Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


16. Chapter 16


There were few things that were good about almost getting killed. The most immediate was that I didn't have to show everyone the room until that night.

As it turned out, I had nothing to worry about, the room was almost an exact replica of our room in Jotenheim, the only differences were the single candle floating in the room, and the walls were gold. Everything else, down to the shades of blue, were the same.

"Why did you get the good room," Tammy and Alice asked, disappointed.

"Because I'm liked more," I said with an eye roll.

"Oh, so Loki used his magic," Alice said. "That's cheating."

"I almost got killed getting into this room, I think I deserve a room I'm familiar with," I said.

The second good thing was that I got to talk with Jane and Bruce Banner, which I could wait for. I needed to catch up with Jane and I wanted to know what was up with Hulk, though, that was a trough one to bring out conversationally.

The third thing and the best, was that I no longer had to be in the peace talks, and neither did Jane. That was because, if none of us were in there, and the traitor was, and I was beginning to have suspicions about who it was, no one would have a death threat or almost die and ruin the talks.

So, the next day, I woke to a gold walled room, and turned over with a small smile dancing on my lips. Loki was up and dressed, he smiled at me sighed.

"You should get up," he said as he came over and kissed me.

"I want to sleep," I told him and turned my back.

"Do you really want to keep Tammy AND Alice waiting with Jane and Dr. Banner alone," he asked as he turned me gently back. A thought about it for a moment and he raised an eyebrow.

I groaned as I thought of those two alone with only Jane to control them.

"I'm going, I'm going," I said with another groan. I quickly threw on some clothes, more like my normal dress, with it only being about six inches longer than normal and instead of my tie-dye pattern, it was solid blue.

"You look beautiful," Loki said as I came out of the bathroom from brushing my hair.

"Yeah, sure," I said sarcastically. "You look as handsome as ever, though I said with a smile.

Loki crossed the room, pulled me close and kissed me gently. I smiled and enjoyed the moment. I ended the moment as I pulled away and pushed him softly back.

"Time to get to work," I said with a smile. We kissed goodbye as we went our separate ways, I went across the hall, he went towards the dinning hall. As he turned a corner, Tammy came out.

"Heimdall said that Jane and the others will meet us at the garden near the river," she said as she steered me towards Alice, Clint, and Peter's rooms.

They all came out after we knocked. Alice jumped up and down, Clint was his usual chatty self and Peter tried to calm down Alice while smiling at her excitement.

We went down to the garden and soon we were surrounded by the sound of moving water. I instantly liked this place, knowing that this would be where I went if I ever needed to be on my own in Asgard.

"Loki is fond of this place, also. He would come here when he was angry or would want to be alone," Heimdall said in my head.

"I can see that," I said with a small smile.

"What are you smiling about," Tammy asked.

"Who are you talking to," Alice asked.

"Heimdall just told me something interesting about Loki's past," said as I brushed the question off.



We talked about the peace between the realms, both Midgardians and the Asgardians did not want any frost giants on either realm.

"That is not negotiable," Fury said with a stern face. Coulson, who I was amazed to learn had lived, was slowly nodding, but with a small frown.

"I agree," Thor said. I nearly chuckled.

"What did I say that you found so funny," Fury asked, using a commanders voice.

"Oh, that will never be agreed upon,"I told them. Luna would like to be on Midgard and Asgard every once in a while when she wanted to see her family and friends.

"Did you not just hear me? It is NOT negotiable," Fury said, slamming his fist down. Coulson looked between fury and I.

"You couldn't careless about you visiting, could you," he asked. I made a mistake when I tried to kill him, I should have controlled him as I did Clint.

"No, not really. But some others that you would be foolish to anger," I confirmed.

"Luna and Tamyra," Thor foolishly asked.

"Of course. For some reason, both a attached to their inhabitants. Besides the point, the unpaid servants, as I assume you remembered," I said with a wicked grin at a bushing Odin, "have family on Midgard. And I assure you, I will not be separated from my wife if she is out of my kingdom."

"Why would they want to come here," Odin asked me.

"They seem to have formed a friendship with your servants and Thor's mortal," Enchantress said bitterly. She disliked both the idea and Jane. It was odd and a bit annoying that she disproved of anything her queen did.

"With who," Coulson asked curiously.

"Where is Natasha Romanov," I asked, diverting the question for a moment.

"Watching over Banner," Iron Man told me. "Who are they friends with?" He does not get distracted easily by anything other then himself. He is exactly like Thor was before he was exiled, an egotistic show off.

"Who is it," the soldier, Captain America, I believe, asked in a serious tone.

I sighed with an eye roll. "The Lockhearts, Anna and Symphony."

"I am surprised. Symphony is the apprentice of Lady Sif and a capable warrior," Odin said with surprise.

"And Anna expresses herself differently and rarely let's outsiders see herself," Thor added.

"She seems normal to Luna and Tammy," I said, thinking aloud.

"Who," asked Odin, confused.

"Tamyra doesn't like people to use her full name and likes them to call her Tammy," Fury explained.

"I did not relies," Odin said.



We met up with the others by the side of the river. Unfortunately, Natasha was there. She was so... what's the word... clingy, to Clint. She tried to hide it, but it was there, and no one liked it.

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