Expect the Unexpected

Jenni has always been aware of everything; She was grown up in a single parent household and it was a violent one too. With five siblings she wants to escape but even with all her street smart abilities can she stop herself from falling in love with the one and only Niall Horan?


2. I'm only eighteen

Its raining outside, typical crappy English weather. My hands are shaking and my shoes are letting the pool of water in. I did it, i left home. Don't ask me why because you already know why, that stupid woman who wrecked everyones life. I have about three bags bundled in my arms and there stuffed to the brim full of clothes, shoes, makeup and other prize possessions of mine even though i hardly have any. Thoughts are racing through my mind at the moment telling me to do one thing and then another, I'm gonna fail all my A-levels, never get a good job, or a husband or have kids... A view of Elly comes in my mind, she's so alone now it makes me tear up but i quickly wipe the fear out of my eyes and carry on walking through the storm.

I just follow my heart and i end up in the park at the end of the street, its empty, graffitied and run down. All my childhood memories lay here since i was two years old i always came to this park every saturday to play or as in got older to clear my mind. I don't smoke but right now i feel like i really need to let go of my negative energy, an old man walks past me with a fag hanging off his lip, his skin greasy and his hair thin. Nope, i guess i've gone of the idea of a ciggy. 

The sky has partially cleared but its still got a few rainclouds lingering around here and there. A woman walks past me with a pram and looks at me in horror, i guess i am a bit of a state with my messy, windswept hair, my baggy eyes and my lose clothing. I cower away from her evil glare and sit under the rainbow colored shelter in the middle of the playground with my bags. I flip out my phone but realize it has no chance, for gods sake why is NOTHING going my way today?! I would've called Mike my best mate but I have no chance now and anyway he would never take me in he thinks i do drugs like my mum. I sigh to myself and lean my head back again the grating. And i guess i fell asleep.



"STOP!" Liam yelled as we roared through the shabby estate called something like Mildew Towers. This has to be the worst place i've ever been in my whole life, i just saw a woman holding a tiny weeny baby and smoking over its head. For christs sake people have some self sense. The car judders to a stop and Harry sighs raggedly, obviously just as scared as i was.

"What!" He yells at Liam, His face is bright red and i guess he's kindaaa angry.

"Look," Liam points into a wild looking, overgrown play area, "see that girl, sleeping?" 

We all stare in amazement at the girl, she looks like a warrior, her honey colored hair is tangled around her head and she has bags all around her feet.

"AND?!! WHAT DID YOU MAKE ME STOP THE BLOODY CAR FOR!" Harry yells in Liam's face. 

"I-I want to help her." He mumbles.

"What the hell she could be pregnant of a drug-" Harry crinkles up his nose at the thought of it but i interrupt.

"Or she could be hurt or lost or anything bad so I'm going to ask her." I sass back and jump out of the black range rover. I hear the door close behind me and no one gets out. I sigh but carry on i just need to know whats wrong with her and then i'll leave.

I tiptoe carefully over to her trying not to wake her. On closer inspection there are dry tears down her cheeks and faint lines on her wrist. Christ alive this is scary, my breathing gets heavy as i sit down opposite her. I don't know if i should wake her she might attack me....


~~~~~~Jenni's POV~~~~~~~

My eyes flutter open slowly and i realize that im still sleeping in the park, im about to sit up and open my eyes fully when i see someone sitting opposite me, my heart lurches in my chest as i think of the terrible things they might do. They come closer so i pretend to be asleep but keep my eyes open a sliver. 

"Hello? Are you alright love?" An irish voice whispers in my ear, tickling me. I open my eyes and widen them in surprise. The person screams and jumps back like i'm contaminated or some kind of monster. 

"I-im only eighteen p-please don't kill me or rape me or anything..." I burst out crying and start shaking all over. The figure comes closer and a flash of light reveals his face. I gasp in shock at how handsome he is. His blonde hair stands in a quiff on his head and his dazzling blue eyes are full of concern. I relax slightly and i think he notices.

"I won't hurt you darlin', i'm Niall and you are?"


"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He winks at me. Is he flirting with me?!

"Are ye alright?" 

"Yes... I mean no, i ran way from home." I shiver as the sight of mum runs through my mind.

His strong, warm arms hold me in an embrace and its really, really comforting. 

"Come with me Jenni i swear to god i wont let harm reach ya." He smiles nervously.

I'm desperate, come on like you wouldn't accept. I nod and he reaches down for my bags.

"No let me carry them." I say.

"No i insist no woman should ever carry bags this heavy." He winces as he lifts the bag on his shoulder. I follow him to a black range rover and hear yelling and laughing inside of it. 

"NIALLL!!!" A boy with brown hair and a stripy shirt hugs Niall nearly making him topple over. 

"And whos this lovely lady." He bows at me.

"I'm Jenni." I blush secretly, he so funny.

"Great i'm Louis, thats Harry, thats Zayn, thats Liam and i expect you already know Niall here." 

"Yeah, are you sure you don't mind me tagging along?" 

"No problemo. GUYS MOVE YOUR ARSES FOR THIS LOVELY LADY JENNI." He yells into the van and everyone shuffles around leaving two seats for me and Niall... I'm guessing.

I clamber in, trying not to knock my head on the low ceiling. Everyone mumbles a hello to me and we start driving.


Well this is an adventure.




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