What happens when your bestfriend, of before you were even born, leaves? Will you ever meet again, or will you never see each other again??


7. Authors note

So in the last chapter I thought I was going to put an authors note. Buuuuut I didn't so I'm finally back on movellas, because our iPad was getting fixed. And the on,y computers we have and my dads work laptop. My moms tablets nd that's it. And my phone was in the shop getting fixed because I cracked it. Anyyyywayssssss just to let you know when I update, I will do a lot of chapters and It probably wont be everyday I update. Because Tuesdays I have band and home work Wednesday's I have church, Thursday's I have volleyball and Fridays nothing. So Monday's and Friday's and weekends are when I'll be updating. Or maybe the others too but i will try. In the mean time.. Here's some more chapters!!!!! Okay so btw I have a big announcement tooo so be looking out for that!!


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