Over Protective || Zayn Malik

Mia Day, the new girl in school, is now partnered with Zayn Malik. She intimidated my him. They have to find out each others stories. Will Zayn open up to Mia? And will Mia tell Zayn? A guy she just met?

Read to find out.


8. "I'm sorry.."

Guys, I am so sorry! I totally am having a hard time with this but guess what?? I'm back!

Thanks for all of your amazing comments I really appreciate it!



Zayn's POV

The last thing I wanted was for Mia to get mad at me. I mean. I hated her, but for some odd reason she intrigued me. She had this characteristic like she's hiding something and I want to figure this out. Actually, I need to figure this out.


I walked into English as little late as usual, satin y regular seat in the back and put my hoodie from my jacket I wear every day and laid back and relaxed with my hands behind the crown of my head listening to other's conversations.

"Oh my gosh, yes, she did cheat on him."

Of course there was Ashley, the bitch of the school, ranting on about the latest gossip. Everyone chimed in when exactly when they needed to. They were robots. Going throughout the day, doing regular things, and all of them following their leader.

Most of these girls weren't sluts exactly, and most of them weren't as mean as Ashley. They just wanted to be popular. Typical.

"Okay class!" She she devil yelled calmly as she tried to get everyone's attention.

"Go ahead and get with your partners."

I groaned inside and looked at Mia as she started to gather all of her stuff and put it precisely in her backpack. She wiped the hair out of her face and started walking towards me while looking at te ground. She sat down at the empty desk in front of me.

"Hey," she said so I could barely hear.

I've already decided that I wasn't going to do shit in this class today so I ignored her and grabbed my headphone out of my backpack and played my music pretty loud to block out all of the noise.

She glared at me once she noticed what I was doing.

She was trying to say something but all I could hear was the beat of the music.

She rolled her eyes and grabbed my arm and started writing something in a marker.

Meet me at my house at 4:07.

I looked at her weirdly and pulled the earbud out of one ear.

"Wow. That's a very specific time." I said trying to tease her.

She rolled her eyes again.

"Next time come at the time I actually give you and then I won't give you such crazy times."

The bell rang and with that she walked away leaving me as confused as hell looking at the unique way she wrote her numbers.

Now I've got to find out what she's hiding.

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