Expect the Unexpected

Jenni has always been aware of everything; She was grown up in a single parent household and it was a violent one too. With five siblings she wants to escape but even with all her street smart abilities can she stop herself from falling in love with the one and only Niall Horan?


1. 1. It all starts now

"GET LOST CALLUM! FOR CHRISTS SAKE." I yell as the door squeaks open once again. A little blonde head pokes round the door and Elly wanders into my tiny box room, the bed is squashed into one corner and a few shelves on the wall opposite.

"Hwi." She mumbles and shuffles over next to me, her thumb stuck firmly in her mouth.

"Mummy hitted me." She sniffled and widened her eyes. My head races once again; My mums the only adult here but i'm the one who does everything for everyone. With five kids plus me and a needy asshole as a mum you can see where i'm at. Right now i'm trying to study for my A levels but everyone keeps running in and out of my room like its a playground.  Mum used to hit me as well but i began to fight back so she thought better of it and backed off. To be honest she's a crap excuse of a parent and she always mopes around after hitting people saying how everyone hates her and how she's going to cry. But for gods sake woman do you have a mind at the moment! You can't go around hitting people and expect them to come smiling back to you later.

We all have different dads; Me (18), Elly (3), Callum (10), Maura (5),  Finlay (15) and Gemma (7). I was born first obviously but mum doesn't care for me any more than she cares for the other whiners. Out of all of them i would have to say Elly is my favorite because shes so small and helpless, whenever mum hits her i cry silently in my room because i know if i go in there and try to help her mum will threaten to kill her. It hasn't always been like this, my mum i mean. She was once a nice caring young woman with three children and then Maura and Elly came along. I don't mean that in a bad way but ever since they where born she was under so much stress and she was depressed and blah blah blah.... 

I focus back on Elly who has laid down on my bed with her thin blue blanket flung over her tiny body, shes so helpless and she doesn't have a choice. Fifteen more years with this bloody monster, it makes me want to scream. She already has a purple bruise blooming under her grubby baby grow sleeve but they are no where near as bad as my 'battle' scars. I have scars on my wrists from where i used to cut myself but they're very faint, scars on my thighs and a stitching scar on my head where mum cracked my head open 'by accident'. Shes so pathetic, I can smell the weed floating under her door and into my room, it chokes me makes me wretch a few times. In the end i leave Elly sleeping on my bed and walk out. The flats a tip, clothes thrown everywhere and water seeping all over the cheap wooden flooring. I guess the washing machines broken again. Well at least i have a reason to talk to mum now, I push open her door and thick smoke rushed out into my face causing me to gag.


"Yeah what the fuck you want you arse hole?" She coughs.

I can see her now through the thick smoke, sitting there shriveled up on her bed, the curtains drawn. She looks like a mad old woman, her blonde hair is thinning and her eyes poke out of their sockets. If you saw her you would definitely know she was on drugs, she doesn't eat so shes paper thin and it makes her look really ugly. I see a figure laying next to her in the bed and i realise they're both naked. What a skank, sleeping with a new man every night.

"Whos this then Mum?" I ask sternly like i'm the parent and she's the kid.

"I dunno just woke up naked with this fit guy on top of me. I guess we banged and boom. 50th time lucky." She cackled and blew circles through the smoke. I rolled my eyes, 

"Mum the washing machines packed up again." 

"Do i look like i give a SHIT?" 

"Well its your house but i guess its okay because you wear the same clothes everyday you tramp." I spit at her like shes a  pavement. She doesn't look upset for one minute but leans over and shouts in my face.


I laugh at this because it's not me thats the slut, its that witch laying in the messy bed with a guy twenty years younger than her. I storm out and run into my room where Elly is still sleeping soundly with her tiny thumb in her mouth, I feel bad but I know i have to do this.






Sorry i hate authors notes but i'm probably gonna enter this for the fandom contest because YES it will be a NIALL HORAN story (SCREAMS) YAYA Just make sure i don't make it bad :(

Well i love you if you read it cos it means a lot to me....

Could u also check out my movella is this love? 

Thanks honey boo boos xoxox <333


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