Only You

There is this one girl who has a tough life in the story but than this guy came in here life and competely changes her life (i hope you in joy!!!)


5. The Text

   After the party I went home and I had to seek back in.The next morning I looked at my phone and I had a text from.I didn't know who it was said "can you meet up at Starbucks today!?! at 1:00". i looked at the time and it was 12:41 i texted back saying i my be late. Than i hoped in the shower, dried my hair and but it up in at bun,and do my makeup like every day. It was 1:00 "shoot I'm late" i walked out quietly because my dad was still sleeping he sleeps until like 6:00 so i was okay for now.

   I got to Starbucks and I saw Louis from the party.How did he get my number? Why does he want to see me a lot of things were going in my head. "hey mate I'm happy you could make it" he said "Who me?" i asked pointing at me "Yea"he said when giving me the come here look " yea I'm happy to be here" i said nervously." Don't be nervous" he said smiling how did he know i was nervous " i know it's just weird i never meet up with a boy after a party and see them again" i said with a nervous smile " Well don't worry. I was just wondering if you know just like hang out soon?" he asking nervously rubbing his neck."Sure i loved to!" he looked at me with a surpized

face "really? cool  how about in like one week? sorry so far a way i have to do lots of things to do this week" he said "that;s okay its a good time for me to in one week" i said smiling that's a good thing he said in one week because i'm still grounded. "Well i will see you around" " yea" i said smiling and turned around and left.



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