boyfriend. "okay, but don't take to long!!" I walked to his bathroom and as soon as I shut the door, I heard harry jump off the bed, do a happy dance and leave. Thankfully he did, because I was about to cut again. Cutting for me, is what I do for everything. Like if I'm happy I'll cut, if I'm sad, mad or just bored Ill cut. 

'im sorry Harry.' I mentally whispered, and I slid the blade across my wrist. "there we go" I said. I tidied up the counter, and I've become smart enough to put toilet paper or a napkin under my arm,top recent blood from spilling, and I put it in the trash can in the bathroomso I can say I was on my period. So I got cleaned up, wrapped my bandana around my wrist, and walked back into Harry's room. He wasn't back yet, so I just laid there and looked at his ceiling. 'gosh, this hasn't changed one bit.' I though, he still had his dark grey walls, one wall covered in posters of bands,another with a white desk and his red swivel chair, and his bed, the frame made out of oak wood,dark blue sheets and black pillows. And his closet, still messy (and stinky) as ever. I noticed a picture of him and a girl. She Was really pretty, waist length chocolate brown hair, greeneyes, almost like Harry's except with blue and grey flecks, instead of orange, red and yellow flecks. And she had to be a head shorter than Harry. I couldn't help but have some jealousy run through my veins. 

 I heard the door open so I looked at harry and asked him who the girl was. He just started laughing. Second. Y second, I was getting madder. "Harold Edward Styles. Who.IS.THE.GIRL.??" I practically yelled. 

"woah, babe I didn't think you'd be this jealous. That, my dear little girl is Gemma." he states clearly. I feelmqy cheeks flush go down. But the. Slowly rising back from embarrass,ent. 

"but didn't you see her at the party..." Harry asked

"um no, because...um ya we after you left, w-we kinds drifted apart. Ya'know stopped hanging out, talking stuff like that. She reminded me to much of you. And, and I couldn't look at her without thinking about you. So we stopped doing everything." I stated sadly. 

"oh...I...didn't know....I'm sorry." he looked down. But thenlooked right back up. 


"Harry quiet down, our gonna bust my eardrums. And sure let's go.....after I get changed."

Luckily I had some spare clothes at Harry's house, and make up too. I wore a camo- boyfriend styles tank top, white short shorts and sandals with a glittery bow on top. Then I applied concealer, foundation, mascara and eyeliner. This time on the top lid. "Di. Haven't you heard our song?? You don't need make up." then snatched all my makeup out of my bag and hid it. 



"NO YOUR TO PRETTY MATURALLY!!!" I huffed and sat back on the bed. 

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