Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


9. Chapter 9


Everyone was walking to a cliff of ice whee the Bifrost would open for us to take us to Asgard.

I was wearing a dress almost the same as my wedding dress, except it was a bit longer, down about a foot from my knee , the slit went up to just over half of my thigh, there were slits on both sides, it was a deep green, the same color as Loki's armor, and there was no back on the dress. Okay, only the sweetheart neckline was the same. My hair was wavy, due to me just taking it out of a braid.

Tammy wore her normal dress, but in the same green as my dress with her uncontrollable hair in a high pony tail. Alice was wearing an almost white dress with the bottom of which was torn, but with many layers. The simple dress had long sleeves and was floor length. Alice had wanted to put he hair in her usual braid, but Tammy had made her straighten it and leave it down. I had promised her that, as soon as we got to Asgard, I would have Tammy distracted and braid it for her. Enchantress was wearing her hair and clothes the same as normal.

Clint and Peter were wearing the same color clothes, only theirs was a shirt (long sleeves) and pants. Again it was simple and their hair was short so it didn't get styled.

Loki was in his armor, only it was just green. His hair was in its usual style and almost hidden under his green, it use to be gold, then blue but it was changed again, helmet with horns on it.

We all stepped forward and waited for Heimdall to take us to Asgard. The air started to shimmer and warm up. We all waited and after about fifteen seconds, we were pulled into the light, ray thing that was the Bifrost. Sorry about the description, but there is no exact way to put into word what we all saw.

Moments later, we were standing on the rainbow bridge after a quick walk out of some gold room. Loki, Tammy and I quickly deblued. A new addition, or an old one, was on the bridge. It no longer looked as if someone ha smashed it. There was a round hall like thing at the end of the bridge, which we had come out of. Heimdall stood I front of the hall. I assumed that was the Bifrost.

"Greetings, Loki Laufeyson, Luna Laufeysi, Enchantress and Tamyra," Tammy made a face at her full name. "I do not believe that they are permitted, only three of you company, not including yourself, are permitted," Heimdall told us.

"They are not part of our company, nearly slaves," I told him with a small smile. "It is frost giant law."

"Then they may enter," Heimdall said with a small smile of his own.

"Do you have an answer for me," Heimdall asked before I turned to go.

"Yes," I said. He waited for my answer. "This might not be what you expected. The answer is 'me'. I am me, who is unique, loving, different and proud of it," I said. Everyone but Loki looked from Heimdall to me, none knowing what we were talking about, save Loki.

Loki had a hard time hiding a small smile at my answer. "I accept your answer, even though it is unusual," Heimdall said with a nod. "I trust you remember the way to the dinning hall, King Loki," he asked.

"Indeed," Loki said. He set off down the bridge, everyone followed.

We passed a city that looked as if it was made of gold, which it probably was. It was beautifully sculpted, but I preferred the beauty of Jotenheim. It was much more, me.

So, Asgard was huge and gold. Everything looked almost the same and there wee no street names, so I didn't know how Asgardians got around. I still don't, actually.

Everyone tried to keep straight and neutral faces. Alice, Peter and Clint had neutral faces, but kept looking around, that betrayed them. Tammy kept her head straight and eyes wondering, looking for threats, Loki was walking as if this was his home, which it had been, Enchantress was doing the same and I kept my gaze as far down as it could go without being obvious or moving my head.

Not many people where out, understandable, so we had a quiet walk to the palace's dinning hall. The guards let us in quickly, probably not wanting to get punished for 'interfering with the peace talks'. Soon after we saw the palace, I tried to ask Loki something through our mind speech. Nothing went through and it looked as if he hadn't even realized that I as trying to talk to him.

"There are many things that protect our minds here," Heimdall said after I tried again. "You cannot contact him like this. It could damage the talks if you could."

"Then why can I talk to you," I asked him, my fav had never changed or moved, yet Loki looked at me strangely. I mouthed 'Heimdall' to him. He nodded and watched me more.

"Because I am able to speak to my king like this," he said.

"Couldn't that jealousies the peace talks," I asked him.

"I was ordered not to hinder the talks unless necessary."

"What considered necessary," I asked.

"If someone was found stabbed in the river, almost dead and the person who did that was pretending to be the person found in the river," Heimdall said. It sounded like he as trying to warn me of something.

"Who would be the one to be stabbed and the fake," I asked him. Now my expression was darkening.

"I cannot say. I do not see everything correctly," he told me. "Do not worry, no one will get hurt if you all stay in your company. No one of Asgard would hurt the peace talks," Heimdall said as he severed our connections.

"What's wrong," Loki whispered to me.

"I can't talk to you," I said. He instantly knew I could talk to him, but not mind speak. "He was explaining why."

"I forgot to inform you and the others of this," Loki said, accepting my answer.

"I'll tell them," I said about to turn.

"There is no need, I have informed them of the situation," Heimdall said quickly.

"All of it?"

"No," was the reply I got.

"Heimdall just told them," I said as we walked up the steps to the dining hall.

"What is the meaning of this," Thor asked as we came in. As it turned out, we were the last to arrive.

Fury was there with Phil Coulson, Natasha and Agent Hill. Thor was there, obviously. As was Jane who was standing besides him. Odin, at least I assumed it was Odin, was old and had pure white hair. He also had a gold eyepatch, they seemed to becoming a trend, and gold armor on. His wife, Frigga, as draped in a floor length gold dress. Her hair was curled and put into a bun that turned into a pony tail.

On the other side of the long, golden wood table were Iron Man, a man with dark hair and glasses called Bruce Banner (also known as The Hulk, Loki told me, a rampaging green monster of rage), and Captain America. They all seemed on edge, what with Loki being here and all.

Anyway, Thor was taking about the rest of our company, well actually the slaves.



If one of them calls me a slave there will be hell to pay! We are UNPAID SERVANTS!!! THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!!!

(There really is not, Alice.)


(Luna would like you to stop ranting. You are being too loud.)


(You're screaming when you write, Alice.)

Fine, happy Luna.

(Yes, thank you.)

Well, anyway. I hated that we weren't part of the company, but I got why. Well, sort of. All I cared about was staying close to Luna and Tammy because then, no one would hurt us. Besides, it wasn't like we were going to act like unpaid servants when we got into the palace, just until we got there.

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