Over Protective || Zayn Malik

Mia Day, the new girl in school, is now partnered with Zayn Malik. She intimidated my him. They have to find out each others stories. Will Zayn open up to Mia? And will Mia tell Zayn? A guy she just met?

Read to find out.


3. "Whatever you say big guy."



I decided who I wanted to be Mia Day. Ashley Benson. 



I was sitting on the front row in English. Ten minutes before the bell to come to class was going to ring. I'm one of those girls to be a tad early to everything. Okay maybe not a tad like a big tad. Yes I am a little bit of a nerd.


I need to have straight A's and if I don't I freak out and I try to do everything to get my grade up. I'm not the smartest but I'm also not the dumbest.


I also wouldn't call my self the ugliest like I know I at least have a little bit of style. But I'm also not one of those girls with the boobs jobs and all the boys are after. I never want to take advantage of me being pretty. I don't want to be one of those bitches.


I pulled out my binder and my English textbook. I placed my textbook on the left corner of my desk and my binder on the right. I put my pencil and also my blue and black pen in the pencil groove.


My English teacher was the oldest thing ever! Like I swear she was on the boat with Columbus when he sailed the ocean blue in '92.


She's Scottish? I'm not really sure but she has the ugliest ginger hair. Not saying ginger hair is ugly I'm just saying hers was. It was also really short and curly. All she wore was nightgowns. Like that's all. The exact same thing every single day. Not like it's bad because you know she's a teacher and they don't get paid much soo.. I can't really make fun.


She bugged me. I didn't hate her but I also didn't love her, she felt mutual. I could tell she would want to bitch me out real bad sometimes, but she can't. She's a teacher and I'm a student.


She had like a nasal issue, so her voice was really annoying. I wish I could just shut it off! Argh! I think everyone hates her. Pretty much everyone.


The bell finally rang and people started piling in slowly to class. It was first period so people weren't so lively.


I was sitting in the front and usually people don't sit up there. They usually sit in the back or as far away from her desk as possible. Probably so they could text without getting their phone taken away.


I saw the nerds walk in first, and they say down on one side of me. Then the regular students that don't really have a group. They say behind me. Then the druggies. They sat wherever they wanted. There they were. The populars. The bitches of the school. The ones who thought thy were everything. Had all the boys wanting them. But the wort of all was,


Ashley Billings.


Ugh, I hated her. She was in my dance class and everyone loved her! She couldn't even dance! Just because she was the prettiest and the richest everyone loved her.


She sat down in the back next to her boyfriend. The football player. The one that every girl swoons over.


Jake Wells.


He is the hottest and biggest guy there. I wish I could just walk over to him and snog him. But that would never happen. Only in my dreams.


Everyone was sitting down and the teacher began her boring lesson.


I got my notebook and started writing down notes.


"Now class," she said in her nasaly voice. "we are now starting the video project! I will pick your partners and you will make a documentary about your part-"


She stopped and looked at the door. I looked back and a boy with black hair was peeking in.


"Oh yes. Mr. Malik. Please come in. Find a seat."


He walked in and sat in a desk at the back of the room. It looked like he had even crying, but who knows maybe it's just his face.


I haven't really seen him around at school or even in this class. But I've never really paid attention to anyone.


"Anyways as I was saying, you will make a video documentary about your partner and it has to be about their life and what they like to do. I prefer it to be about something not no one really knows about them. This will not be done in class so you will have to do this on your own time."


Everyone groaned. I actually didn't mind. I love video but the thing that bugged me was the "do something that nobody knows about them" I'm not really a person to tell people personal stuff but who knows.


"Now let me tell you who your partners are."


He went to her computer and started reading.


"Jason and Mary. Susan and Jack. Mason and Heidi. Terry and Katie. Ashley and Jake."


Of course they're together! No one can separate them. Argh it really pisses me-


"And Mia and Zach."


Who's Zach?


Then I heard someone speak up from the back of the room.


"Uh, it's Zayn."


She rolled her eyes.


"What ever you say big guy."


I turned around to see who said that. The kid. With the black hair and all the tattoos.


He caught me looking at him and smirked. I looked back at my notes and blushed.



This is going to be an interesting project.























Here's chapter 3!! Hope you like it! If you have any questions or comments inbox me!:)



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Btw, if you ever eat like half a pizza and then try and run for an hour? You will die..



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