Over Protective || Zayn Malik

Mia Day, the new girl in school, is now partnered with Zayn Malik. She intimidated my him. They have to find out each others stories. Will Zayn open up to Mia? And will Mia tell Zayn? A guy she just met?

Read to find out.


4. "I need it back Zayn."

Chapter 4:

Zayn's POV

I sat in class still listening to the teacher. She was the most boring teacher ever. 

I looked at the clock, it was only 8:00. I watched the time click slowly and my eyes started to drift shut. Slowly but surely I was drifting off. 

I rested my head on my head and drifted into a sleep. 

I was in my room laying on my bed. I at up and looked around my room. In the chair on the other side of the room, sat the man earlier from my dream. 

He sat there looking at his intertwined hands. 

"My, my, my. If it isn't Zach-"

"It's zayn.." I interrupted him. Gosh everyone gets my name wrong. 

"Whatever." He rolled his eyes and stood up walking over to me. 

"Do u wanna know why I'm here?" He said as he leaned closer to me. 

I nodded and leaned back putting my hands behind me. 

"Well Zayn, I think you know this answer.. You stole it and I'm gonna have to get it back." 

He took his hand and gripped my arm. 

"I need it back Zayn." 

His fist went tight into a ball and punched me right in the jaw. 

I woke up as my jaw hit the table. I looked beside me and there she was. 

My partner. 

She laughed and sat down in the desk next to me. 

"So Zach," she joked and smiled. 

"I'm joking with ya, but while you were day dreaming, I was actually listening to the teacher like normal people and I found out the info for the project."

Well she just has everything doesn't she?

She took out a binder from her backpack, grabbed out a piece of paper. 

"Here." She said and she handed me the paper. 

I took the paper and shoved it in my back pack not caring if it was crumpled it not. 

She cleared we throat and I looked up at her. 

"Do you have a problem with me?" She snapped and folded her arms. 

I groaned and rolled my eyes. 

"No. I don't have a problem with you. I have a problem with this project."

She rolled her eyes. 

"Well, you're just gonna have to suck it up. I don't want a F on the project because of you. So come to my house tomorrow at 3:00. No earlier, no later. My address is on that paper you crumpled in your backpack."

With that she walked away out the door. 

I grabbed my backpack and started heading to my next class. 

What nerve she's got. Who does she think she is? 

This is gonna be one hell of a partner.

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