Blinding love

Have you ever heard of my best friend? You know, Louis Tomlinson. Yes I mean THE Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. We've been friends since we were 4. We started primary school together and promised to never split up. We never had. We Skype everyday, he sees me everyday. But I never see him, want to know why.... Because i'm blind! Yep me, blind. Louis doesn't know though. I haven't seen him face to face in two years. It's not his fault. I moved away from Doncaster and everytime he's off he goes there to see family. I plan to tell him though, I just don't know when!


3. forever and a day

Bellas P.O.V


"You packed?" Louis asked me. I sighed

"I dunno do I. You and Lex were packing for me!" I said and he laughed.

"Oh yeah" He replied, could picture his smile. His beautiful, angelic smile. The one thing I most longed to see. I felt him place something in my hand.

"What's that?" I asked. I was mega confused. It was rectangular and quite small.

"Your passport Bell, don't get too excited" He replied, once again I could picture his face, but with a smirk this time. Lex ran in the room and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Woo girl, lets go to America!" She yelled and I smiled. Louis grasped my hand a lead me out the door. I heard screams all around me and I cringed at the sound of them

"Louis is this your new girlfriend?"

"What about Eleanor"

"Why is she wearing sunglasses in the winter?"

A million questions were being screamed at Louis, but he ignore them. We got in the car and it pulled out, heading towards wherever we were going. The radio started to play and I recognised the song immediately. Wings. Everyone started to join in and so  did I. After a while I heard them stop singing. I carried on for a bit then stopped as well, cautious of the 6 pairs of eyes focusing on me. I knew they would be, no one was saying anything and I as kinda worried

"What?" I asked nervous.

"That was amazing Bella, you should be famous with a voice like that!" Harry exclaimed. I smiled a thanks at him

"Sing another one for us!" Liam asked. I hesitated but agreed, I knew they would bug me the whole way to the airport otherwise.

"What song?" I asked

"Whatever you want" Liam replied and I knew the perfect song. I slowly sang the words of let her go. It is possibly one of my favourite songs, ever! When I finished I heard Louis whisper to Harry

"Sending to Simon!" He whispered. Did he mean Simon, as in Simon Cowell. I didn't know what to say. I always wanted to be a professional singer. Me and Louis were going to audition together. But I was ill. He was going to wait a year for me but I told him to do it alone. I have never been more proud of my decision. I decided to ignore Louis, maybe I was hearing things. The radio suddenly blasted back on, causing me to jump. For the rest of the journey we sang along, not caring about anything else. When the car finally stopped Louis grasped my hand.

"Ready?" He asked and I nodded

"Lets go to America baby!" I yelled and he laughed. I felt his little finger connect with mine.

"Besties for ever" He yelled, I could imagine the big cheesy grin on his face

"No! Besties for forever and a day Lou, forever and a day!"



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