Switched With Superstar

This is all about a girl named Megan who's life is completely turned around when her body get's switched with Perrie Edwards from little mix. there a lots of twists and turns. Enjoy!


4. Getting used to this



I was extremely shocked when I got to the show venue. Not to sound prissy or anything but you can pay for us to show up and you're having us perform at a lake? Don't over think it I'm not one of those celebrities I just... You know what forget it! Anyway, there was a sort of picnic set up behind a shack. In front of it was a huge wooden platform that was painted red. I assumed that was our stage. The band started to set their instruments when I saw Josh our drummer struggling with his drum set. 

"Need help with that mate?" I ask walking over and taking two parts. 

"Thanks Haz, means a lot man." he replies. 

"No problem bro." I carry the drums to his place on the stage and put the pieces where he pointed to. 

"Ready mate?" Louis asks making his way over to me as I hoped off the platform. 

"The sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can go chill" I sigh. For some strange reason I wasn't as excited for this show as I usually am for others. 

"That's the spirit! Note the sarcasm" he laughed. About 10 minutes pass by and we were ready to go. There are only supposed to be two people or so coming. The e-mail said one of them was named Joey, and the other Megan. They're probably a couple.....or not. When they finally pull up they stay in the car for a little saying a few words then she hugged him and the got out. My eyes couldn't help but to widen as I saw her get out of the truck. Is it just me or did it get WOW in here? I sighed hoping for the best (meaning they were just friends). When they got to the show area, I stood up and put my hand out. 

"Hello mate. Joey right?" I say. 

"Yeah. And this is my girlfriend as of 2 seconds ago, Megan." he says smiling towards her. Oh man! I mean it had to happen one day. The rest of the boys introduce themselves and exchange hugs/handshakes. They were all preppy and happy, but I had to go through with the show trying to forget that I have no chance with this girl. I guess she really likes this dude because no one says no to HARRY STYLES! Wow there I go sounding all prissy again, sorry about that by the way. And she hasn't actually said no yet but.....She was thinking it I know it! Yep and when I asked her out in my mind she heard it and said no so HA I'm not crazy! Ugh I'm such a dork *pouty Harry Styles face* Any way we were eventually to "Kiss You" the last song for the night. Then he tapped her shoulder and did something that made me want to vomit. HE KISSED HER! And she liked it because she smiled! Or maybe she pictured my face on him......no, nope I'm still a dork. After the puke fest, Megan walked over to me. 

"Harry can we talk?" she asked. 

"Sure thing love." I replied trying to keep the smile off my face. What could this be about? 




After the show I pulled Harry over to talk, he looked really hurt. I've decided to tell him about the switch even though knowing Dweezle, I'm not sure what could happen. But from past experience I know he is really good at keeping secrets. Especially when you threaten him ;) 

"What's going on?" he asked. 

"Harry, you look really upset. Is it about Joey and  I because that's not what it looks like. Either way, I don't want you getting the wrong idea around my boyfriend." I say. 

"I know, I know. I'll back off. I just want you to know that  I really like you but, I understand. Joey and Megan, match made in heaven." he says obviously not wanting to even talk about it. 

"Joey? No, no he's Megan's. I'm talking about Zayn." I reply 

"Excuse me?" he asks clearly confused. 

"Harry, I'm about to tell you something that you can't tell ANYBODY. I'm only telling you because I know you can keep a secret." I sigh. 

"Anything love. You can tell me." he replies probably still confused. 

"Okay this was sort of in the future." I start. 

"Ooh did I have a mustache?" he interrupts.

"The future as in Friday Styles!" 

"Oh" he pouted. He is so adorable! But let's not tell Zayn I said so..... 

"Anyway, I was at the Starbucks...well outside of it when we got mobbed by fans and this strange dude was like 'Perrie I have a gift for you. Get it or else'. So I was like 'okay' because I was scared for my life. But then I forgot. So when we got inside the Starbucks, Liam called and said that Zayn had gotten hit by a but and BTW when you guys see a little girl in the middle of the road tell Zayn that she moves. So Megan was in the bathroom at the same time I was and I was crying so she started comforting me. Then we got locked in there so we decided to jump out the window but there were like two holes that opened in the ground and it took us to this creepy mirror room where we switched bodies. So basically I'm in Megan's body and she's in mine." I explained. 

"Perrie Edwards?"  he asked at the end. 

"No, Perrie the nipple doctor. Yes Perrie Edwards!" I snapped. 

"Wait they have nipple doctors because I need two removed...But besides that, I believe you. And I'm sorry I didn't know. I'll back off for real now. That would've been the worst mistake of my life." he replies. 

"Wait you just believe me?" I ask. Most people would've called me crazy. 

"Yeah. I mean it happened to Miley. That's what is making her act like that. So maybe it could happen to anybody. And I swear I won't tell anyone" he explains. 

"You better not Styles or that precious hair of yours will be gone and in a bag. And I'll put some in your wallet just so you can see it every day." I warned. 

"Okay fine" he laughs, "Thanks for telling me." he finishes walking to everybody else. Wow I've never felt so relived in my life. 





It was a quiet ride to the hotel. We were all tired from the show (and the "ambush") so we decided to go take naps before the boys got back from their private concert. Whoever that fan is must feel really dang lucky because if I were her I would literally collapse. But not n the floor though. I would "accidentally" fall into Harry's arms (ha ha ha ha ha). But back to the point! When we got to our rooms I wasn't tired at all since I slept on the way there. So while the girls slept, I laid in bed watching "House at the end of the street" on Netflix. I was in the middle of the movie when I started to doze off. Time passed and I was woken up by a soft knock on my door. 

"Come in babe" I mumbled thinking it was Zayn. 

"Um it's me Harry. We need to talk Megan." he says walking in. I sat up taken aback by what he just said.

"Excuse me what did you just say?" I asked hoping I misheard him. 

"I said we need to talk MEGAN." he replied saying my name louder. 

"Did you just call me Megan?" I stuttered. Maybe I misheard him twice.

"Yes. Twice." he smirked. 

"How did you-?" 

"Perrie told me you guys switched bodies." he cut me off. 

"Okay......but how did you talk to her if she is in my body?" I ask still kind of in shock.

"Some boy named Joey payed for  you two to have a private concert with us and now he's your boyfriend and all that good stuff." he says plainly. 

"Well when did Perrie tell you? Why would she tell you?" I question. 

"Whoa love one at a time!" he laughed. 

"Sorry" I blushed. 

"So anyways I saw you and that Joey kid getting out of his tuck and I thought you were really pretty so I hoped you guys were just friends. But then I got upset when I found out you guys weren't and I guess I was really obvious about it because Perrie saw how mad I was. Then she informed me about the switch. I promise I wont tell anyone. Scouts Honor!" he exclaimed. 

"You were a boy scout?" I giggled. 

"No. But people tend to believe me whenever I say that though" he smirks. Then we both started to crack up. 

"Harry you're not at all how I thought you would be", I start "You know what scratch that I've seen all the videos. You're exactly like I expected."

"That's not fair! I don't sit up at night watching videos of you so I know nothing!" he pouts. 

"Just the perks of being a directioner Mr. Styles" I reply, "hey what time is it?"  

"About 10:50" he says looking at his phone. 

"Okay I'm gonna get ready now. You should go."  I say. 

"Do I have to?" he pouts being sarcastic. 

"Don't sass me Styles" I exclaim throwing a pillow at him. He started heading towards the door when I stopped him. "hey one more thing. Be careful about not telling Zayn. I don't wanna ruin the whole 'Zerrie' thing." I warn. 

"Nobody will hear it from me" he replied putting two fingers on his forehead like a salute. After he left I went to Perrie's bag to pick out some clothes. Out of habit I went and brushed my teeth then applied some make-up. Wow I look good in her clothes! A girl could get used to this life!  





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