Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


20. Chapter 20


An hour before dawn, I woke to a voice calling me.

"Luna," it called and it sounded so familiar that I swore it was someone that I trusted, I just couldn't place who it was. "Luna, please hurry," it whispered. "Follow my voice," it said and started to fade.

Suddenly, I got the inexplicable feeling to follow the familiar voice. I quietly got out of bed, making sure not to wake Loki. Using magic, I muffled my footsteps an hid myself from any prying eyes.

I walked down the stairs and out to the gardens. I was hoping to go to the part of the garden that I had been in that day, but I followed the voice to the opposite side of the garden, which looked small from my room, but was all too big.

It was more run down than any other part of the garden and looked a bit over grown, but it gave it a certain wild beauty. I could hear the other river, and I went towards it, hear the voice again.

"Where are you," I whispered in a bit of a daze.

"Behind you," the voice said, but this time it wasn't whispering and it was full of malice. I turned slowly, knowing exactly who was behind me, finally recognizing the mystery voice.

"There, that wasn't that hard. Now, you die," said a figure stepping out of the shadows. It was like I was looking into a mirror, only one that made me look like I didn't want to wear any clothes. It had been my voice that I had heard.

"Who are you," I asked, needing to know. Before she said anything, I knew the answer.

She didn't say anything, just let the glamor drop, letting me see the short green dress and blonde hair.

"Why," I asked Enchantress.

She shrugged. "I do not like you, trust you, and you stole Loki's love from me," she said. Green fire burned in her eyes. "Now, I kill you," she said as she conjured a triton.

She thrust forward, I couldn't move, magicked into place and I didn't have time to force my way out. As the points came closer, I cried out silently, yelling for help, knowing only one person would hear and he wouldn't be here in time. Enchantress pushed the razor shard triton into my chest, making sure to get the middle point just under where my ribs met.

I didn't feel anything at first, then everything got burning hot where the metal touched me, but everything else went cold, and not the comfortable cold of a frost giant, but the cold that I would feel if I was thrown into the Antarctic in my human form, with nothing of protection.

I wanted to scream in pain, but my lips didn't move and I began to fall, never blinking. I fell on my back, head just in the river's water. Enchantress bent down, now with my image and voice.

"I hope you can still hear me, because you should know that I will do this to the peace talks and all the mortals, starting with Jane Foster. Do not worry, your slaves and sister will be dealt with soon," she cooed in my voice. It made me shiver and try to tell her something. One, that she would never get away with it and two, that they were unpaid servants. Habits die harder than frost giants apparently.

Enchantress stood up and used her foot to maneuver me then roll me into the river. I felt the water, just not the temperature. I dropped and soon was being pushed farther and farther to the waterfall that would push me into the realm of the Chitauri, just as it had Loki.

I didn't try to breath, there was no point, but then I felt the burning. Not that of the wound, but for the need of air. I didn't want to down and I would be dead soon anyway. I watched as my blood swirled in amazing circles and patterns. It was hypnotizing and finally the darkness closed in. I never shut my eyes.



I kicked the slut's body into the river and watched until she was carried away from the river out of my sight. I made my way back to MY new and rightful room and laid down next to my love.

He was asleep, and he would wake at dawn, which was almost here. I watched him sleep, his face was peaceful. I grinned to myself and pushed myself up next to Loki. He turned away in response, pulling away so that we did not touch. He must not like being close to others while he sleeps.

He woke a bit later, he yawn and turned to the spot where I would have been, only I was dressed and standing next to the bed. I had on a dress similar to Luna's, only this one was much shorter, I can't understand how people wear so much clothing, and the neck line was lower. The cuts around the dress were both longer and wider, giving me the comfort of my usual dress.

"What do you think," I asked with Luna's voice. "I wanted to try something new." His eyes scanned me for a moment then he smiled widely.

"You look perfect as always," he told me. I smiled widely at him in thanks. At that, I expected him to kiss me the same way he did with the Dead One, but he got up, dressed and went straight out of the room, a troubled look on his face as he muttered about the peace talks under his breath.

I soon left the room and ran into Tamyra, who was talking with her mortal male.

"Hey, Luna. What's wrong you look worried," the mortal female said as she joined us.

"Nothing," I sneered slightly. This seemed an acceptable answer to everyone.

"Okay. Well, Jane and Bruce are waiting by the library for us," She said.

"Let's go," the mortal male next to her said and we walked to the library.

My day continued like that, no one suspecting that I was not Luna Laufeysi.


*Loki, Tammy, Alice, Clint, Peter, Coulson, Jane, and Thor*

There was something wrong with the Queen of the Frost Giants, she was acting peculiar. Luna kept referring to the unpaid servants as slaves and talking down to them. Sometimes she even ignored them all together. Luna, if she was Luna, was wearing clothing much too revealing. No one commented, though. Luna was being stuck up and a brat, not that they showed it. Something was wrong and they needed to find out what.

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