Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


8. Chapter 8


Loki had used magic to conger a bed and clean the abandoned church. He woke me up around eleven the next day so I could get ready. My head was still pounding and I was sore all over.

I decided to wear my frost giant dress, but not be in frost giant form. Mom and Dad arrived with Tammy, Alice, Peter and Clint. Clint went up to the bell tower to watch out for anyone coming.

"Explain, now," Mom said, trying to control her anger.

I opened my mouth to speak when Tammy spoke. "Drink this," Tammy said uncorking a flask filled with a pink liquid.

I gave her a questioning look. "The gold guy, Heimdall, told me to give it to you," she told me. I downed it as Loki protested.

I could feel the liquid working quickly. Where ever it touched me, a feeling of rejuvenation. It was soon all over my body and I felt amazing, even if it tasted disgusting.

"Luna! I thought we taught you better than drinking things a stranger gives you," Mom yelled.

"It's fine. I've met Heimdall before," I groaned. This would take forever.

"When," Tammy, Alice and Peter asked at the same time. Clint looked at me with questions racing through his eyes, but stayed silent.

"I'd like to know that as well," Loki said silently.

"I'm about to tell, be patient pretty boy," I told him with a laugh.

"Hey, Luna. Would you please stop talking to your husband and tell us what's going on," Alice said.

"You can be very annoying," I said. "And demanding."

"Unpaid servants have a tendency to be. Now talk," Alice replied. Mom opened her mouth to ask what Alice was talking about when Tammy shook her head.

"Okay, it started when I was kidnapped by Hydra," I started. For the next hour, I explained how I had met Heimdall, not mentioning that he asked me who I was and expected an answer, I silently told that to Loki.

Mom and Dad also wanted to know how I had gotten married to the man who tried to kill me when we first met. I explained about how we talked during the night, but twisted the truth so that I never actually spoke with my mind. No one objected to that and I did tell them that I could do that, but made it sound like it took a lot of concentration. Soon they figured that Loki didn't have me under some kind of spell, and that I wasn't just some teen that had a huge crush on a 'bad boy'. (Just an FYI, he doesn't look like one, nor is he. Also, he had dropped his disguising spell, so he looked like his normal self.)

Dad took this all in at once and took deep breaths. He then proceeded to drive to the gun range and presumably shoot for just over an hour. No one went with him to the range, but that's were he said he had been and had the bullet casing to prove it.

Everyone soon calmed down. We all had a rational conversation consisting of mythological creatures and other realms.

"Guys, Fury's here," Clint said as he stared out the window.

"You should become invisible, love," I told him silently again.

Loki agreed and disappeared from view. Fury and Natasha barged in with guns aimed at Tammy and I.

"Where is Loki," Natasha said.

"Jotenheim," I said with indifference.

"Not likely," Fury sated. "Where is he?"

"He said he as going back to Jotenheim," I said again.

Mom didn't look at me or anyone else, most likely because she still didn't like Loki, even after I convinced her I didn't make the marriage decision lightly and I had thought it over. And reassured her and Dad that I wasn't pregnant. (Loki was silently laughing through that conversation and Dad looked relieved.)

"Where is he," Fury asked again.

"If you plan to interrogate us, we would like a lawyer," Tammy snapped at him. Clint smiled.

Peter did more. "I plead the fifth," he yelled at Fury, getting a chuckle from Dad and Alice. Tammy kept a straight face and I smiled on the inside.

"I wouldn't tell you, even if I thought he was still one Earth. We have a peace talk on Asgard to prepare for," I said. "Which reminds me, we have to be getting back," I said turning to the others.

We said our goodbyes, ignoring Fury's furious words to stop what we were doing. We ignored him, Mom and Dad went home and told us to be safe.

Loki had to sit on the ground and drop any spell he was casting for this spell to work. We both started the chanting, Fury finally catching that there were two voices. He raised his gun and took aim at Loki once he spotted him, sitting.

Just before Furious Fury, or FF as I decided to call him from now on (thank you for the discovery Peter!), pulled his trigger, Thor came in and swept them out of range of the spell, so, just across the street (we had gotten better with how late the spell was and it used a lot less energy) and we where back in Jotenheim.

Preparing for the peace talks on Asgard wasn't that difficult, we just decided who had to go. Loki and I were going, obviously, so was Tammy and Enchantress. I still didn't like her, and she hated me, but she was a strong magician and and asset to us.

Te most challenging part was when Clint ha declared that he was going with whether we liked it or not. This didn't surprise anyone. It had become common knowledge that Tammy had been looking for a way to either turn a frost giant mortal or a mortal into a frost giant in the vast library. Nothing had shone up yet.

After Clint's declaration, Alice and Peter said the same. Loki was actually the one that came up with a suggestion to let the unpaid servants come with, much to my joy.

"The slaves, do not say anything," Loki started as Alice opened her mouth to yell about how the 'slaves' were to be called 'unpaid servants', "are not considered to be, strictly speaking, company to their masters, according to the frost giant's law."

"So, we take them as actual slaves," I asked.

"WE ARE UPAID SERVANTS," Alice screamed at me.

"Or that could just be a name. It seems that these 'unpaid servants' would never pass as actual slaves. They are much too loud," Loki said.

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING LOUD," Alice shouted at Loki.

"YOU," Tammy screamed at her. They both doubled over in a laughing fit.

Loki looked at me for and explanation. I had none so I shrugged.

"There will be fury because of this," noted Peter. He didn't mean FF, but the emotion. Asgardians probably wouldn't like the slave thing, neither would FF and whoever was with him.

"We all know that, Peter. Now put that mouth to good use and start blowing on this," Clint said, handing him a piece of ice.

"Why," Peter asked.

"To shut you up," Clint said. "I thought I'd give us all a rare treat." Loki gave a rare smile at what Clint said. Clint nodded to him stiffly, they wee beginning to, not become friends, but to cooperate and loosen up a tad bit with each other.

"Hey! That's not fair," Peter and Alice said at the same time. They smiled at each other as I rolled my eyes.

Soon, the time had come to go to Asgard. I had my answer ready for Heimdall, I was ready and so was everyone else.

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