Over Protective || Zayn Malik

Mia Day, the new girl in school, is now partnered with Zayn Malik. She intimidated my him. They have to find out each others stories. Will Zayn open up to Mia? And will Mia tell Zayn? A guy she just met?

Read to find out.


1. "Zayn!"

I was running, running from my past, running from whatever was chasing me. The thing was dark, a black shadowy figure, a little taller than me. It was chasing me down the streets of what it looked like of Los Angeles. There were no people, no activity. Silence. It was like a school house during the summer. I was sprinting down the black paved road barefoot, in my pajamas. The thin got faster and faster until I heard someone scream a name. Harry. I've never heard that name before. I glanced back at the figure and then looked back in the front of me. A bright light glared in my eyes, a car's headlights. 

"Zayn!" Someone called faintly and I woke. 

"Zayn, wake up." My mom said opening the window curtains in my dark bedroom. I say up and pulled the covers off of me. I rubbed me eyes. 

"Morning Mum." I said yawning. 

"Hurry Zayn, you're going to be late for school." She said blankly, and walked out of the room.

I walked over to the bathroom slowly still trying to wake up. I turned on the light with the brightness startling me. I washed my face and looked into the mirror. 

I got dressed in grey skinny jeans, Keds, and a plaid blazer. I walked down stairs and I saw Lucas making breakfast in the kitchen. Lucas is the family's butler. He is talk stalky and about 65 years old. His hair is a whitish greyish color and he always wore a suit. I love Lucas. He was like an uncle to me, he always helped me with my problems.

"Morning Lucas," I said towards him. He looked up and smiled. 

"Morning boy." he said as he handed me a piece of toast. "You better hurry now." 

I grabbed my backpack and walked out the door and headed to my old pick-up truck. I hopped in turned the key, started the car, and headed for school.

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