The Mistake || Larry Stylinson


Louis Tomlinson made the biggest mistake of his life. Will Harry Styles his roommate forgive him? Will their friendship break? Or better, strengthen?

Read to find out


1. Chapter 1:

Chapter 1:

I woke up with Eleanor next to me laying intertwined between the covers. "Good morning babe." She said smiling. "Morning." I said quietly. I rolled over, jumped off the bed, and stood up. A sharp pain rushed to my forehead. I closed my eyes and held my head. What happened last night? 




Last night... Oh hell.. I had sex, with Eleanor... Last night... While I was drunk. 

Then it all came back to me.

-----Yesterday morning-----

Harry's POV:

It was around 6:00 and Louis and I were sitting on the couch with our laptops in our lap. We were reading the fans tweets they have tweeted to us. They were mostly about Larry Stylinson. Ugh. 

"@Louis_Tomlinson How are you and Harry? Heard he wore a hat today;)"

"@Louis_Tomlinson. @Harry_Styles wore a hat today!! Someone got some last night! ;D #Larry"

Oh great, now they thought we had sex.. We didn't of course. Eew. Sex with my best mate. I'm not even gay and neither is he. Well, not that I know of. He even has a girlfriend, Eleanor. 

"@Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles I ship Larry so much more then Elounor. Just saying. "

Who do they think they are. Going around accusing that Larry is real and that Eleanor is a beard? That's just stupid!

I snapped. "Who do they think they are Louis? Going around saying stuff like that? We are just best mates. That's all!"

He frowned and looked at his laptop. What's his problem. Maybe I was a little mean.. I looked back at him. 

"Hey, you ok Lou?"

He just nodded still looking at the computer screen. What's wrong with him? 


He looked up and his eyes were filled with water. 

"Louis, what's wrong?"

He looked down. 

"Uh-nothing. Everything's fine." 

With that he stood up and walked upstairs. 

Louis POV

What was wrong with me? Why was I so mad about Harry defending me and Eleanor? It was good right? Well, she is my beard anyways. She didn't know that though.. Only me and management knew. They found out I was gay during the XFactor and of course they had to do something about it. Eleanor's dad is one of the head business boss in the modest management. He said that his daughter loves me and so there ya go. I was in "love" with Eleanor. I loved Eleanor like a sister. Thats all. But yes, I'm gay, and I'm perfectly fine with it... Well, not really.. I'm in love. With someone I can't be in love with. My best mate. Harry Styles. Him, his eyes, his hair, his gorgeous body. Just everything about him. When ever I was with him he gave me the chills. But, it's impossible to like him. He's straight. I'm gay. It's impossible. 

I walked over to the fridge in my room and pulled out a beer. I chugged it down burning my throat. Threw it away and grabbed another until I was intoxicated with all the alcohol. 
My vision became blurry and my mind went crazy. 

Harry doesn't love me, Harry will never love me. Never has and never will. 

I know someone who does love me. Eleanor. Eleanor loves me and she wanted to have a family and get married. But.. I wasn't right for her and for that. Maybe. Was I ready? Was she ready? Could we? I shook my head. We aren't even married yet. We will just have to try. 

I called Eleanor. 


"Hey honey, it's Louis."

"Oh hey Lou! What's up?"

"Well, I'm ready... I think we should do it?"

She knew what I was talking about. She wanted to a couple of weeks ago but I wasn't ready, well of course I wasn't ready. I'm gay for heavens sake. But what the hell? What could go wrong?

"Yes babe, I'm ready. Well, if you are?" 

"Of course I'm ready Louis!" 

I grinned.

"Okay, wanna come over now?"

She paused. I could tell she was thinking. 

"Babe?" I asked again making sure she was there. 

"Yeah Louis? Ill be over."

"Ok. See ya in a few."


Yay! Here's chapter 1! I hope you like it!:) please comment vote and fan!:) I fan back!:) 


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