Feels like snow in September

Hey, I'm Lola Styles. Yes, I'm Harry Styles' sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and oh yeah, I'm in love with Niall Horan.


22. What took so long?

>>>Harry's POV<<<

"Can I take your sister out on a date?" Thank god. "You took long enough!" I replied. Niall's face lit up with visible relief before turning into a frown. Chuckling I said "go on. Get lost" He smiled and turned gently closing the door behind him. The moment he was out I jumped into the air and silently screamed in victory. Thank god he did it...

>>>Lola's POV<<<

"I didn't tell him" Niall said. Harry had said "took you long enough" when Niall asked if he could date me. What's going on? I didn't tell him. Did I? No. I definitely didn't. Only Alex knew. "I didn't tell him either" I said clearly with no doubt. Niall shrugged and frowned. I stuck my tounge out and crossed my eyes, which made Niall smile. Grabbing his hand I led him out to the lounge. Liam and Zayn were playing Mario Kart while Louis and Alex were chatting cosily on the love seat. I shot a meaningful glance at Alex before pulling me and Niall's intertwined hands to the air. Everyone looked up and Alex beamed at me. Liam's face lit up and he looked at Niall. Zayn smirked and winked at me. Cheeky sod! "sooo.." came from a voice behind us. Harry. I turned to see his mouth firmly fixed in a cheeky smile. Harry smirked at Niall to which he responded quickly. Grabbing my him and gently turning me to face his sea of eyes. Churning with passion and lust. He placed his hand at the nape of my neck before placing his lips on mine. My arms prickled to goosebumps and I smiled onto his lips. Which drove him crazy he deepened the kiss and I happily responded. I faintly heard Alex shout "get a room!" Before I led Niall out "use protection" Louis shouted. I will kill him later. Little shit! 

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