Switched With Superstar

This is all about a girl named Megan who's life is completely turned around when her body get's switched with Perrie Edwards from little mix. there a lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!


8. Um......Okay?


After Megan left I just stood there with my eyes glued to the floor. My left eye was starting to form a bit of a twitch. Now I know what I have to do. And I need to do it tonight.

"Don't be so down babe. You made the right choice." Jeff says kissing my forehead. 

"Yes...okay. Hey why don't you wait in the room. I have a big surprise for you. Just let me put that away." I reply pointing to the knife. He handed it to me and walked to our room with a wink. I walk down to the kitchen and grab the knife sharpener. What am I doing? What's wrong with me? I feel so bad even though I know he deserves this. I slowly traveled up the stairs to our room with the knife behind my back. He was naked.....just how I want it. 

"Hey. What you got behind your back there Liv?" he asked. Without answering I walk up to the bed and give him a quick kiss. 

"I'll miss you" I whisper. 

"What?" he replies. I traveled down as I pulled the knife from behind my back. "Wait Liv what are you doing?.....AHHHHHHHH" he yelled as I chopped his lower area. "Liv st-!" he was cut off by me stuffing his "parts" down his throat and making sure he choked. With that twitch in my eye coming back again I began jamming the knife in his gut. All he could do was widen his eyes and make muffled screaming sounds. I kept stabbing until I felt satisfied. When I was done with that I went up and chopped his head off. Suddenly a wave of sadness came over me. 

"Jeff! Jeff! Stay with me Jeff please! Don't die on me Jeffery!" I cried. I emptied his mouth and kissed his cold dead lips. What have I done?  "I hope you can forgive me baby" I cry again. But everything turns quiet when I hear the police sirens right in front of the house. Oh crap the shades are open! Freaking Emma is so nosy she probably called them. I wish people could just stay out of my business! 

"Olivia Wicker, we have the house surrounded!" they said on the loud speaker. I kind of zoned out for the rest. Well there's nothing to do but surrender. 

"If you catch me alive I'm all yours boys!" I yell down at them. First I grabbed my horseback riding helmet and placed it on. Then I jumped down. Unfortunately they caught me without hurting me one bit and placed me in the squad car. But it took about 5 of them to get me in there. I wasn't gonna let them have me that easily. When we got to the station they put me in a solitary confinement cell. "Oh is this really necessary?!" I yelled. Everyone just ignored me and continued what they were doing. They had the mugshot photographer come into my room. I stuck my tongue out Miley Cyrus style for the picture. I wanted to be fierce just like her ;). But really the psycho room Liv? What a downgrade!     




I jump right up from the hotel bed and get ready. Man I really regret not getting this "gift" the first time. Why all this stress for this stupid little thing?! I hop back into Megan's car and go back to the CVS. I run to the back and wait for her to show up. Soon  enough, she's here. 

"Okay Dwezle how do we get to your 'headquarters'? " I ask 

"Well.....if you're happy and you know it clap your hands" he said 

"Are you kidding me?" Megan whined. 

"DO IT" he shrieked. We both rolled our eyes and clapped. "Now you've got it! If you're happy and you know it stomp your feet" We did what he told us to. Who knows how quick Dweezle can switch emotions. He's a strange little man. We shouted hooray and did all three when a bright light shined from the brick wall. 

"Whoa!" we both said.

"Shall we?" Megan asks extending her hand. I grabbed it and we stepped inside. We entered a room with Harry tied to a chair and it was lit by only one small light bulb. He looked really scared and really confused. 

"Hey Ladies. Just in time for the show" Dweezle appeared from behind us. 

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Are you gonna untie Harry now?" I ask impatiently. 

"I don't like your tone Perrie! I wasn't going to harm him! But now I HAVE to! See what you did?! You caused me to be like this! You're just a horrible person!" he yells slamming a button. 

"AH!" Harry screams in pain. You could see the electric bolts being sent into him. 

"No stop! Don't hurt him! What do you want from us?! Anything, it's yours!" Megan yells.

"I WANT PERRIE TO GET THE GIFT! SINCE THAT'S NOT HAPPENING!" he slammed his fist on the button. I saw tears filling in her/ my eyes. She must really care for him.  Dweezle took a deep breath and smiled. Without saying anything he went over and untied Harry. With a half smile he wobbled over and pulled us into a hug. "Go" Dweezle whispered. 

"But-" I was cut off 

"GO BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!" he blasted. And with that all three of dashed out of there. Dweezle needs to go for some serious help. 

"Thank you guys so much!" he says giving us each individual hugs. 

"We um gotta get going" Megan says afterwards. And with that we all went our separate ways. 




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