Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


13. Chapter 13


I was half way the ought the door when I started to feel as if my entire body was on fire. If I could only lay down. Suddenly, I felt a had jerk me back, hard. I fell to the floor and blacked out.



I didn't really know what had been said during the meeting, but I got the basics about it. Fury was walking with us to my room, across the hall from Thor's. Those two were talking about what could be said tomorrow and the rebuttals to what ever was said.

Heimdall was following behind us, just half a pace behind me. I was stepping into the room when I got really hot. Then my legs cramped and I started to fall, eyes shut against the intense pain.



Pain was burning Luna's face as she stepped the ought the door. If she was hurt by anyone, I began as I got up, but was stopped by the sight of golden eyes on Tammy. She grabbed Luna and pulled her out of the door way.

"LUNA," I cried. She toppled to the floor out in the hall.



Jane Foster began to fall into the room, but was yanked back by the Bifrost guard, Heimdall. He kept her from falling through the door way. He seemed to have his concentration here, but seemed to be doing something elsewhere as well.

"What is the meaning of this," Thor exclaimed. He caught the woman before she hit her head on the marble floor.



What the H-LL WAS GOING ON?!?! First I'm walking Luna to see her room, the next someone is in control of my body and roughing my sister up. I tried to fight the invader, but pain shot through my body when I did and it hurt so much that I actually blacked out for a few seconds.

"Take her up to the sick hall," the intruder said to the Lockhearts as I came to.

"Yes, Heimdall," they said. Both were respectful and even Symphony didn't dispute the order.

"Take Ms. Foster," he motioned to Alice with my hand, "to her aunt. Then take them both up to the sick hall," Heimdall told the girls. Both looked scared. "I must go and gather the others. You may accompany Luna Laufeysi to the sick hall," Heimdall said to the others.

"If any Asgardian has harmed my wife, this city will become rubble beneath my feet," Loki threatened.

"It was not us that have done this. Do not take her into the room." Heimdall seemed to say the last part to everyone, not only us, but some people elsewhere.

Heimdall then used my body to summon the other representatives. First was Enchantress, then to Odin and Frigga, both startled that he was calling on them, finally there was Bruce Banner.

All followed to the next one's room and then to the sick hall that was apparently so popular today. As we walked, Heimdall's body came into view, leading Tony, Natasha and Coulson.

"What's going on," Natasha and Tony asked at the same time.

"In a moment," Heimdall said with the same voice with both bodies. Everyone not use to his ability jumped and stared at me like I'd grown two more heads and my hair was made of spiders. (Interesting fact, spiders are evil incarnate and will kill you in your sleep.)

Anyway, he used my body and his to push open the door. There stood, yelling at each other and ready to fight, were a ticked off Loki and Thor. Furious Eyepatch Guy Fury (if Luna can call him something different, so can I) seemed to be trying to stop the impending fight, with little success. The one actually sub doing both testosterone filled idiots were the Lockhearts.

Both girls were physically pulling the men apart, Symphony was about ready to tie a rope around her charge, Thor. Anna was pushing on Loki's chest, making it harder for him to yell, but not stoping him. Jane and Luna were laying in beds, next to each other, almost touching.



I suddenly heard two people screaming. I didn't pay much attention, I hurt everywhere. That's when I had the strongest instinct to touch who ever was next to me, on my left. I slowly turned my head and opened my eyes. 

There, on the next bed over, was Jane. She was breathing shallowly and was heating up rapidly. Following the instinct, I began to become blue. About a quarter way through, I stopped and touched Jane's hand. She quickly began to cool down. I felt a hand jerk me back, it hurt, but my job was done and everything went black again.



As the idiots continued to argue, Heimdall finally left my body. He turned and bowed his head.

"My apologize for my behavior and the pain I caused you. I could not explain at the time because of the situation," he said. I didn't speak, nearly nodded because as I watched, Luna's body was turning blue.

After only a second it stopped with only a dark pale blue hue to her skin. Thor and Loki stopped segueing and watched with all of us as, ever slowly, Luna's hand touched Jane's.

"No," Thor shouted. He jerked my SISTER back and watched as she closed her eyes, a small smile on her thin lips. As soon as her eyes closed, Luna deblued.

"Don't touch her," Loki snarled at Thor. Too little too late.

"My prince, Luna Laufeysi was saving Ms. Foster's life. Without the cold that only a frost giant could produce with such accuracy, the fever would have burned Jane Foster alive," Heimdall intervened.

"What happened," I screamed.

"There was a spell put on to the door ways to their rooms. Both were designed for a so acidic target, Jane Foster an Luna Laufeysi," Heimdall said.

"And how, pray tell, did you save them and know about the spell," Alice asked, glaring daggers.

"I would not have found out until it was too late to save either one of them," he relied calmly. "It was by accident that I found the spells. Had they tried to enter their rooms at different times, the magic would have been to well hidden for me to see. By activating them both at once, the magic was noticed by myself."


"Indeed. Both would have also, if I had not been standing close enough to Ms. Foster to feel the magic activate. They would have both died instantly if they went through the door way completely," Heimdall explained.

"Who is responsible for this," Frigga asked, aghast.

"Unfortunately, I could not see the perpetrator."

"The only one I can think of that can do that is Loki," Natasha said. "He's trying to stop the peace talks and kill us in one blow." She started forward, before anyone could stop her, to Loki.

As she raised a gun (how the h-ll did that get in?) Peter shot a white, see-through string like thing at the gun and pulled it back. He caught it expertly and handed it gingerly to Clint. Clint, not batting an eye and looking so darn hot doing it, dropped the magazine from the gun, slid the slide back and caught the bullet the exited the chamber before it hit the ground.

Loki wasn't paying attention to any of this. HELLO, HE MUST BE VIGILANT. Just like moody always says, VIGILANCE!!!!! (Potterhead!) Loki was watching Luna. She was groaning lightly and her face was a mask of fear.

Ten minutes passed with nothing new happening. Macho Eye-patched Fury got Natasha under control, Coulson apologized to us for what happened and Enchantress stood there, looking bored. She wasn't even concerned about if Luna would LIVE!!!!!!!! I wouldn't have been surprised if it turned out she had done it.

After a few minutes, some guy in a purple and green robe, white short hair slicked back and pale skin valleys of wrinkles, came to stand at the end of Jane and Luna's bed.

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