Blinding love

Have you ever heard of my best friend? You know, Louis Tomlinson. Yes I mean THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. We've been friends since we were 4. We started primary school together and promised to never split up. We never had. We Skype everyday, he sees me everyday. But I never see him, want to know why.... Because i'm blind! Yep me, blind. Louis doesn't know though. I haven't seen him face to face in two years. It's not his fault. I moved away from Doncaster and everytime he's off he goes there to see family. I plan to tell him though, I just don't know when!


4. You gotta tell him!

Bellas P.O.V -------------------

"Tell him Bella, you need to!" Lexi insisted but i shook my head. For the past hour we'd been arguing about telling Louis about the operation.

"No Lex, i can't" I replied

"But you know he'll pay" She said

"That's the problem Lex. It's 100 grand, it's just too much

"Do you not want your eyesight back?" She asked

"Stupid question, of course i do. But not like this!"

"If you don't tell him then i will"

"You do that and i'll disown you"

"You have to tell him"

"I will, just after"

"After what? After you lose your eyesight for good"

"Alexa for gods sake shut up already, i will tell him but i refuse to ask for the money"

"Louis deserves to know, he'll want to help!" She said angrily . I then heard the door slam , indicating she'd stormed out.

Louis P.O.V -------------------

"Alexa for gods sake shut up already, i will tell him but i refuse to ask for the money" I heard Bella shout

"Louis deserves to know, he'll want to help!" Alexa replied and them stormed out the room and almost into me.

"Tell me what?" I asked bluntly, but she put her finger to her lips telling me to shuushh.

"I'll tell you, but not right here. She'll kill me if she hears" I nodded and led her back to my room.

"Right, what's going on?" I asked

"Bella doesn't necessarily have to stay blind" she said quietly and I say there in confusion


"There's an operation, that can save her eyesight. She's known about it since the beginning but the doesn't want to have it done"

"Why not?"

"Because it's so expensive. 100 grand"

"But I'd pay that for her is it meant she got her eyesight back"

"And he known that Louis, that's why she hasn't told you. The doctor gave her about 2 years before it became permanent. She was planning to tell you once it was. She was thinking about paying for the operation herself but there's no way she would have ever been able to afford it"

"I need to pay it for her"

"I know you do Louis, that's why I'm telling you. But she cannot find out or she'll refuse it"

"I know. At least she's blind so she'll never actually see if we're together" I said with a smile

"It's always handy, now come on let's get back to what we were doing before she hears us" she said and I walked out the room. Standing there was bells, tears streaming down her face.

"How could you, I trusted you and of all people you do it with my best friend". I just stood there totally dumbfounded as she ran out the door

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