Switched With Superstar

This is all about a girl named Megan who's life is completely turned around when her body get's switched with Perrie Edwards from little mix. there a lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!


7. More than friends?


"Guys I'm going for some candy at CVS you want anything?" I asked the boys. 

"Nope" 4 of them said. 

"Why do you feel the need yo buy candy at 11 PM Harry?" Niall laughed. 

"I've got a bit of a sweet tooth" I said. 

"Well in that case pick me up a tub of chocolate ice cream, 2 recess, 4 cookies and creme Hershey bars, some crackers with the squirt-able cheese, a pack of gummy worms, a 6 pack of Klondike bars, an iced tea and a case of the DIET Pepsi..... wouldn't want to have too many calories." he smiled. Knowing I would forget it all he wrote it down as he said it.

"Anything else Nialler?"  I laughed. 

"No I'm trying to stick to my diet. Did I not just say that?" he replied causing the boys to laugh. I got there and only saw one car. there was a big suitcase in the back seat and the driver's seat was reclined. Either this person was traveling or they had nowhere to go. I walked towards the CVS door but I couldn't help but to look back to see in the person's car. Wait I've seen that person before. I know her! It was.....MEGAN......erm Perrie....uh Merrie?...Perrie in Megan's body; that works. What is she doing sleeping in a car. I didn't know Megan was homeless. I went into the store, bought everything, and put the bags in my car. Then I walked over to Megan. I tapped on her window trying to wake her up. When she opens her eyes they look red and puffy like she's been crying, and her cheek has a big purple bruise. What on Earth happened to her. She looked at me and smiled then rolled down the window. 

"Hey Haz, how you been?" she said.

"Oh I'm fine. Care to tell me why you're sleeping in the cold? I didn't think Megan was homeless." I replied. 

"No, no, she's not. Her mom and step dad kicked me out. It's a long story really. I don't want to bore you or anything." she said. 

"I have time. I was just at Ed's party. and he's not even home yet so...." 

"Boo-hoo I missed Ed's birthday did't I?" she pouted. I chuckled at her.She explained how Megan's mom got mad at her for being 5 minutes late, and how her step dad wanted to "harm" her and how he made Megan's mom choose.....and she chose him. 

"Wow! That's intense." I said. 

"I know right. I have to find out a way to help Megan. When I'm out of her body she'll keep living this horrid life." she responded. 

"Well you won't be alone. I'll try my best to help her too. She doesn't deserve this. I state, "but you can't sleep in this car. I won't allow it. Lets go I'll find you a hotel or something. I'll pay." she brought her seat back up to driving position. 

"Your car or mine?" she asked.

"Let's take yours so we don't have to transfer all your crap." I laughed, and so did she.  

"Thanks Haz you're the best." she said playfully punching my arm. 

"Yeah I know" I smirked. We got to the hotel and I payed for her room and gave  her money for food. 

"You know you don't have to do this. I can handle myself." she said. 

"I know I didn't have to. I wanted to. You're my friend." I replied. 

"Aw thanks" she said, "well see you later Styles" 

"Bye Perr" I said. Now, is there a reason I left my car all the way at CVS? I was hoping you could tell me because that was the dumbest thing ever. I walked to the nearest bus stop. 

"Hey." the short man that  was already there said. 

"Hello." I replied 

"So you know Perrie and Megan right?" he asked. 

"Um yeah..." I replied. 







Ed's car pulled up to the big house with balloons. I still don't understand why he gave the boys a key to his home..... 

"AYYYYEEEEE" they all shouted along with Ed as he opened the door. They're really immature sometimes. Most times it's funny though.

"Is my best friend and food buddy with you?"  Niall asked. 

"Yeah they're outside..." Ed points behind him.

"YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!" he screamed running to the door. We were all laughing at him "Brittany (best friend), Jordyn (food buddy)!" we hear from the front. I think he's turning into Louis....

"Classic Nialler" Liam says shaking his head.   

"I've got to find a bathroom." Zayn says winking at Liam and Louis. What was that about? He got up and left the room. 

"Hey Perr can you help me with the snacks?" Ed looks at me. 

"Yeah sure" I replied. We walked into the kitchen 

"The drinks and dip are in the fridge." he said walking to the cabinet, "can I ask you something?" he whispers. 

"Yeah go for it." I smiled. 

"You've been spending a lot more time with Harry now. Would you say you love Zayn and Harry equally. Like in the same way?" he asks. Forgetting who I was at the moment I nodded. 

"Yeah you could say that." I replied. OH NO, I'M PERRIE! I SHOULDN'T  HAVE SAID THAT! 

"But you love me more" he smirked grabbing my waist and pecking me on the lips. 

"Edward Sheeran! What do you think you're doing?!" I yelled pushing him across the room. 

"What? You didn't have a problem with it two days ago," he whined. 

"You're disgusting!" I snapped bursting open the kitchen door. 

"Oh yeah, HE'S disgusting. That's a bit hypocritical coming from you." Zayn says angrily. 

"Zayn I'm so sorry. You weren't supposed to hear that!" I pleaded. 

"Yeah I wish I hadn't heard that." he mumbled throwing something down and storming away. I looked down to see what he threw. It was a box with a ring in it. He was going to propose? I went outside to see Zayn fiddling with a lighter and a cigarette  in his mouth. 

"Zayn what are you doing?! You've been clean for a year now!" I say taking it from his mouth. 

"Yeah I have been. That's just how much stress you put me through"he  whispers. 

"What?" I ask. They always look so happy in pictures and stuff. What happened to that couple? 

"Do you know this is the third time I've caught you with another guy? But I was willing to overlook that because I care about you. You know how many pretty girls throw themselves at me? I reject all of them for someone who doesn't even know what I go through for her! I loved you Perrie." he said raising his voice a bit. 

"Loved? You don't still love me Zayn?" I replied with tears filling in my eyes. What have I done? 

"I'm not sure anymore" he answered getting up and walking into the house. 

"Uh Megan, Perrie! This is really bad timing but you know you could tell people. It's not like you're messing up the system or anything. The worst that could happen is the small consequence...Sorry for not saying anything before!" Dweezle says. 

"Wait we told Harry!" Perrie panics. 

"Don't worry it'll only hurt a little." he flashed a picture of  Harry unconscious and tied up. 

"Hold up! You couldn't have told us earlier?! Zayn and Perrie's relationship is on the line because of me!" I blasted. 

"Wait,  what?" she asks. 

"Nothing. Um we gotta find Harry" I change the subject quickly. 

"Oh that's easy! There is a portal to the headquarters behind the CVS near Megan's house." Dweezle instructed. 

"Wait I didn't bring your car Perrie" I say. 

"Take one of Ed's. The garage code is 12245" she replies calmly. 

"How do you know-? Never mind. Thanks Perr" I finish taking off and taking off and grabbing one of Ed's car. The silly boy keeps the keys under the car. I pulled out of the garage with so many thoughts bouncing through my head. The first thing I have to do after this is tell Zayn about the switch.  I just can't be responsible for them breaking up. I would feel bad for the rest of eternity. 




"You guys can eat the cake now. We won't be needing to celebrate my engagement  today." I say walking into the den where everyone was. Niall being the joker he is cut half of the cake and put on a plate. 

"Food buddy, you thinking what I'm thinking?" he asked. 

"If you mean eat all that cake then yes!" she exclaimed. Jordyn smiled. Niall took off to the kitchen but she stayed back and looked at me with worried eyes. 

"Are you okay? What happened?" she asked. 

"I'm fine. I just don't think we're ready yet. That's all." I mumble. 

"Well okay..." she says, " Niall don't finish it!" she goes and joins him in the kitchen. Jordyn and Niall are kind of similar. Besides the food, one time I tried to stay mad at her and you just can't do it. I ran my fingers through my hair sitting in Niall's  place.

"You sure you okay mate?" Liam asked. 

"Yes I'm perfectly fine!" I snapped. I could be mad at Liam! He nodded not believing me. Almost on cue, Ed walked in the room with snacks. I clenched my fists not knowing if I should kill him or break out into tears. 

"Excuse me" I left because I didn't want to pound him on his birthday. If I was going to cry I wasn't going to let people see me do it. I rushed to one of Ed's many guest rooms. When I got there I punched a hole right in the wall. Then I plopped on the bed and let the tears start flowing out. Liam knocked on the door and walked in. "Go away Liam" I mumbled through the pillow. 

"I'm not leaving until you tell me what's wrong" he insisted. Knowing how persistent Liam can be I gave in. 

"I'm just upset about Perrie" I say trying to avoid telling him. 

"There is more than that Zayn. You punched a hole in Ed's wall for God's sake!" he chuckled pointing at the hole. 

"He's lucky it wasn't him" I whispered hoping Liam wouldn't hear me. But he has like inhuman freaking canine hearing and he did. 

"Wait why would you want to punch Ed?? What's going on man?" Liam asked taking the pillow from me. 

"I already told you it's nothing." I snapped. 

"We both know that's a lie Zayn." he replied not phased by me "anger". I grab another pillow and clenched my fists on it to control my emotions. I sigh and sit up to Liam's level. 

"Perrie said that she loved Harry an I equally." I explain. 

"Well it could be worse mate. At least she didn't say she loved Harry MORE." I guess that was supposed to calm me down but it's not working. He's not getting the point. If anything I'm even angrier now. 

"That's not the point Liam! She was supposed to say she loves me more. Harry is not the one who was about to propose to her. Harry hasn't been there through thick and thin. Her and Harry are supposed to be just friends. You aren't supposed to love friends and boyfriends equally!" I yell, tears forming up. I didn't mind crying in front of Liam because I guess he just understood feelings better. 

"Aw come here mate" he said hugging me and putting my head on his shoulder.   

"What am I gonna do man?" I cried. 

"Well first get away from Ed before whatever happened makes you mad again" he says. 

"Yeah, okay" I say drying my eyes. I went into the bathroom and waited until every piece of evidence that I was crying was gone. They can't know anything. I went downstairs and straight for the door. "Bye guys!" I called before slamming the door. I saw Jordyn sitting outside alone writing [*A/N: See what I did there. Cuz my name's Jordan ;) and I'm writing right now.K i'll shut up now]

"Oh hey" she said looking up.

"Hi. Why are you out here?" I reply. 

"Eh, sometimes I need a break from....people. And I guess the world basically. If that makes any sense." she explains. 

"That is the most genius comment I have heard all day." We both laugh.

"But why are you leaving?" she asks. 

"It's a long story actually," I said  trying to avoid telling her. 

"Well then tell it then. I'm not doing anything! And obviously it's bothering you since you've been crying about it." she says dropping the pen in her journal and closing it. 

"You can tell I was crying?" I ask shocked. 

"Your eyes are freaking bloodshot. A blind person could tell you were crying. Now tell the story" she replied. I told her about everything that happened and how confused I was. I told her about it all and she listened. 

"Wow, that's tough" she says probably not knowing what else to say. 

"Yeah, it really is." I reply. There is an awkward silence when I look up at her. She's looking down playing with her thumbs. You know, Jordyn isn't unattractive. Maybe I could get my revenge on Perrie through her. This could be fate telling me something. "Hey," I saw breaking the silence. 

"Yeah" she looked up.

"I think you're pretty. Just putting that out there" I mumbled. She smiled but there was a bit of shock on her face. 

"Wow, never heard that from a guy before." she laughed

"Really?" I asked. 

"Um yeah. Why don't we change the subject?" she replied. 

"Okay. Where's Brittany and Niall? Weren't you guys all hanging together?" She nodded with a slight grin on her face. 

"They are probably in the backyard attempting to count all the starts. Probably failing" she giggled. I liked her laugh...a lot. It made me smile for some reason. 

"Well how come you didn't join them?" I ask. 

"Aren't you full of questions Mr. Malik." she smiled. I blushed realizing that I was showering her with questions, "I'm wanted some alone time. The quiet is good sometimes you know?" she answered. Then I got the best idea ever.  

"Well, since I'm here with you, wanna play a game? It doesn't require much talking" I smirk grabbing her hands. This is my chance to get back at Perrie and I'm not going to miss it. 

"Um...okay?" she says. 

"I'm thinking of a word. I can do whatever I want to you until you guess it." I explain. 

"Is it too late to quit?" she whines. 

"Yep. You got 3 guesses." I smile. I scoot closer to her and start to lean in. She just raised an eyebrow and scoots away.

"Is there a point to this game? Why are you trying to kiss me Zayn?" she asks seeing right through  my little plan. I sigh and let go of her hands, unable to put any words together to explain myself. "You're trying to get back at Perrie aren't you? Fight fire with fire! Well find another girl because I won't be the one!" she got up and started to stomp away.

"Wait!" I yell jumping to my feet. I grab her arm, turn her around, and slam my lips onto hers before she can resist. I felt her lift her leg up, but I just thought it was because she liked it. Next thing I knew she kicked me straight in the "coconuts."  I fell to the ground in pain. 

"What the heck!" she screams running off. Ugh! What have I gotten myself into?   






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