Only You

There is this one girl who has a tough life in the story but than this guy came in here life and competely changes her life (i hope you in joy!!!)


1. Seek out

"Morgan get down here" my dad yelled. Ever sent's my mom died my dad has been lazy,mean,and selfish."Clean up this mess or your grounded"he said pointing at the mess he made. "Why you made it?"I said yelling at him."That's it your grounded for two weeks!!"he said almost yelling "Wow that's new" i said with my teeth to gather and i had a fake smile on."Just go to your room" he said well yelling. 

My mom had died in a car crash.Before she goes to work i say "be safe."every single day.But,one night i was studying for a huge test all night. fell a sleep that night/morning and i didn't get to say be safe. That morning i didn't get to say be safe and than got in the car crash.

"Of course i'm grounded.I'm always grounded. I get grounded for no reason he just gets mad and get all he's anger and buts it on me to make him feel better!!!" I said over the phone. One of my best friends is Katelynn i tell her every thing!! "That sucks because remember my party?" she said sounding sad. "Oh shoot i for got about that!! I can try to seek out?" i said "Are you sure that's a good idea??" she said nervous "no but i haven't seen you in forever because i keep on getting grounded" i said "Okay are you sure?" she asked "Yes I'm sure bye i got to go" "bye" i hung up and went to bed but i couldn't sleep because i was thinking how I'm going to seek out tomorrow nigh

Its the night I seek out I'm very nervous. I think it may end up well. My dad is sleeping it's going to be easier than i though it would be. I got done getting ready. I hope works. I climbed out my window. and ran to her house.


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