What happens when your bestfriend, of before you were even born, leaves? Will you ever meet again, or will you never see each other again??


3. Chapter 2:

I have an hour until Harry's surprise party, and I just got out of the shower, now deciding what to wear. I settle on a pair of white high waisted shorts, a black v-neck and a beige cardigan with my black converse. I put that on and curled my naturally straight blonde/brown hair and applied foundation, mascara, sparkly eyeshadow, eyeliner on my waterline and lip gloss. I headed out to anneswith the box and my promise ring Barry bought me the day before he left. It was a silver ring, engraved bestfriends forever H&D. I arrived at Anne's house, used my house key, and went in. "Anne I'm here!!"

"okay. Thank goodness. I was getting worried that you weren't coming. But here you are. " 

I helped Anne get set up, and she told me that robin was at the airport going to get Harry. 

"they should be here any minute now. EVERYBODY HIDE!!" Anne yelled. Everyone (me Anne, my mom and dad, some of me and Harry's friends and Gemma) all hid and waited a few seconds before hearing

"HELLO ANYBODY HOME?!?!" I'd know that deep, raspy voice anywhere. Harry.

"SURPRISE!!!" everyone yelled. 

"oh my gosh!" harry jumped. "I can't believe you guys did this for me!! Thanks!!"

Once Harry put his luggage up, he came back downstairs and the party started. 

Harry went around to all of our friends and talked to them, while I was talking to Anne, Harry came over to us. "hi mum, and hello... Who are you??"

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