Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


7. Chapter 7


A sudden light, filled with every color in the world and in every shade, blinded us all. Suddenly, there stood a man dressed in gold with dark skin and golden eyes.

"Heimdall, what has transpired," Thor asked him.

"Nothing of great threat, my prince," he said. Then he turned to me. "Luna Laufeysi will be needing this to recuperate. I assume you know where he would take her. I would also find the traitor you harbor soon," Heimdall said, handing me a flask with a hot pink liquid.

"That is NOT my daughter's name," Dad told the new guy.

Heimdall raised an eyebrow. "Pardon me, but I was under the impression that Queen Luna had told her adoptive parents of her marriage to Loki Laufeyson, King of the Frost Giants," he said. Busted.

Everyone started to talk at once, well, actually they started to yell at Heimdall and us. Thor, Jane, Heimdall and my group were quiet. We were going to be killed by my parents, get resurrected (becoming zombies) then killed again.


"I would personally get away from there," Loki said in my head.

"Why thank you Captain Obvious," I said calmly back. I should have been freaking out.

"I am not familiar to that reference. What does it mean," Loki asked me.

"Ask Luna," was my only reply.

Heimdall said something to Thor that I missed. He nodded, took janes hand and walked calmly away. No one really noticed.

Heimdall walked out behind Thor, not looking back. Everyone noticed that. They started to follow and made it to the door when a strong light blinded them again.

I took this opportunity to herd everyone out the back door. Mom and Dad were the first to catch on. They turned and made a run at us, trying to get to the bottom of the whole 'Lauferysi' thing. Thankfully, they didn't yell, probably because they didn't want S. H. I. E. L. D. asking the same questions.

They'd find out sooner or later, preferably soon so that there was less yelling. We did need to talk to them, but it couldn't be at home, they could hear. So when and where could we talk? And, the biggest problem, how could I let them know?



I decided to take Luna to her mortal parent's home. It would be the last place the mortal with the eyepatch would look, and it was comfortable. Luna needed rest.

She groaned when I lifted her on the small bed. Luna grasped my shirt in her sleep, so I sat on the bed while she lied on it and me.

I stroked her hair. Soon I felt an odd feeling, as if part of the world had been split and was mending itself. I hadn't felt that for a long time and knew that Heimdall was here.

I decided to check in on how Tammy was doing. She was standing there while Heimdall was talking. He handed her a flask of a pink elixir and turned back to the mortal.

 "Pardon me, but I was under the impression that Queen Luna had told her adoptive parents of her marriage to Loki Laufeyson, King of the Frost Giants," Heimdall told the mortals.

The mortals all started to yell at once, except for the unpaid servants and Jane.

"I would personally get away from there," I told Tammy.

"Thank you Captain Obvious," she said calmly. I had never heard this phrase before and asked what it means. "Ask Luna," was Tammy's reply.

At that minute, Luna groaned and sat up. "My head," she moaned. I smiled down on her and kisses her forehead.



The first thing I noticed when I crawled out of the black mist of unconsciousness, was the hard betting in my head. Thump-thump. It went on and on. I didn't open my eyes yet, not trusting them.

I groaned silently.

A little while later it decided it was time to get up. The thumping had died down. Opened my eyes and sat up.

"My head," I groaned. Even to me, I sounded pathetic and weak. I turned around to see that is was in my room, in Mom and Dad's house.

As I turned, I caught a glimpse of someone out of the corner of my eye. I turned again and was met by lips touching my forehead. Loki pulled back and looked me up and down. I knew what was coming.

"What does 'Thank you Captain Obvious' mean," he asked. Okay, I hadn't been expecting that. I giggled a little.

"It's sarcastic way of saying 'Thanks, I had no idea'. Why," I asked him. I rubbed my had lightly. The pounding was steady and not getting any better.

Loki held me and whispered something I couldn't hear. The next thing I know, the thumping is all but gone.

"Thanks," I said. "Why did you ant to know what that meant?"

"It was something Tammy said," he replied.

"How's everything going," I asked.

"See for yourself, love." He opened a blue portal like mirror.

"Is this how you watched me after we first met," I asked gazing at the portal. It was changing shapes and colors.

"Yes," he said with a blush. I kissed him on the cheek.

What I saw in the portal was very..... different. Tammy was being yelled at by everyone, Thor and Jane were leaving and Heimdall soon followed.

"What's Heimdall doing here," I asked Loki. He raised an eyebrow at me.

"How do you know him," he asked, jealousy evident in his voice.

"I'll tell you when I tell everyone else," I teased with a soft kiss on his nose.

"I'll set up the appointment now," I said turning back to the portal.

"Let them go. I'll tell you at noon tomorrow. Come to the abandoned church, the one with the tower," I told my parents.

"We might want to go," I told Loki as my head began to spin. Too much, too quick.

"We'll go to that abandoned church you wee talking about," Loki said. He refused to let me walk and carried me out to the backyard. We went to the church and slept there that night, telling Tammy where we would be.

I slept like a log.

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