Switched With Superstar

This is all about a girl named Megan who's life is completely turned around when her body get's switched with Perrie Edwards from little mix. there a lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!


3. So different


 I open the door excitedly. I want to see what it's like to be normal again just for a day. To NOT be mobbed by fans for once. I close my eyes and step in. Taking a big sigh, I open my eyes. Wow, that is not fresh air. I take a look around and see a beautiful horse running around in a fenced area. Ooh who's that riding it? No focus Perrie! That's not what I'm here for. I feel something squishy under my feet.

"Okay, eww!" I say trying to hold back a scream when I realize it's cow poo. I step out of it and continue to watch the horse. But my only question is, why am I at a farm? My thoughts were interrupted by a fake girl voice behind me.

"OMG he's so dreamy!"the person starts then regains his male voice. "But I'm not paying you to sit and watch Joey all day now am I?! You're late Megan, I'm surprised at you. I mean with your crystal clear record and everything. I'll let you off with a warning this time, but don't let it happen again. Now get in there an d start bathing Lucy!" the man yells. Sometimes I have the habit of letting my mouth do the thinking and today was one of those days.

"Excuse me but who are you?" I mistakenly ask as he was walking away. He turned to face me and he was clearly upset. 

"In case you haven't noticed, I'M YOUR BOSS! I could fire you right now and you and your sass would be out of here! So watch it Missy!!!" he blasts. 

"I'm sorry sir. I had a little fall and hit my head and forgot. I swear it won't happen again. I'll tell my 'sass' to relax for a while" I respond. 

"Now there's the Megan I know and love." he says walking away again. The guy I assumed was Joey got off the horse and started coming my way. 

"Sorry about my dad. He tends to blow up at people sometimes. Is you head okay?" he asks. 

"It's feeling better. But I've seemed to have forgotten who you are. Or where I am. This is my job right?" I question. He laughs at my confusion. 

"Yes this is your job. And I'm your friend Joey" he explains. 

"Okay, now that I'm up to speed, I think I have a horse to wash." I giggle. 

" You go do that! I wouldn't want you getting fired." he laughs as I walk towards the stables. What a great start! 



I step into the fabulous door not knowing what to expect. Whoa this place is really cool! There was cheetah print wallpaper, 4 big pink beanbags, 4 mirrors with lights and glitter around the rim and a table full of snacks and drinks. I think this is a dressing room of some sort. I see a parking lot outside of the window so I must be in a trailer. There is a big building with many people crowding at the door to get inside. If I'm Perrie Edwards... that means I'm a part of Little Mix. Little mix is a music group...and music groups have concerts...and concerts are in stadiums which means, I'M SUPPOSED TO BE IN THAT BUILDING! I swing the door open and start sprinting towards the building. As I'm running I try searching for a special entrance. Finally I see a black door with a big white "backstage" printed on it. I change my direction and go towards it. There is a huge security guard standing at the door. I assume he will let me in seeing as to I'm late for my own concert. 

"Perrie, where have you been?!" he exclaims. I open my mouth to respond but he cuts me off before I can, "That doesn't matter. Just get in here." he says. I nod my head and go inside. When I go inside I see Jesy Nelson from little mix running towards me. For a moment I get excited then I remember who I am and mellow down. 

"Perrie, we've been looking everywhere for you! You only have an hour to get ready. The fans are already starting to arrive. Go! Go! Go!" she says. 

"Okay I'm going" I run towards my dressing room. The hair and makeup crew were already waiting for me. I grab the outfit on the rack and head behind one of the curtains. I quickly slipped on the clothes and sped to the chair with Perrie's name on the back. They did my hair and face at the same time. In a matter of 20 minutes I was ready for the show. 

"Thanks guys" I say to all of them before leaving and going to the "Greenroom" to meet up with the other girls. 

"Wow that was quick! You look great." said Jade.

"Thanks. You guys ready?" I ask. 

"As always! Perr why do you look so pale?" Leigh Anne asks me.

"I don't know. I'm just a bit nervous is all" I stammered.

"Well that's not like you. You're usually the one who comforts me when I'm nervous." she retorted. 

"I just feel nervous tonight." I shrug. They really can't take a hint can they. 

"Well don't worry. Just remember what you say to me 'the spotlight is so freaking right you can't even see the crowd'. " Jesy adds. 

"Really? You can't see them?" I make the mistake of asking. 

"Uh, yeah really. Are you feeling okay? Did you forget how many times you've done this before?" she replies. 

"Yeah I'm fine. I just didn't have enough sleep last night." I try to cover. 

"Really, because you stayed with me and I saw you sleeping like a baby" Leigh Anne says. Seriously they just need to drop it! 

"Can we just review the song order? I forgot it." I try changing the subject since obviously  they aren't going to believe anything I say.

"We start with 'DNA', then 'Wings', after that 'Change you life', 'How ya doing', 'turn you face', 'going nowhere', 'cannonball', 'we are who we are', and then we end with 'Always be together'. We just went over this like 2 hours ago. You sure you can perform? I can go postpone the show." Jade says with concern. 

"No don't do that! I don't want to disappoint all those fans out there. I can do this." I say confidentially. This is going to be scary but I have to suck it up. I'm THE Perrie Edwards and all these people are here for me (well little mix which I'm part of)! We got onstage and introduced ourselves and I said my name last. 

"I'm Perrie Edwards," I say. 

"And we're Little Mix" we all yell in unison. We start to sing DNA and I was a bit shaky. Especially because my solo was first. In the middle of the song was where my confidence boosted sky high. By the time we got to 'Wings' I was totally pumped for my solo. 

"I'm fired up on that runway. I know I'm gonna get there someday. And we don't need no ready steady go on No!" I sing. That felt great! Wow I can get used to this. 



"Dad are you kidding?! That's so unfair!" I yell. 

"Life's not fair" he replies with no emotion. 

"Come on! I never ask for anything, I stay out of trouble, don;t do drugs, don't drink , I'm not in a gang. I have a job and still get good grades. All I ask is to go to one party. ONE PARTY. Is that too much to ask?" I plea. 

"Those are things you are supposed to do. What do you want a reward for that?" He asks. 

"Yeah and I have a few ideas so you don't have to worry about thinking them up." I answer smiling cheekily.

"No it's fine I already have one in mind." he says reaching in his pocket. 

"Aw thanks dad you're the best!" I say thinking e was getting the keys to his car. 

"I know I am. And you're going to love this reward." he says. I groan with disappointment as he pulls out a pair of reigns and hands them to me. 

"You get the rest of the day off to ride Shelby." he laughs. I take them from his hand and start storming out of the living room and straight out the door of the large white house.

"This isn't over" I shout back in still hearing him cracking up. I make my way to the arena and unlock it. 

"What's up Shelby? Looks like you need a groom." I say to the horse. She is an average sized horse with tan fur and a blonde mane. After a short grooming session I attach the reigns and slide onto the saddle. I start  directing her and jumping over hurdles. I was getting ready to go on a trail ride when I saw Megan standing there and soaking in me awesomeness. I was about to stop Shelby and wave  but I saw my dad go up and yell at her. Probably not a good time to mess with him. He must be mad about the whole "this isn't over" thing. I only hear parts of their conversation like when she said she hit her head and forgot most things. A wave of relief came over me at hearing this. That makes me sound like a supreme jerk but you don't understand. We were the best of friends until I messed up badly and asked her out. Then things got all awkward between us. Maybe it's good that I got this second chance. Being just friends can't be all that bad. I walk over to her and we talk for a little while. I catch her up to things and can't help but to laugh at how confused she was. She walks away to the stables but I just stay there and watch to make sure she gets there safely. I started to walk back to Shelby but then I got an idea. This is going to be great! 



When I finished washing Lucy or whatever her name is I took a step back in admiration. I did pretty well considering I've never touched a horse in my life. Megan's nose must be awesome at getting used to things because it doesn't smell that bad anymore. I took out the braids I had put in at the beginning so her mane could be wavy. She looked amazingly fabulous!!! I pulled out Meg's phone to take a picture. Oh crap I don't know her password! That sucks in so many ways and forms. 

"Perrie, Megan's pass code is 2253. I figured you would need it to take a picture of this horse."  said Dweezle. That little man is really helpful sometimes. Other times you just want to punch that smirk off his face. Anyways, I took the picture and put the phone back in my pocket. I saw Joey making his way over to me. He was walking with some other teenage looking dude. 

"You have the day off. This is Tyler you other co-worker and Ex-boyfriend. He's gonna fill in for you. Let's go." He insisted. 

"But where are we going?" I ask. 

"It's a surprise. Now c'mon!" he says. Well that was helpful. He grabbed my hand and led me to his truck. On the drive there I kept asking about where we were going. His answer to every question was "You'll see when we get there" while he kept his eyes glued to the road. We finally pulled up to a riverside bank when he tells me what he was up to. 

"So you know how you like One Direction right?" he states turning towards me. 

"Oh yeah! More than you think. Some I prefer more than others." I reply. 

"Okay.....Anyways, it took 6 months and saving up all my allowances and salaries but I finally got them to do a private concert for you" he confessed. 

"Oh my gosh Joey you did that for me?!" I ask surprised. 

"Yeah" he blushed. 

"That was amazing of you. I don't know what to say" I reply, "Wait did you leave something out when you were telling me about my surroundings" 

"Nope I told you enough to get you through the day" he says back a little too quickly. 

"No..." I start suspiciously, "You're my boyfriend right?" I say causing him to look relieved. He must have done something to wrong to Megan. I intend to find out by the end of this week. 

"Um no, you're single. I mean I could be if you want. But you probably don't" he says looking down. 

"Who told you that?" I say pulling him into a hug. I felt his heartbeat get faster. He must really like her. 

"Now lets go the show's about to start." Joey says smiling wide. When we got there they all introduce themselves and we exchange hug/handshakes (for Joey). I notice that the whole time Harry is looking at me funny.  Weird



After the show we did a few meet and greets with some fans who landed backstage passes. I got to admit it feels great to have all those little girls telling me how much they want to be like me and how great I am, even if those compliments aren't for me. When we were done with that we went back into the greenroom to chill. It wasn't long until the best part of this switch walked into the room. ONE DIRECTION!!!! All five of them standing in my presence. I should act cool but I don't think I can. Okay here's the plan. I'll freak out only on the inside and just picture Sophie's face on all of them. Except for Zayn because that would just be awkward. My thoughts were interrupted by Louis' heavy British accent. 

"Hey ladies. I hope you don't mind but we've decided to add the element of surprise to this party." he says with a huge grin on his face. 

"Oh Mr. Tomlinson. You will be shocked at our plans for you as well." I reply also smiling. The girls and I already have melted chocolate loaded in super soakers to ambush them. 

"Is that so Ms. Edwards because I think it's about time to....FIRE!" He says back. At Louis' command, the boys pull out bowls of carrots from behind their backs and started pelting us with them. 

"NOW GIRLS" Jesy demands. We get our super soakers and blasted them with tons of chocolate. This went on for about 10 minutes before we all got tired. Then in unison we all plop onto the couches. What they didn't know is that the girls have other things planned for them. We found out everything that they hate and wrapped them up. We're going to give it to them and see what happens. Checkmate for the girls, always one step ahead :) 

"Okay gift time!" announced Jesy. 

"For Liam" I say  handing him a box. 

"For Harry" says Leigh Anne doing the same thing. 

"For Mr. Tomlinson" says Jade. 

"For Zayn" says Jesy. 

"And we saved the best for last...." Leigh Anne starts. 

"Niall Horan" we say in unison all smiling. I noticed that they say things in unison a lot. 

"You got me....spoons." Liam says faking a grin. 

"And for me a flat iron. That's just not nice guys" Harry adds. 

"Baked beans, eww. And ooh a note! I wonder what is says" follows Louis, "You sir have fully grown up! Meaning no more being childish and no more being called 'boo-bear' because face it you're 21 years old Mr. Tomlinson." he reads. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" he adds dramatically afterwards. I can't help but to laugh. Zayn and Niall join in too. "Yeah that's right laugh at my pain. You haven't opened yours yet" he pouts. 

"Aw I only got a letter" Zayn says, "Awesome!" When he reads it all emotion drops from his face. "You didn't" is all he can say. 

"We did" I say through giggles. 

"What does it say?" Liam asks concerned. 

"It says 'We have arranged for you to do a little dance show for a group of paying fans' seriously guys that's just wrong" Zayn replies going to pout next to Louis. 

"Yeah, I'm good with not opening mine. I don't even like presents." Niall says. 

"Oh don't be such a baby. Just open it!" Harry complains. He was obviously sick and tired of everyone around him. 

"Actually it's more than a note Niall. We rented a little pet for you. It's yours for the day." Jade informs him, "can you go get it Liam?" she asks. 

"Sure thing love" he replies. He goes to the back of the room to get the glass cage. "Oh Niall's gonna freak out about this." he mumbles. He returns into sight with Nialls pet bat. Nialls face goes completely red when he sees it. 

"Guys that's just sick!" Niall says. 

"Oh it gets worse. You haven't read your note yet." Leigh Anne grins. He frowns as he picks it up and opens it. 

"Dear Nialler, your worst fear has come true. All the food in the world has run out. For a whole day you will be limited to one food option.....brussel sprouts. Your only drink option is water. Enjoy you last meals before that dreadful day. Good luck!" he read out loud. 

"Ooooohhh" all the boys said. 

"Sorry mate" Harry comforted. 

"Mine is by far the worst! And I'm the innocent one." he lies. 

"Oh yeah sure!" I say sarcastically. 

"Anyways besides your terrible gifts, we have this private concert to do. But we can all hang out with you guys when it's over." Liam announces. He's really mature considering he is constantly surrounded be idiots. Meanwhile HOW DOES ELEANOR HANDLE LOUIS EVERYDAY?! Well my first day was great as you can see. So much better than I ever expected. Everyone is actually pretty cool once you get to know them. I never knew when stars are offstage the could be so...Different.  










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