Blinding love

Have you ever heard of my best friend? You know, Louis Tomlinson. Yes I mean THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. We've been friends since we were 4. We started primary school together and promised to never split up. We never had. We Skype everyday, he sees me everyday. But I never see him, want to know why.... Because i'm blind! Yep me, blind. Louis doesn't know though. I haven't seen him face to face in two years. It's not his fault. I moved away from Doncaster and everytime he's off he goes there to see family. I plan to tell him though, I just don't know when!


2. You're blind?

Louis P.O.V


"Because im blind Louis! I'm blind and have been for the last year and a half!" My heart sunk when she said that, no she couldn't be. Not Bella. She was my best friend.

"What do you mean a year and a half?" I asked, I knew I was crying.
"Louis, I mean what I say, I haven't been able to see for a year and a half" She replied.

"Can we take this somewhere more private?" I asked and she nodded. Me and Harry helped her to her feet and out the doctors. I didn't care about Harrys cold anymore, I just wanted to talk to Bella. The crowds of girls went wild as we stepped outside. We payed no attention though, we just helped Bella into the car. We drove to Bellas house, I knew where she lived. She took her keys out of her bag and handed them to Harry. He unlocked the door for her and we all went inside. The minute we got in she was fine. She guided us round her house

"Lex, im home but I got visitors, don't disturb" Bella shouted.

"Kay" A voice replied. We followed Bella into her living room.

"You've been blind for all this time and you didn't tell me!" I shouted. I wasn't angry, just upset

"I'm sorry Lou. I was going to tell you. Just after...." She stopped.

"After what?" I asked but she remained quiet. The tears continued rolling down her face, and mine. Harry leaned over to me and whispered in my ear

"Lou, chill out, you're upsetting her" He said. I knew he was right. I went over to Bella and put my arms round her.

"I'm sorry Bell, you don't have to talk about it. I'm just glad to see you" I said and she gave me a weak smile.

"Thanks Lou. I missed you to. How long you staying here for?" She asked, causing me to join in with the smiling

"Actually, that's why i'm here. We had extra dates added in North America. And I was going to ask you to join me. I kinda need some company after El left me" She looked shocked

"I would love to Lou, but what about Lex?" She asked. Lex was Bellas best friend here. I'd met her a few times and she seemed like and alright girl.

"Lex can come aswell" I replied and she looked so happy

"Thanks Lou, but I can't. You would have to be with me like 24/7. I cant see!" She exclaimed

"Like that would bother me Bell. You're my best friend. Of course I would stay with you and look after you. Please come. I am actually begging you!" I pleaded. She looked longingly into the air and then smiled

"Yes Lou, i'll come" She said and I smiled. I had my best friend back.

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