What happens when your bestfriend, of before you were even born, leaves? Will you ever meet again, or will you never see each other again??


8. Chapter 6

The question I've tried to avoid: did you cut?

"I...umm..." my lack of words  told him I did so he grabbed my arm, pulled up the sleeve and surprised me... He kissed every scar. But once he got to the newer ones I winced at the pain. After he was finished, he spoke. "Why Diana?? Why?" 

"because, once you left, the people at school were calling me names like 'slut' 'fat' 'whore' stuff like that. But it all just got to much for me. So...I did...this" I said, ointing down to my scars. 

"but what about the fresh ones?? Those have to be at least a few days old."

"umm wells I.. Kinda...cut before the party.' I replied barely audible. 

"what was that?" Harry said anger rising in him. 

"I-I said I cut before the party." 

After those few words. He went off. 


"WHAT??!?! I SHOULD'VE NEVER LEFT. YOU DON'T DESREVE WHAT HAPPEMED TO YOU. DIANA YOURE WAY BETTERTHAM THIS. PLEASE STOP...."and he just went on and on. But the last few words broke my heart.

"Diana. I can't stand being alive, knowing I was partially the resons you cut. I can't eleven I did that to my own best friend. Ive let myself down, my BESTFRIEND down..... And my true love down. " he whispered the last part. But I heard it. Right after he said that, it took me a few seconds to realize what he said. But once it sank in, I kissed him... He was shocked at first, but then he started kissing back. 



Ohhh yall didn't see that one comin did ya?? lol anyways, I'll update tomorrow. But now I gotta go to bed. Nightttt

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