Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


22. Chapter 22


What made Luna act like a idiotic twit that hates everyone? I really didn't understand it and I really didn't care. This is what made it plainly obvious to everyone that something was wrong.

It was the morning after finding the spell to change Clint into a frost giant that I was first suspicious. I couldn't wait because that meant we could get married. Well, we could have been married at the same time as Luna and Loki, but we didn't want to risk anything.

Anyway, I waited in the hall with Clint, Alice, and Peter. Luna was running a bit behind and I saw Loki exit without even saying bye to Luna. That was strange because he rarely wanted to be separated from her and at that moment, he looked like he couldn't get away fast enough. I wondered slightly what that was about, but Luna came out looking like nothing was wrong. Only, she didn't look like herself.

Luna was wearing some skimpy dress with little resemblance to her usual one, which took her nearly three weeks to get comfortable in, and her hair was wavy and put up in some complex hairdo. And the remaining hair was over her right shoulder, not her left.

"Hello. What do we have planned for today," she asked. I looked at her sideways and noticed how she was talking, not the usual human talking, though it sounded like she was trying.

"Nothin, we're meeting Bruce and Jane outside the library," I said. Luna nodded and smiled.

"Hey, Luna. What's wrong, you look worried," Alice asked as she and Peter walked up.

"Nothing," Luna sneered slightly. I shook my head just the tiniest bit behind her back, telling them not to say anything.

"Okay. Well, Jane and Bruce are waiting by the library for us," she said as she glared slightly at Luna, clearly annoyed.

"Let's go," Peter said with a slight frown. It wasn't like Luna to get mad. She got mad sometimes, sure, and yelled at us and stuff sometimes, but she was usually mad at herself. And she always looked at least a little guilty after she did that. Now she was just being mean.

We went to the library and found Jane, Bruce, and Coulson in front of it, talking. Nothing else much happened that day and the Lockhearts. Luna seemed to get her act together by the time we had reached Jane and the others and even seemed to have a good time, but I kept seeing her eyes burn with anger or her grimace when one else was looking.

It was the next day that things got really oblivious to anyone who ever met Luna that this was NOT her.

We were all going to a training room. I couldn't wait, I could finally beat something and release all my pent up anger. At the new Luna attitude and at the fake redhead that was trying to steal my man.

We got there and Luna was looking bored, which in itself wasn't very odd, considering she didn't find fighting fun. She was good at it, and she loved watching others do it to test themselves as long as they didn't get hurt, but she hated sparing. Weird, I know, but it probably helped that we were raised watching WWE and I beat her any time I could convince her to spar.

I, myself, was drooling over the room. On the far wall were weapons of all kinds. Broadswords, spears, throwing knives, daggers, cross bows, long bows, recurve bows, shuriken, and even battle axes were put up.

Dummies were on the right, made of wood, all new because of all the damage they gather. There were also targets, both moving and still. To the left were small arenas, no padding, that pairs were sparing in, only using hand to hand combat. Some held up to ten people, even and uneven numbers. Then, straight ahead, were worriers who were fighting with the swords, daggers, battle axes, and other close range weapons that I couldn't name, in another arena with a little padding and the worriers were wearing leather armor. I was loving this.

I looked at Luna and she just rolled her eyes and looked rather annoyed. This was another strange thing. Luna loved bows, any kind, and throwing knives/daggers. It was a bit of an obsession of hers, I was pretty much obsessed with any weapon, Luna was more of long distance or really close combat girl, and as long as it wasn't a high grade professional assassin, or me trying to kill her, she would live in a fight. Luna also cheated a lot, which wasn't really bad, anything for survival. It also help that she could make herself seem as innocent as fresh new snow, then slit your throat. It was a skill I could never figure out how to do.

Anyway, she found a chair and just sat there, glaring at the sparing couples. It was mostly men, but there were about a dozen women, all fighting men twice their size and winning. In the nearest arena was Symphony who had a long and thin sword, fighting this seven foot tall guy with about five hundred pounds of muscles.

The guy was sweating like he had just come out from under a waterfall, it was dripping down into his eyes. He kept having to shake his he's to see. Symphony was barely breathing hard, she was in a relaxed position with the tip of her sword pointing down. From her stance, I could tell that she was ready to strike at anytime, but was saving her strength and stamina incase this duel was drawn out or she had multiple opponents.

As the man ran at her, Symphony side stepped the man, sticking out the thin sword and effectively tripping the charging man. As he pushed himself up, he shook his head again to get his sweat out of his eyes to see. As he opened them, he was faced with a thin sword tickling his exposed neck.

"I surrender," he said in a gruff and horse voice.

"You could have taken him down in the first bout," a female voice said. She had long black hair, half up in a ponytail and half down, flowing over her shoulders. She wore a lightly colored pail blue tunic and black leather pants. There was a leather thing to keep her hair up.

"How," Symphony asked, only a snippet of her usual cheekiness in her voice.

"Cut the thigh muscles, it will force your opponent down. From there, tis an easy win," the female worrier said.

"Of course, Lady Sif," Symphony said with a slight bow.

"Who are you," the woman, now I know Lady Sif, asked us, though not unkindly.

"I'm Tammy, this is Luna," I said, pointing her out. Luna didn't even look at Sif.

"Greetings. I am Lady Sif, first female worrier of Asgard," she said formally with a small bow of the head.

"Cool," Alice said. "Think you could teach me something?"

"I do not see why I could not. Why do you think my temperature is below average," she asked, confused.

"On Midgard, 'cool' does not just refer to temperature, but also to say if something is interesting or to show great enthusiasm," Anna explained as she came up from behind Lady Sif.

"You know, there are easier ways to stop an opponent in their tracks without permanently crippling them, and it's much fast. You can also do it without any weapon," I said thoughtfully as I looked at the panting huge man.

This statement seemed to confuse everyone, even Luna. We had both been taught this trick.

"You may see it as dishonorable, though," I said, seeing how much they wanted to see this move of intimate power.

"All is fair in battle," Sif replied.

"If it's too dishonorable, then we will simply not use it during tournaments and such," Symphony replied.

"It will almost always work on men, you'd have to adapt it to women," I warned. "And everyone can do this, as long as they have either a good kick or a good punch."

"Will you show us now," Alice asked. She was starting to get annoyed.

"Okay, send your best male fighter," I said with a shrug. "And by best, I mean the best you have that isn't in the peace talks at the moment."

"Very well." Sif made a waving motion with her hand and out stepped a tall Asian man with his hair tied up in back and twin blades on his back. "This is Hogun, one of the Worriers Three. The rules are simple, hand-to-hand combat, no weapons. Do not permanently injure, or cripple your opponent. Anything goes, but try not to go send the other to the Hall of Healing." (The Hall of Healing is different than the sick hall because they deal with injuries, not illnesses/poisoning.)

We both nodded. Hogun started to pull out weapons from seemingly nowhere. I simply took off my Time Lord* pouch, and paced it in Alice's hand. She was amazed at how many weapons seemed to come off Hogun. Inside, so was I. How many paces are there to hide these things in those clothes?

"Ready," Sif asked after we had steppe into the arena. We both nodded. "Begin."

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