What happens when your bestfriend, of before you were even born, leaves? Will you ever meet again, or will you never see each other again??


10. Chapter 8:

Diana's OOV:

After me and Harry's little play time was over, we finally went to the AMUSMENT park. It was about 8:30 PM when we got there.

Pas we were walking around,  I see this awesome roller coaster.

"Harry, can we ppleeeaaaase go ont this one???"

"sure, of course." he says with a slight chuckle. 

*skip the rest of the rides*

Inow we were walking hand in hand,not really doing anything. Then I see my all time favorite ride. The Ferris Wheel. 

"Harry!!" I say then point up at the ferris wheel. 

"ummm I think we should go get something to eat?" 

"Harry styles.are you telling me, that your still.scared.ofHEIGHTS?!?!" I said stifling a laugh. 

"maybe I am, maybe I'm not." he said timidly. 

"Come on. I'll be there to hold your hand." I winked. 

"oh alright. " 

So we got on, and it was one of the ferris wheels that had the little booths instead of the seats. Me and Harry were cuddling, and then he looks at me and kisses me. 

"check" he says to himself. 


"it's has always been on my bucket list to kiss a girl on top of a ferris wheel so now I can check it off my list." he says in a matter-of-factky tone. 

"then I can crooks that off mine too"

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