Only You

There is this one girl who has a tough life in the story but than this guy came in here life and competely changes her life (i hope you in joy!!!)


4. Cute Guys

     "Hey look coming a head!"Katelynn  said in my ear. She is all about guys and ho w cute they are. I just rolled my eyes at her and said "HAHAHA very funny. Wait they are coming this way!" i said looking nervously at Katelynn. She just laughed."Hey" said the guy with curly hair and green eyes."How you two doing this fine night?" said guy with brown hair and blue eyes i giggled a little."Well Hi?" i giggled. Katelynn was shy that is werid because she could talk to a cute guys like them. but she lied and said she had to use the washroom and left me with to strangers  cute but strangers. "you look cute to night and I'm Louis" said the guy with blue eyes. "thank you but i don't even know you all i know is you are a guy and your name is Louis."i said fake smiling waiting for Katelynn to get back like now! "Oh yea I'm Harry" the guy said with curly hair and green eyes making him sound all proud i giggled a little."well Louis and Harry I'm Morgan" i said well shaking their hands.

     Katelynn came back from the washroom finally  "I'm back sorry about that I'm Katelynn" she said smiling and also shaking their hands. "I'm Harry and this is my friend Louis." Harry said smiling back at Katelynn and after we got to know them more we danced all to the best song ever.

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