Switched With Superstar

This is all about a girl named Megan who's life is completely turned around when her body get's switched with Perrie Edwards from little mix. there a lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!


6. Not so sweet home



After the concert, Joey took me back to the farm and I got in Megan's/my car. It was a pretty nice car actually. A pastel blue Mini Cooper. Anyway, I waved bye to Joey as I pulled out of the driveway. My stomach started to grumble really loudly so I decided to stop at McDonald's for some food. 

"Hello. Can I have a Bug Mac meal,an apple pie, a caramel sundae and three chocolate chip cookies please? Thanks love." I said into the speaker. I know what you're thinking. 'wow Perrie isn't that a bit much?' Actually it's not! I just love my food okay? I drove up to the window and payed.Then waited for them to bring it out. The guy at the window wrote his name and number on the bag. 

"Use it sometime cutie!" he winked as he gave it to me. 

"I'm taken prick!" I snapped pulling off. Then suddenly, the most important thought of the night came to me. Where the heck do I live?! Okay so I needed to call Dweezle without looking like a complete psycho since the windows were open. I'm not sure why, it's the middle of February but I felt hot....Oh I have an idea! I grabbed Megan's phone out of my pocket. 

"Hey Dweezle I have a question." I said pretending to be on the phone. 

"Yes Perrie?" he replied. 

"Where does Megan live?" I ask in the softest tone I could do. 

"Oh it finally hit you didn't it?! You could have  asked before, like when you were jamming out with 1D! Anyways, I will just control your hands and feet you just pay attention. Also, you could mentally talk to me....now you're just making yourself look stupid."he stated

"Well thanks for not telling me! You let me go through all that struggle for nothing! Now I just look dumb!" I snap. 

"You still haven't stopped love" he laughed. I was silent for a moment as I lowered the phone. 

"Ugh! Go on." I thought. 

"Megan can hear me too but she can't talk directly to you right now. However if you would like I can arrange for you two to be able to hear each other." he explained. 

"Sure" I replied. 

"Okay but it might hurt a bit just for a quick second" he said. 

"That's cool. Just do it!" I demanded.  Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my head. I clenched it in pain. Is it over now? 

"Megan?" I thought. 

"Yeah I'm here. Can you hear me?" she replies. 

"Yep! Loud and clear. How are you doing over there?" I ask.  

"It's great. Not at all what I expected." she exclaimed, "What about you? Do you feel comfortable there?" she asked with a worried tone. 

"Yes! I'm perfect here! A girl could get used to this. Without all those screaming teenagers I feel the stress just melting off." I laughed. 

"That's great! Guess what? I'm about to go to Ed Sheeran's party! I freaking love your life!" she replies. 

"Oh yeah Ed's birthday," I said getting quiet. "Well  have fun!" I say. 

"Alright!" she says. And that was the end of our conversation. Oh no! Oh crap! She's going to find out about Ed and I!! Then she's gonna tell Zayn and everything's gonna be bad. I guess there's nothing I can do about it now. I'll just let it happen. Right now I have bigger problems. I walked into the townhouse and saw a woman sitting on the couch reading. I assumed it was Megan's mum because they looked so much alike. But if it's like her sister or something saying 'hi mum' would be awkward. So I just went with the simple hello. She looked up from her book angrily. 

"Hello....Hello?! Is that all you have to say for yourself?!?!?! If I calculated right you were supposed to be home 5 minutes ago! WHERE WERE YOU?!?!?!?!?!??!?!" she yelled. Okay...this lady is extremely precise. I don't think I should tell her where Megan really was. She might flip completely out. 

"What do you mean? I went to work and came back. There was a bit of  a delay from traffic and that's all." I said. 

"Are you calling me a liar?" she asked calmly as she got up and walked towards me. "ARE YOU CALLING ME A FREAKING LIAR?!?!?!?!" she screamed smacking me hard across the face. I grabbed my face in pain. She was wearing a really big ring and it hurt really bad. 

"Jeffery get down here!" she called upstairs. I stood behind her, with tears filling in my eyes. I guess Jeffery was Megan's father or something. 

"Wait....who's Jeffery?" I ask. I must've let my mouth do the thinking again. I always do. 

"Um, you step dad. Don't you remember him?" she responds like nothing had just happened.

"Yes I knew that!" I replied. It was quiet for a minute as she glared at me. Finally Jeffery came running downstairs. He sort of looked like an older, uglier version of Justin Timberlake.  Except for the fact that he was getting a beer belly. 

"What do you want Liv! Honest to God its like a person can never get enough rest with you!" he shouts. 

"What are you talking about Jeff?! All you ever do is rest. Why don't you just be productive in life for once!" she yells back. They do this for about 10 minutes straight. I could've taken this as my chance to run away but I'm not sure what they would do to me if they found me so I just stayed put. 

"You know what, that's not what I called you down here for! Megan her has been running the streets. She's 5 whole minutes late!" Liv explained.  

"Oh please what could I have possibly done in 5 minutes?! If you really want to know where I was I stopped at McDonald's! Nothing else! Goodness!" I snapped. You know I do a lot of mouth thinking lately. 

"Oh so now you're late AND being disrespectful?! You know what, pack your stuff and leave. GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" she screamed. Jeff just stood there drinking his beer and smirking. 

"Listen to your mother" he says. I scoffed at both of them and ran upstairs furiously. I grabbed a suitcase out of the closet and started packing everything in sight. I heard some footsteps approaching the room. I looked up to see Jeff leaning against the door frame watching me with that stupid grin. 

"Where you gonna go?" he asked. 

"I'll find somewhere." I reply coldly. 

"Can I give you something to remember me by? But you gotta be quiet about it we don't have much time." he asked getting closer. 

"Whatever" I said still packing. He came up behind me and grabbed my arm tightly. "What are you doing?! Get off of me!" I yell trying to move away. 

"You know purple is really your color?" he says trying to lift up my shirt. I manage to get away but he grabbed me from behind. 

"MOM! MOM HELP! MOOOOMMMM!!!" I screamed, praying she would hear me. Soon enough I heard someone coming up the stairs. 

"You shouldn't have done that Megan" he whispers pulling out a knife from his back pocket and putting it to my neck. 

"Jeffery what are you doing?! Get off my daughter!" Liv yelled. I kicked him in the stomach and ran to her. I cried in her shoulder trembling with fear. Jeff just rolled his eyes. 

"Olivia if you dare tell anyone about this I'm leaving for good." he says raising the knife to us, "it's either me or her."  

"Ugh you're such a pig! How dare you ask my mother that?! You should know she's gonna pick me! Right mom?" I said turning to her. She just stood still looking at the ground. 

"Mom!" I repeated with tears forming in my eyes. How come Megan never mentioned this? She seemed so happy and care free. 

"I think it's better if you leave Megan." she whispered. "Jeff and I just got married. And you know how your dad left. I need a distraction from that." By now there were tears streaming down my face. 

'Fine. I get it. I'll go. I hope you two are happy together!" I spat grabbing my bag and storming out of the room. 

"Megan" she called. 
"Yeah?" I turned hopefully. 

"Don't forget your toothbrush. You didn't check the bathroom yet." she said. 

"Right" I frowned. "Thanks." I replied. I went into the bathroom and stuffed my toothbrush in my bag. 

"Bye sweetie" Jeff mocked, blowing me a kiss. I ignored him and stormed out the door. I got in the car and just started driving. Once again I didn't know where I was going. As long as I was far from there. I stopped at the nearest CVS I saw. Believe it or not I was really thirsty for some reason. I went in and bought an Arizona. Realizing I had nowhere to go, I decided to just sleep here. So I got in the car and brought the seat back and dozed off. If this is what Megan goes through every day, I'm ready to go back now.  


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