Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


4. Chapter 4


Tammy hit Joyce in the nose, most likely breaking it. I giggled, but then heard thunder come out of nowhere, lightning flashing blue and white.

I turned to Loki whose eyes had widened and face angrier than ever. He cast his eyes to the door, watching for any threat. Tammy paid no heed, Alice and Peter were looking for the Thunder God.

"I think it's time you disappeared," I told my husband silently. "Become invisible." I had to clarify at his face. It looked a bit like a deer in headlights who was trying to protect the rest of the herd.

He finally nodded, and disappeared from view. He was still near, I could feel him.

Tammy finally let go of the blonde when an attractive woman with dark red hair and thin eyebrows came in. She quickly pressed a sharp dagger to my sister's neck.

"Let go of the girl," she said in a light tone.



I felt something cold, sharp and metallic against my neck.

"Let go of the girl," came a feminine voice, no bounty the one who was threatening my life.

I dropped the blonde's hair and tensed ready for a fight.



Tammy let the girl's hair go. She stubbled back and started cussing Tam out. Clint glanced at me and I must have looked livid because he shook his head at me. I glared at Joyce, wishing that I was less controlled.

"Leave her alone, Natasha," Clint said. Tammy raised an eyebrow. We were thinking the exact same thing: How did they know each other?

"That was his partner before he left the eyepatched man, Fury," Loki told Tammy and I.

"What type," asked Tammy.

"Business only, they have saved each other's lives multiple times," Loki told us.

"That ha better be all," Tammy grumbled.

"What do you two think you are doing," came an angry voice from behind the woman, Natasha.

"Director Fury," Clint, Peter and Natasha said at the same time.

"I won't repeat my self," he said to Tammy.

"She had every right to punch that b-tch," Alice told Fury. "Do you know what they were accused of?"

"No, I don't want to know," Fury said.

"Let go of me," Tammy yelled.

Fury nodded to Natasha. She eased the knife away from Tammy's throat. It was just a little too slow for my liking, I glared at her waiting for her to make a wrong move. As soon as she did, I'd kill her.

Tammy backed away and stood in between us. She rubbed a red line on her neck.

"Was that really necessary," I asked Fury.

"Let me think, yes," he said.

"I suggest that the rest of you go home," Natasha said to the rest of the gym. They all left hurriedly. "That includes you," she said to Alice.

"Like I'm going home when my two best friends are being attacked by some crazy chick with a new to kill," screeched Alice.

"Don't anger the crazy woman," Tammy said.

"I'd like to point something out to you two," I started. "Yeah, so, what the bet that she decides to kill you two for being pains," I asked them.

"One word for you, Luna. Dancing," Tam said.

I blushed. "Clutz," I countered.

"Okay, that's enough," Peter said. He as getting annoyed about now. I couldn't blame him.

"We didn't come here to kill you," said a male voice behind Fury. Out stepped a man with light blonde balding hair.

"Someone is actually trying to give you something," he continued. "Thor needs to speak to you."

"Did you do something I don't know about," I asked Loki.

"No, I've actually been on peaceful terms with Middgard and Asgard since our marriage," Loki said. "I love you," he added.

"Love you too," I told him.

Thor came in at that moment. The doors opened and rain came in, cold rain too.

"Eeekkk," I said as rain hit me. It was REALLY cold, especially in human form.

"Shut the door," I yelled.

As soon as Thor was in he opened the door for Jane to come in an closed the door. Both were soaked, though Thor dried quickly.

"Was it a bit cold," Alice asked Jane with an innocent smile.

I rolled my eyes and conjured a blanket for a shivering Jane. She nodded her thanks.

"My father wants to speak with my brother," Thor said. "He would like for Fury and three of your officers to come along. Loki can bring three of his allies. These will be a peace talks. Pass that on to your betrothed," Thor told me.

"You any warmer," I asked Jane after I nodded to Thor. She nodded.

"How can you trust these...things," asked Natasha.

"It's not like we've ever tried to take over Earth," Tammy said.

"You attacked an innocent and defenseless girl," Natasha yelled. Clint snorted at 'innocent'.

"Defenseless my butt! She could have held her own if she wanted to get her hands dirty. Oh, but wait, that would mean possibly breaking a nail! It's the new Holocaust, breaking nails," Tammy yelled. She then proceeded to look at her nails and everyone else's yelling 'Not the new Hitler' when she was content with the out look.

"Shut up," yelled Natasha.

"Let the grown ups talk sweetie," I told her, voice like a bell. She immediately shut up and ha on a blank face.

"That might not have been the best move," Peter said. As I used my magic, both Fury and the other man had drawn handguns and were pointing them at me.

I felt Loki's hand tighten on my shoulder. He was preparing for a fight.

"She annoyed me. Besides, I needed to talk," I said with a shrug. "So, when and where are these peace talks," I said sitting down. I wasn't even aware I had gotten up.

"In one month's time. It will be held in the Asgardian Royal Palace," Thor replied. He had his hammer in hand, but it was at his waist.

"Figures," Loki muttered.

"I'll tell him. He may not agree," I said.

"And refuse his," Alice began before I shot her a warning look.

"His what, Alice," asked the man.

"Nothing Phil," she said. I gave her a confused look. "Jane introduced us. His name is Phil Coulson," she said with a shrug.

"We do know that she and Loki are betrothed," Fury said.

"YOU'RE WHAT," came two shouts at the same time. I was totally dead.

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