Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


17. Chapter 17


Natasha stiffened as we walked trough a rose arch. We all looked around in amazement, the water was clear, but in a certain light, it shined and shimmered in every color imaginable.

"What are you doing here," Tammy asked with venom.

"My job, which is more than I can say for the one who gets whatever she asks for," Natasha said under her breath. She obviously didn't know that frost giants had better hearing than humans, but even with better hearing, it was barely audible.

"I can hear you," Tammy started.

"Stop, please," Bruce Banner said in a shy voice, obviously not comfortable with ordering people around.

Natasha shut up, as did, to everyone immense surprise, Tammy. That didn't last long, and I would have been worried if it had.

"Natasha," Clint nodded a greeting.

"Clint. Why exactly do you stay with these..." Tasha began.

"If you call them things I will tear your throat out," Alice growled.

"Alice! You shouldn't threaten master spies," Peter exclaimed.

"Peter is right, but so is Alice. Please, they are people," Jane told Natasha.

"Whatever," she replied and went to stand by Clint. Whenever he moved, she did, with a contours effort to show that they were close. Finally, Tammy had enough, and I was just about to snap. Sorta wish I had done it first.

"OKAY!!! ENOUGH!!! STOP MIMICKING HIM, IT'S ANNOYING," Tammy yelled as both of the spies walked by, Clint doing his usual rounds like always, Natasha following him.

"Okay, Princess, if that's your wish," Tasha said with a wicked grin.

As soon as she said 'Princess', Alice, Peter, Clint, Jane and I groaned. Tammy meanwhile, growled at the.... jerk. (I'm trying to be nice about this.)

"Don't ever call me that again," Tammy said so low that it could barely be heard.

Natasha must have sensed the line that she had just crossed because she slowly backed away, but her hand was never far from her gun. Tammy stepped after her, Tasha's hand whipped out the gun and pointed it at Tammy.

"That's enough, Agent Romanov," Bruce said as he stepped in front of the gun. "Put the dangerous weapons away." He seemed to sense that Tammy was up to something because she stiffened.

"Tammy, relax," I said, voice bell-like again.

Tammy tried to fight the order, but even if I didn't have a strong magic, she couldn't resist an order by me, unless I wasn't completely serious. Frost giants had to listen to their king and queen, no matter what. It was physically impossible for them not to, unless the order was totally bogus, like jumping off a cliff, fighting Thor by yourself one handed, or killing yourself. There were restriction, which I was glad of.

Tammy relaxed and stayed silent.

"Why don't we all go somewhere that's nice and quiet," suggested Bruce.

"The library," I said, straightening up at the prospect.

"Uhg, not again," Alice and Peter groaned.

"I agree with Luna, we should go to the library," Clint said. He was beginning to speak his opinion more.

"Cool. Now, how do we get there," I mused aloud.

"I can send the Lockhearts to you, if you wish," Heimdall said.

"Yes please. Thanks," I told him. To the others I said, "Our guides will be here shortly."

It was only three minutes later that Anna arrived. With her was a boy. He looked about 16 or 17. He had brown curly hair with soft blue eyes, flawless skin that was the perfect tanned color.

"Hey, this is Adam Devine, he's my boyfriend," Anna said, introducing us. I could tell she was finally being herself around us, huh, near death experience plus.

"I am unsure of what exactly a 'boyfriend' is, but surely I am more than your friend that is a boy. We are courting," Adam said with a confused look on his face.

"No, 'boyfriend' is the term mortals use to say that they are currently courting. This is before the marriage proposal," Anna explained, using the Old English dialect. It sounded odd coming from her.

"So, where's Symphony," Tammy asked, still calm and relaxed.

"Behind you," a voice answered, and there was Symphony. She was sitting on a bench and looked as if she had been there the whole time. I knew for a fact that she hadn't been.

"When did you get here," Bruce asked. He seemed quiet interested.

"Been here the whole time," she said. How did I know she was going to say that?

"No you haven't," Natasha said. "Why didn't we hear you come in here." Her hand was slowly making it's way to her gun. I answered for her.

"Symphony just got here while we were talking with Anna. She used magic to creep in, but it couldn't have muffled all of the noise she made. So, what's your secret," I asked looking into Symphony's eyes.

"Trade secret, sorry," she said as she  grinned evilly.

"She's been practicing with her mentor, Lady Sif," Anna said with a sigh.

"Whys you tell them? It would've been fun to watch them try and figure it out," Symphony said indignantly.

"Are we going to this library soon," Bruce asked, wanting peace and quiet.

"Sure, follow us," the Lockhearts said at the same time.

Adam followed us, staying quiet. Luckily, the library was huge and Tammy, Clint and I found what the couple needed. Natasha had a cow!!!! It was brilliant!!!!

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