Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


23. Chapter 23


Hogun watched my eyes as I watched his. He stepped forward then back as I stepped froward to meet him. He didn't know what I was planning, I liked that.

He started forward once again and this time aimed a jab with his left hand at my face. I blocked quickly and did the quick finishing move. I kicked him between the legs, and as he doubled over, I placed my hand around his head so that if I twisted hard enough, it would snap his neck.

"I surrender," Hogun said as I pulled away.

"See, a bit dishonorable," I said with a shrug as I help Hogun, who had gained back some of his dignity from being beaten so easily. 

"Yes, but it is useful. Tell me, do all frost giants fight like that," Sif asked.

"No," I replied. "But most female mortals that were raised to protect themselves do."

"That's barbaric," Luna said with a sniff.

"Oh, yes, it's so much better to look like a prostitute," Anna, who had showed us the way, said with a snort. She was much more comfortable around us and not afraid to voice her opinion now.

That's when everything got out of hand. Luna, the real Luna, would have rolled her eyes and possibly smack Anna lightly upside the head, that would have been normal. What she did was completely uncalled for.

Luna stood up so fast that her chair fell. She was then standing in front of Anna and lightning fast, she slapped Anna across the face. Sif and Symphony reacted first, followed by me.

Sif pulled Anna back and checked her over while Symphony tried to kill her. I came in front of the fake Luna and slapped her across the face, hard.

"WHAT THE H-LL IS WEONG WITH YOU," Symphony asked trying to kill 'Luna', who I began to think of as FL (fake Luna).

"She insulted me and I take no pity on those that anger the Jotenhiem Queen. I believe that my cousin and guard would agree," FL said with an air of superiority.

I slapped her again. "That's what I think of your self-righteous attitude," I said as she raised her hand to touch the cheek that I had slapped twice.

"I am not oppose to having you sent to the dungeons, Tamyra," FL said leaning close to me, eyes ablaze with fury.

Symphony and I both came at her as FL started to back track at once. We were growling at her and almost on her when the door flung open with a crack.

"What is going on?!?" Odin, Furious Eyepatch Guy Fury, Thor, and Loki all yelled at once. Immediately, Loki threw us apart with magic, forcing both of us to stand stalk still, then freezing Symphony as she tried to get to FL, which I fully supported. I tried to do the same thing and got the same treatment.

"They are both trying to kill me," FL screeched in fake fright.

"I'LL RIP YOUR THROAT OUT!!!!" Symphony screamed. I really liked that threat.

"I'LL RIP YOUR LEGS OFF AND STICK 'EM ON YOUR HEAD!!!!" I screamed, using my favorite Edward Elric threat from FMA (Full Metal Alchemist).

"Be quiet you little b-tch, Tamyra," FL yelled at me.

"That is enough," Odin and Sif said at the same time, both angry.

"Lady Sif, would you be so kind as to explain what transpired here?" Thor asked, looking oddly at me and Symphony, still unable to move.

"Anna was commenting on Queen Luna's attire, and she was slapped by Luna. Then Symphony tried to, as she said 'rip (her) throat out'. Lady Tamrya-" Sif said.

"Tammy," Loki, Thor, Jane, Peter, Alice, Anna, Symphony, Clint, Fury, Coulson, and I said at the same time.

"Lady Tammy, slapped Luna, twice and told that that is what she thought about her attitude. Then Luna said something too low for me to hear and both Symphony and Tamr-, Tammy, attacked. Luna was retreating and Tammy and Symphony almost upon her when King Loki pushed them apart," Sif finished, struggling over 'King Loki'. She was also having difficulty not whipping off her sword and pushing it against Loki's throat, judging by the way that she gripped her sword hilt and eyes flickered to him.

"Might I suggest that we have Anna, Symphony, and Tammy looked over and kept away from Luna for the time being? It may be that the same man that cursed Luna and Jane's rooms may have cursed these three as well, hoping they would finish the job," Loki said. He must have thought we were cursed, even with Luna acting so strange.

"That may be the best plan of action," IM said as he came into view, behind Thor.

"I agree father. We may be able to break this curse without death," Thor said.

I tried to disagree, telling them to check with Heimdall to see if I was possessed. "There is just one problem with that," Odin said. "Heimdall has gone missing. Whoever is attempting to disrupt the talks had managed to dispose of him."

Symphony, Anna, and I were sent to a the sick hall, which was really boring. Especially when we were roped down to make sure we didn't try a nighttime assassination.



I had hoped that Tammy would see that I suspected Luna, and not her. I needed them alive, I needed their help. Besides, the real Luna, or the Luna that was not being controlled, I did not know which it was, would kill me if she knew that those three had died. Or, at the very least, leave me, both ways I would die. And I needed MY Luna back, safe, and they could help.



I had not dreamed that it would go so smoothly!! I did not expect Loki and the others would believe that it was the other three that were acting strangely. What luck!!! My plan was going better than ever!!

The only thing I was truly worried about was were Heimdall was. I hoped he had been disposed of, maybe the Chitauri had gotten to him. However, I did not worry about the matter much. He couldn't stop me, even if he were here.



Heimdall stood straight, back erect. He came over and bent down to push a cup of water and herbs to my lips, which tasted awful, but I drank it anyway.

"It is amazing that you survived that attack," Heimdall said as he stood up again.

"She saved me," I whispered, throat croaky.

"Do you speak of Hela?" He asked I nodded slightly. "I had hoped she might help of you were in danger. Those wounds will take healing magic, more than I can do. I will have to get Jahal to heal you. They will be fully healed in a matter of hours, once he is done."

"How long?"

"This would be your third day," Heimdall said, knowing I was asking how long it had been since I had been stabbed.

"I will get him, but I must do it after dark," Heimdall said. "Sleep."

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