Feels like snow in September

Hey, I'm Lola Styles. Yes, I'm Harry Styles' sister. I'm 17 almost 18 and oh yeah, I'm in love with Niall Horan.


10. Let's go, go, go

>>>Lola's POV<<<

I woke up too my phone buzzing ans singing to me, "white lips, pale face, breathing in the snowflakes, burnt lungs, sour taste. Lights gone, day's end, struggling to pay rent" man I love Ed Sheeran.. Hey, maybe I can meet, he's pretty friendly with the boys. I stopped the alarm and started shoving stuff into my suitcase. I knew I should have packed yesterday. "NIALL" I hollered through the door. "mmm" hummed Niall from the bed. "Get up, we're going today" Niall suddenly seemed to realise what was happening and shot out of bed and started pulling clothes out of drawers and stuffing clothes into his bag. Smiling and returned to doing exactly the same. When I was finally done I realised I couldn't shut the lid. I have an idea. "Ni-all" I sighed, "yeah" he said walking in. He chuckled when he saw what I was doing and sat on the lid and pulled the zipper tight. Laughing I pushed him and walked into the bathroom to get ready. We're only driving on the bus today so no big deal, I think I'll just go simple, without make-up. Mehh. Niall prefers that. ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=99602734# ) After pulling on my leggings and top I walked into Niall's room and grabbed Niall's white supra's from his case. I walked back into my room pulled on some socks and stuffed my feet into the shoes. Woah Niall has big feet, I giggled as they slipped around. I pulled another pair of socks and decided to just live with it. Niall walked in with a confused look on his face. "have you seen my-" he mumbled before spotting his shoes on my feet. Laughing he walked out. I grabbed Niall's snapback (also borrowed) and lifted my bag and suitcase. I walked into Niall's room and he took the case off me. Smiling I walked out to Niall's balcony for the last time. "it's beautiful" I heard Niall whisper from behind me. Smiling I nodded my head and turned around. For some strange reason tears sprung to my eyes. Niall noticed and pulled me into his chest. A single tear rolled down my cheek before I was smiling again. I looked up and giggled. Niall chuckled and turned around. With his bag on his shoulder and my case in his hand he took my palm and we left what was now history.


>>>Niall's POV<<<

When we got downstairs I took our bags out to the bus while Lola got a keyring from the desk. When she came back she was holding a little brown bag. "wanna see" she said. I nodded while chewing down the rest of my cookie. I couldn't resist popping on the bus to get one. Lola giggled and took a keyring out of the bag, I chuckled when I saw it was a Irish flag that said "Irish and in America" where they hell would they sell that. She tucked it into her bag and waked towards the exit. "where are you going?" I asked. "the bus" she replied sarcasticaly Haha she thought it was out front. "It's round back" I said. Her smile dropped as she turned round and stomped to the back door. Laughing I followed and lead her to the bus..

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