Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


15. Chapter 15


"I stayed with my group," I told Heimdall silently a few hours later while I was in the garden with Loki. He refused to be separated from me.

"But all your group was not there with you. Remember, there is a traitor in your ranks. Even that mortal that you accidentally killed said the same," Heimdall said. Loki was silently listening to the exchange.

"He is right," Loki begrudgingly agreed a moment later.

"What am I going to be doing then, because I am NOT staying in a room with a 24/7 babysitter again. Even Tammy wouldn't see the sense of that," I said.

"You and Jane may well have to stay together to keep watch on each other," Heimdall said. It was half of a solution.

"Then who would watch over them if something like that happened again," Loki asked. Worry was still etched into his face, he hadn't let go of me or my hand since I had woken up.

"What about one of the Avengers," I asked. It seemed like a great idea, they all protected their own and I was friends with Jane.

"No, I do not trust them," Loki said almost at once.

"They have less to gain with destroying the talks than a traitor in your midst. Even with Asgardian help, if there was a war, many more humans would die than frost giants and Asgardians," Heimdall reasoned. I could tell he like the idea.

"No," Loki said again, but I could tell that he was beginning to see the sense of my idea.

"Clint will be with me, Peter and Alice probably too," I said trying to push him into saying yes. "It's not like Fury or Natasha are going to be guarding me."

"I do not trust those two," Loki said aloud and to himself. After a sigh, he silently agreed. On some conditions of course, Alice couldn't leave my side until I was with Loki again, nor could Tammy.

"Agreed. So, who's going to be my body guard," I asked.

"I will ask the Avengers," Heimdall said. He soon had an answer (he used mind speech to speed things up). "It appears that Bruce Banner will be watching over Miss Foster. He has agreed to guard Luna as well, under the condition that she does not try to agitate him, nor will the others."

"No problem, well, semi problem, Tammy is going to be there," I said.

"I do not like Banner," Loki said.

"That's just because he beat you up and called you a 'puny god' while he was the Hulk during the fight in New York," I said with a smile as I rested my head on Loki's shoulder.

"Yes," Loki whispered for just me to hear. I giggled and kissed his cheek. "If Tammy causes any problems, I suggest using your magic on her to avoid Banner becoming the Hulk."

"I plan on it," I told him with a smile.



I hate that gold clad meddler! He was not to spoil my plans, it was a fool proof plan! One I had come up with!! Now the only thing for me to was to contact my allies. They would be furious at my failure, but they would give me the extra power I would need for their plan.

I went back to my room and locked the door. I went over to a plush gold chair and sat down. Then, using all my focus, concentration and much of my magic, I pulled a form of myself away and sent it to distant stars.

Using the form, I watched as the sky grew black. Soon I was in the presence of the Chitauri leader. I neither knew, nor cared to know, his name.

"What news do you have," a shadow that was the commander asked.

"Both survived," I growled.

"You led us to believe you would produce results, Enchantress," the leader said.

"I will. It was dumb luck that the Bifrost guard felt my magic at work. They tried to enter their rooms at the exact same moment," I spat.

"We are not surprised, you and your kind are always making plans that fail." It was an obvious gab at Loki, but I held my tongue.

"Tell us, what guarantee we have that you will preform our plan without mistakes," the shadow asked.

"I want Loki for myself, I cannot have him with his tramp around, and I want to punish Thor for dismissing me for another," I said. "I will do what I must."

"Then tomorrow the power you need will come to you. If you fail, you will be killed," the leader said, as if to clarify.

"I know what happens," I said and returned to my physical body. Exhausted from my magic use, I went to sleep. Tomorrow could not come soon enough. As I drifted, the Chitauri leader's voice entered my head.

"Wait for the perfect moment," it said. "It may take days."

Thankfully, it only took two.

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