Only You

There is this one girl who has a tough life in the story but than this guy came in here life and competely changes her life (i hope you in joy!!!)


6. Trouble

  "Morgan!" I heard from my room. I know it's not good but i had to go see what he wants(sadly)."Why did you seek out last night!?" how did he know that i suck out?!?! "What are you talking about?" i said looking up."Don't play stupid i found pictures on Instagram. i can play smart guess what YOUR GROUNDED FOR TWO WEEKS!!!!"he said laughing "what thats no far i was grounded the last to weeks to why not like three days like a nice dad would do!!!"i said with my voice shaking "oh now i'm not nice and i don't want to ground you for three days know i'm going to ground you for three weeks you don't talk back you under stand me don't talk back or that will happen." he said well yelling."fine" i yelled crying and running to my room

  I don't know what to do! i have a date with Louis in two weeks! If i texet him he may just think i'm just trying to blow him off and i don't text,call,or message him he may never talk to me again to i had to text i'm

                                   From you to Louis:

 hey Louis it's Morgan something came up my Grandma had died and i have a planed things so it's okay if do that next week?

                                     and send

                                          From Louis to you 

yea that's okay and sorry about your grandma.

   I'm happy he is not mad


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