Traitors Among Us

It's been almost a year since Luna and Loki were married. Enchantress is still trying to get Loki for herself and will do anything to do so. So what happens when the perfect opera unity arrives, but everyone is on Asgard for peace talks? Will Loki make peace or will war erupt? This is the sequel to Frost Giants Among Us.


12. Chapter 12


"These are closets," Peter asked in amazement.

Each closet was living room sized with almost nothing in them to be cleared away. Each was wooden with gold trim by the floor and ceiling.

"Yeah, sorry. The furniture will be here shortly," Anna said, as if this was a smaller than a normal closet.

"If you don't like it, we could throw you outside," Symphony said with a smile to let us know that she was kidding.

"If these are closets, I'm afraid of going into your room, let alone mine," I whispered to Tammy.

"I could care less, as long as it has a bed to sleep on," was her reply.

"Let's go see Tammy's," Alice said.

They all went down to look at her room. It was over six times as big as the 'closets' and twice as big as my room in Jotenheim. These Asgardians WAY over do it.

The room was made out of gold in the shape of wood, with tree rings and all. A table stood in the sitting area as tall as the counter with matching seats, both a carmel wooden color. The sitting are was in the far left corner of the room, with tan velvet couches and a matching love seat. 

The door was three times as tall as any of them, with the knob made out of bronze. The walls seemed to glow and were what looked like liquid gold.

The bed was in the far right corner and was, you guessed it, in golden sheets with, surprisingly, sky blue floral patterns on the blankets. A single candle was lit in the middle of the room, hovering just over our heads.

"It's way to bright," Tammy and I said at the same time.

"Too much gold," Alice said, agreeing. "It's still better than ours."

"Wanna trade," Tammy asked her hopefully.

"Nope," Alice said with a grin. She was the devil to Tammy at the moment.

"I don't want to see mine," I said with worry smothering my sentence.

"I do! It has to be brighter than this," Peter said with a huge grin. Man could he be annoying.

"Count me in," Alice jumped up.

Anna and Symphony were standing at the edge, watching us in fascination.

"Let's stay here a while. I think Loki needs time to be alone," I said. It was partly true, but I was hoping to sidetrack them.

Tammy was about to protest and drag me to the room when Clint interrupted. "Luna's right. He needs to think." I was so relieved that I audibly sighed.

"How do we turn down this light," Clint asked Symphony.

"Figure it out, blondey," she told him.

We were all confused. "The candle," Anna smiled, pointing out the only seeming source of light. "The light reflects off of everything." She seemed to jump a little as she explained, as if she was holding back her personality. If so, she was really good and really hyper most of the time.

"How do we-" Tammy began when everything went dark.

"What happened," Alice asked softly.

"Who turned out the lights," Peter asked.

Suddenly, the light came back, blinding us. "It's a candle, I blew it out," Symphony said while she rolled her eyes.

"Turn it down," Anna nearly yelled. The candle's flame lowered, as did the light in the room.

Anna seemed to be getting more comfortable around us, but still seemed to be holding back. Not that I blame her, we are frost giants.

(We were there too!)

Alice, not now!

Not that I blame her, we are frost giants and human unpaid servants.



Anyway, I didn't press the matter, she would hopefully warm up to us. Well, Manet not Loki or Clint, but the rest of us, yeah.

We stayed in the Gold Room, as I had dubbed it, for nearly an hour. We would have stayed longer, but Tammy couldn't wait anymore, neither could Alice. After an hour, to the second, Alice and Tammy jumped up, Tammy off of the couch where she had been sitting with Clint, and Alice off the love seat, where she had been sitting with Peter.

"TIME TO CHECK OUT YOUR ROOM," they both yelled at the same time. Anna and Symphony, who had been talking quietly with each other, jumped about a foot in the air at the yell, which almost sounded like a war cry.

"Not yet," I nearly groaned. I had been sitting by the table on the opposite side of Anna and Symphony, as far from Tammy and Alice as possible.

"Oh, you cannot get out of this one, dear sister," Tammy said sweetly, with a malicious smile on her face.

"We must all see your room now," Alice said the same way. This time I did groan, as did everyone but the Lockhearts. When they talked like that, there was no reasoning or changing of their mind.

They walked over to me and each grabbed an arm, pulling me to my feet and dragging me to the door. "Everyone is coming," Alice said turning to the others.

"That is right," Tammy said. "That includes the Lockhearts." I groaned. Again.

I'd love to say that I straightened up and faced the new room with a brave face. Unfortunately, I can't, not because I have to be truthful and say that I was dreading this more than shopping, which I did, but because Tammy and Alice are standing right behind me.

I walked out the door, okay, I was being dragged, I wasn't even moving my feet and went limp for a second, but that was uncomfortable, so I stopped. I saw Tammy push the door in and was pushed through by Alice as she walked through.

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