Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


14. Chapter 14


The head of the sick hall, named Jahal, wore his normal robes, green and purple stripes with gold stitching. He went to the end of the two beds. Jahal glared at Luna and Jane. He let out a croak. Tammy's face was a mixture of confusion and mistrust.

Suddenly, Jane began to groan and her hands turned all over the place. Soon her moans grew in volume, then convulsive jerking went throughout her body.

Tammy started forward, by the look on her face, she was going to attack Jahal.

"Do not," I told her under my breath. She ignored me and I grabbed her wrist as she started forward. "Do not," I repeated, lacing it with magic, but only just. "He means them no harm and is healing them."

"Then why isn't Luna acting like Jane," Tammy hissed at me. My face grew clouded. I realized this also. Jane looked as if she were healing, but Luna was gradually getting paler.

"Heimdall, lift both of their heads," Jahal told him. Heimdall walked to the head of the beds and, with one in each hand, lifted Luna and Jane's heads up, as if they were going to be sick.

"How do you know he isn't going to hurt Luna," Tammy persisted.

"He is here only to heal those injured or sick. Jahal has taken an oath to help all those in need. If he broke or breaks the oath, he will die," I explained to her.

"That doesn't explain Luna," Tammy hissed.


"Don't know," Tammy finished for me.

Heimdall continued to hold both heads up. Jane gave one last, strong jerk and fell still. The moaning grew in volume until it was all but a scream, then she fell silent.

Luna was still laying still, never moving.

"What is wrong with Luna Laufeysi," I heard Odin ask.

"I am not sure, she should have reacted the same way as the mortal," Jahal said with a deep frown. As he finished, Jane gave another groan, different than the others. As the groan subsided, her hand slowly came up to her head.

"Jane, are you well," Thor asked, going to her side.

"Yeah, I just have a huge headache. Were are we," she asked as she sat up and looked around. "What did I miss?"

Thor began to explain what had happened. I ignored him and focused on my Luna. I saw her hand twitch, just a small involuntary twist. Then she went still for almost five minutes.



I could see thousands of stars. They were glowing diamonds in a black sky. It was black, not navy blue, that's what first told me I wasn't someplace I wanted to be. Next was a red mass of gas that came straight at me, it covered and smoldered me. I tried to gasp, but no air came in, just the smoke that tasted like moldy cheese and stale bread. It made me gag.

The smoke crowded and condensed around me, lifting me up to the air. Soon, I came face-to-shadow with something.

"We have been waiting," the shadowed thing with armor on said. It had a husky and raspy voice, yet seemed to talk as if it were as sooth as water.

The gas out me down upright. The whole time, I hadn't moved because I couldn't. My arms and legs were stiff and wouldn't obey me. The only thing that could move were my eyes.

I wanted to scream in the silence that lasted forever.

"You will join us," the shadow said again. "We will concur every realm and planet. You will help us." The shadow moved what looked like a hand and suddenly, I could speak.

"No," I whispered.

"Yes. Or you and all you love will burn," it yelled. The shadow lunged at me and held out a clawed hand. I felt them cut my neck, shallowly, but blood still pumped out.

I cried out in pain and sat bolt upright, nearly hitting Loki in the process. My hand flew to where the shadow had cut me only find nothing there and drop.

My eyes finally began to focus on the room I was in. Everyone was there, all staring at me.

"LUNA," Tammy screamed as she pushed Loki away and grabbed me in a death hug. I felt like the cloud of red smoke was back, but this time in the shape of my sister.

I tried to say that I couldn't breath, but as I opened my moth to gasp at her, Alice threw herself at my back.

"Thank God you're okay," Alice cried. I was now sitting like a sandwich. I tried pushing Tammy off, but I wasn't strong enough.

"Can't," I gasped finally. Loki was staring at me with relief all over his face. I glared at him, convaing I wouldn't be 'alright' unless two certain people let me breath.

Loki, never one for anything subtle, gave me a small, wicked smile and flicked his left wrist at Alice and Tammy. They flew off and landed, on their feet, on opposite sides of the room.

"Thanks," I gasped at him. He smiled and nodded. "What happened?"

Loki then explained how I was almost killed and how Tammy's body was taken over by Heimdall. Then how Jahal (JH- haul) had done some magic and Jane started to moan and jerk everywhere, yet kept her head totally still, and how she woke up ten minutes before me. Thor had moved Jane to a different room in the sick hall.

"So, when can I go back to the room," I asked them, hoping beyond hope that I wouldn't have to see it for the rest of the trip.

"In two hours," Anna said, speaking for the first time. If I wasn't mistaken, she was wearing a genuine smile.

"Good," Alice said. "We still have to see it."

Everyone had left by this point but our little group and the Lockhearts.

"I'd think you'd have bigger problems than a room," Symphony said. "After all, who planted the death charm in the first place?"

And who was that shadow, I silently asked myself.

"I don't know, but when I find them, they're going to be tortured then die horribly," Tammy said with an evil smile.

"Indeed," Loki said.

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