Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


21. Chapter 21


Luna was acting really oddly, it was like something, her humanity, had just died over night. I'm not saying that she didn't act nice, she really did. But that's just it, she was acting. I needed to have a chat with her, but she was always with someone.

I could tell Loki suspected something. He usually held her hand or walked really close with her. Now he was giving her a wide berth. Jane and the gang could tell that something was wrong too. I think Anna and Symphony suspected something, but they weren't 100% sure what was different.

Clint was so edgy that he wouldn't let me be in the same room as he alone!!! Like I can't take care of MYSELF!!! (It was sexist, but kinda sweet. Never tell him, or anyone, I said that.)

Suddenly, I knew that it wasn't Luna. It all happened quickly and I was sure that that woman was not my sister.



I drifted in the darkness, glad I couldn't feel, or else I might scream in pain. I felt nothing, then I felt burning. It wasn't the kind that burned, but the kind of burning heat that felt nice, like coming in from the cold and warming yourself up with hot chocolate.

I sighed content. I was wondering something though, was this what it was going to be like for eternity, just floating in the darkness with nothing but my thoughts? I certainly hoped not, it would get dull very quickly.

"Yes, I suppose it would grow old," a feminine voice said. I knew it was female, but it hissed slightly and didn't even try to hide that the voice holder was dangerous beyond what they would look like.

Who are you, I thought.

The voice chuckled. "I am Hela. The Midgardians believed that I was the God of the Dead and Loki and a frost giantess' daughter. Well, some of that is true."

Loki has a daughter? I didn't know that, I thought, stating the obvious.

"In a manner of speaking. Loki found me as a babe and raised me in secret. Odin was angry when he found out. As punishment to him, I was sent to my own realms called Hel and Niffleheim, yet I have long been able to move through the Nine Realms unhindered. There, I over see the souls of the dead mortals, most are lost and I guide them if I want to. It is a lonely existence."

Why are you here, I thought. At this came another chuckle.

"I can appear to those who are dying or dead. To the dying, I can heal them if I so wish, to the dead, I guide them or punish them. You, Luna, are a different matter. Loki loves you and you make him feel joy. Once I was the only thing that could do that, now you are here," Hela explained with no emotion.

Are you going to punish me then, I asked.

"No, just the opposite. Loki loves you, and I like you. I have watched you for a long time, Luna. In fact I am quiet happy with your marriage. I am going to heal you and help."

There has to be more than that, I thought, not believing my luck.

"There is. I do not like Enchantress. Also, I do not like it when a child dies," Hela said with a saddened voice.

What child, I asked.

"I suppose you wouldn't know. Luna Laufeysi, you are pregnant with twins, one boy and one girl," she told me. If I had a mouth it would have dropped to the floor.

THAT CANT BE RIGHT, I yelled in my head.

"Yet it is true. Now, calm down and let me finish working." With that I subsided and let her work.

It was a strange feels, as if slowly working waking up, only not waking from a dream. I felt my body, knew there was pain, yet I felt none of it, as if I was a ghost.

As the time passed, I felt more of my body and felt more like it was MY body and I wasn't just going through one. I also felt the pain, a lot more. I started to groan, and I realized that I was actually making a noise, not groaning in my head.

The moment I realized that, the pain intensified and suddenly I felt wet. I opened my mouth to breath a little, but it wouldn't respond.

"Do not go and do something stupid. I need you not to inhale water. I am nearly done with the healing. Neither you or your children with be in danger of dying, but you will still be injured, so be careful. There will be scars where you were stabbed," Hela added. I tried to nod, only for Hela to put her hands on my head to keep it still.

"I am done," she said a few moments later. "You can open your eyes now."

I opened them to find a young woman, beautiful with green eyes and dressed in green, and not Enchantress' green, but Loki's. Her outfit was skin tight, there was a sweetheart neck line that went down farther than mine, but not as far as Enchantress' and it was strapless. Her dress was floor length with a slash up to her mid-thigh on her left leg. Her hair was black, blacker than anything and long, just past to the middle of her back. She had a green mask like thing on her face and a cloak over her shoulders.

I opened my mouth to speak only to have water pour in. I shut it quickly and noticed that Hela was under the water as well, yet the current did not seem to affect her.

"I must take my leave for now, Luna. You will feel immense pain in a moment, try to sleep," she suggested and disappeared. I really needed to learn that trick.

A second later, the pain started and I closed my eyes. I tried to ignore it as I felt the current speed up. I oped my eye a crack and saw the water fall. That's when suddenly, I felt two hands under my arms, pulling me up and out of the water.

As I came out, more pain hit me. I closed my eyes, but breathed in haggard breaths, coughing some water that ha gotten into my mouth out.

I felt the hands place me on the ground and soon they were cutting my dress. I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was on a cot with a thin white sheet over me. To my immense relief, I had on an overly large white shirt. It reminded me of how I use to where my dad's shirts to bed at night.

I moved my hand slowly to my stomach, hoping Hela had been right about my children being safe. I felt a small baby bump and a small smile tugged at the end of my lips. As I pulled my hand up to where the pain was, I felt cloth under the shirt, wrapped around the top half of my torso.

My fingers lightly prodded the wound and I hissed in pain. Someone must have heard, because the door opened and there stood a familiar figure, the same one who pulled me out of the water.


*Author's Note*

This is about Hela. I just quickly read her background on Wikipedia and I change it some for my use. Sorry for those who are Marvel lovers that specialize on her or those who don't like the changes. Though, I won't be changing it.

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